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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 6, 1953

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 No. 25
TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss O'Rourke, Miss Fugler.
The Librarian welcomed Miss Smith back to the fold
after her long absence, and thanked Miss O'Rourke for her very
hard work in supervising the Reference Division during Miss Smith's
absence and under difficult circumstances.
The stacks for floor 2 are supposed to be put on board
ship in England on January 13 and arrive here about the middle of
February. Most of the electrical wiring has been done in
preparation for the stack installation. One estimate has also
been received on stacking the well.
Mr. Harlow mentioned the improved lighting in the main
entrance, provided by four 150-watt globes placed above the
coloured glass below the skylight and by larger globes in the other
fixtures. Miss Jefferd and Miss Smith both commented on the noise
of the fluorescent lights in their divisions. Mr, Harlow said that
it was a difficult business, apparently, to track down and eliminate the hum in fluorescent fixtures. An experiment in lighting
is being made in Mr. Lanning's office and if it proves satisfactory
similar units will be put into the Reference workroom. Mr. Harlow
requested Miss Jefferd and Miss Smith to look at the new fixture
and let him have their opinion of its effectiveness.  An attempt
to lessen eye-strain at the Reference Desk is being made by
tentatively covering the desk with light brown paper, in order,
by reflection, to equalize the light above and below rather than
to have brilliant light above and a dark surface below.  If the
light paper on the Reference Desk alleviates the condition there,
the green linoleum will be replaced with tan.
UN PUBLICATIONS (From Ryerson Press)
This material has always come slowly, irregularly, and
uncertainly from the Ryerson Press, and Mr. Harlow has taken the
matter up with the Manager of the firm. He has received a reply,
indicating that the trouble lies partly with Ryerson and partly
with the UN. Ryerson has had a blanket order for UN series and
other material in an attempt to secure, with the depository set, as
complete a file of UN material as possible. Discussions among
Reference, Serials, and the■Librarian have resulted in a proposal
that the blanket order be replaced by orders for specific titles,
providing for the duplication of a minimum of much-used series.
Mr. Harlow will send to Ryerson a list of what we want and are
supposed to be receiving, and it is his intention to visit Ryerson
when he is in Toronto later this month. MATERIAL ASSIGNED BY PROFESSORS FOR CLASS USE
Government documents and UN publications are not put on
reserve unless it is unavoidable because they are already for
"Library use." A recent request from a member of faculty for the
Reference Division to select material on subjects assigned to
classes has been referred back to him; the Division will work with
the faculty on such assignments but cannot undertake the whole job.
Some criticism of the Rental Collection has been made by
faculty who are interested in a wider and more up-to-date choice
of general recreational reading.  Dr. Friedman described at a
meeting of the Library Committee a subscription club at McGill:
faculty members there paid $7 annually, and a faculty selection
committee chose the books, the ordering and servicing being done by
the University Library.  After a year in the collection, the books
became Library property.  Since our rental collection is already
established and the machinery for its operation exists, Mr. Harlow
has proposed to begin by improving it.  Students being accustomed
to borrow from the collection, he would be reluctant to exclude
them, and two collections would not seem desirable. Miss Lanning
remarked that she did not believe students were making much use
of the Rental Collection now, preferring to use the Sedgewick Room.
The type of material to be chosen was discussed briefly.  Some new
books are now being ordered, and Mr. Harlow hopes to have them
added to the collection before the next issue of "Notes" is sent
out.  The possibility of raising the present rental to 5 cents a
day was mentioned, and Mr. Harlow asked Miss Mercer if she would
find out what the current rates are in lending libraries.  Rental
books will be ordered through Acquisitions, where they will be
handled as "rush" items. Miss Mercer was asked to weed out the
present collection, since she is probably best acquainted with it.
In reply to a request from the Librarian, the Library
has received a second copy of the B. C. Sessional Papers for 1952,
and this raised the question of acknowledging items of this kind.
Miss Smith reported that Reference acknowledges the receipt of
government publications, usually by post card, and it was agreed
that, in general, this procedure would be followed.
The opening of this Exhibition will take place on
Wednesday, January 7, at £:30 p.m. in the Sedgewick Room;  Printers
of the area have received printed invitations, but staff members
who are interested are also invited to attend.
Mr. Harlow mentioned tHe bibliographic job that Mr. Bell
has done for the English Department, which will be of great value in improving the Library*s English collection.  He has checked
our holdings in current English and American literature (texts
and criticism) and made lists of material to be purchased from
the English Department allocation.  As a result, about $600 worth
of material, chiefly in-print, has been ordered. Miss Smith
said that she would like to have other members of her division
develop their knowledge of our holdings and needs in special
subject fields.  The Librarian believes this to be a very fruitful
kind of experience both fbr the individual and the institution.
Mr. Harlow said that Miss O'Rourke's successful management of the Reference Division during Miss Smith's absence should
be a lesson to others in delegating responsibility (and with it,
the necessary authority) to staff members.  Only by this means can
personnel be trained and fitted for senior positions.  In reply
to a question, Mr. Harlow said that three years of experience
would normally be required for promotion from one grade to
The Librarian said that books which go into the
Howay-Reid Collection (for example) should have the Library
bookplate tipped in (at the top), with the accession information,
call number, and other processing data, written on the underside
of it.  He would like to see the call number on the outside placed
on a transparent dust jacket instead of on the spine of the book.
Miss Lanning called attention to the wear and tear on
certain articles in bound periodicals to which classes are
referred year after year (in this instance in Home Economics).
Mr. Harlow suggested photostating such articles if the cost is not
prohibitive, and he recommended that Miss Lanning examine the
Home Economics reading list and estimate the number of pages which
she believes should be photostated.  Some means would have to be
provided to direct students to the photographic copies.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
We have just been informed by Mr. Rogers of the U.N.B.
Library that he will be unable to participate in the exchange of
personnel between the two libraries.  The proposal will therefore
necessarily be dropped.


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