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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 19, 1953

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TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Miss Alldritt, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Miss Jefferd was absent on holiday.
Mr. Harlow said he felt that students here are not
getting as much as they should out of the Library, and he would
like to plan to have an "Undergraduate" or "General Reading"
library to which they would all have direct access in order to help
develop their reading interests. He had thought to defer such a
project until the completion of the stack or until a second wing to
the building seemed likely, but he feels that perhaps an attempt
should be made to do something about it fairly soon.  The collection would be chiefly non-reference, non-research material of
recent date and would not include back files of periodicals or
government publications.  It would fill the gap between the present
Sedgewick Reading Room, with its recreational reading, and the
Reserve Book Room for required reading, (both of which collections,
with the Rental service, might eventually be incorporated). It
would likely mean that the Reserve collection could be smaller.
A possible re-arrangement of floor 3 to provide for an
Undergraduate Library was described by the Librarian which would
perhaps not provide ideal conditions but would make possible the
establishment of such a library with present facilities. Members
of faculty with whom the Librarian has spoken about the proposal
agree to its desirability in relation to students who are not
undertaking advanced work. The Librarian asked the Division Heads
to consider the proposal with their staffs and make any additional
suggestions regarding ways and means of carrying it out. No money
is at the moment available for the purpose but plans must be laid
before specific requests are made.
It has been suggested that exchanges of personnel might
be made between Library divisions (for example, Mr. Bell is being
considered for a term in the Catalogue Division).  It was agreed
that a smattering of useful knowledge might be secured in a one or
two months' period, but that it would not be long enough to
provide a sufficient familiarity with the work and point of view
of a cataloguer. It was pointed\out that while the Reference
person going to Catalogue might get normal experience during the
summer, a person going into Reference would miss the normal
sessional experience at desk work.  After consideration, it was
decided that as an initial exchange Mr. Bell will be assigned to
the Catalogue Division on March 1, 1954, for a six months period,
and that about June, 1954, a cataloguer might go to Reference to
remain through November. This will provide balanced experience for both staff members and a convenient exchange schedule for the
Divisions.  The project will be given a trial, and it may be
further extended to other divisions if it proves successful and the
opportunity arises. It was pointed out that in this way staff can
acquire the range of experience and knowledge essential to prepare
them for senior positions, some of which now remain unfilled for
lack of people with adequate background, and that it would give
more variety and greater interest to library work within a single
institution. Exchange will depend, of course, upon personal
interest as well as feasibility within the Library.
Mr. Harlow said that he had replied to the publishers that
the Library would subscribe to at least one copy? and possibly two,
of the proposed 5-year cumulation of British National Bibliography.
The Reference Division may make-do with the annual volumes,
keeping the 5-year cumulations in Acquisitions.
L. C. BOOK CATALOGUE      •    '	
It was tentatively agreed that we would subscribe to one full
set of the Author Catalog, the main volumes of which would be kept
in Acquisitions/, the sections on maps, music, and films to go to
Reference.  The^ Subject Catalog would also go to Reference.
The single copy of this publication which is now received in
the Library goes for checking to the Librarian, Miss Edith Stewart,
and Miss Smith, and then goes to Acquisitions until the order cards
for the items are made.  Very few members of the staff thus have
an opportunity to see it, and the Librarian and others believe that
they should be able to read it for their own information about new
publications and publishing developments. It was agreed that a
second copy should be ordered, to go to Reference, Serials, Catalogue, and Circulation. No one should keep P.W. issues for more
than a day or overnight. Mr. Harlow suggested that the Staff
Association might consider subscribing to periodicals of this kind
which everyone should have a chance to see.
The Librarian and Miss Mercer have agreed upon the multiple
forms to be used by Acquisitions and Cataloguing.  The requisition
card will be yellow,,the order card white, the out-of-print card
will be pink; as at present. The fourth card, a plain green one,
will be used for gifts and for the card to go to Cataloguing. When
the procedure is worked out, a salmon card will be available for use
in the public catalogue.
After brief consideration it was decided to have the Pla-in
Library post card and the gift acknowledgment post card m suostan-
tially the same form as hitherto, and franked.  There was some thought that the cards might be provided without the ,03<£ stamp,
but it was felt that the staff are very careful in their use of the
cards and that the saving in time is significant. The stamped
cards cost from .03^ to .04^ each.
Occasionally campus mail is sent out in the more expensive,
printed white envelopes.
The staff is reminded that manilla envelopes should be used
for campus mailings.
The fleet of book trucks should be under the general supervision of one person who will be responsible for reporting when
repairs are needed and for making arrangements to withdraw
decrepit trucks from service until they are reconditioned.
Mr. Harlow.asked Miss Lanning if Mr. Neale could undertake this
duty. Requests and reports concerning trucks should be made to
him, and he will report to the Librarian's office when trucks are
in need of attention.
Miss Josephine Chamberlain has devised a neat, quick, and
practical method for painting over the spines of the books which
are being relettered; and the many volumes which have been given
this treatment present a tidy and attractive appearance.
Mr. Harlow drew the attention of the Division Heads to this
contribution which Miss Chamberlain has made, saying that it is a
good example of an individual giving thoughtful attention to the
mechanics of a job and not regarding herself simply as a part of
the machine.  A good deal of initiative of this kind can be
expected from the staff and should be recognized and encouraged.
Mr. Harlow called attention again to the necessity to keep
recently bound books either standing up (properly supported) or
lying flat.  Until they have dried thoroughly, which requires two
or three weeks or longer, they should be handled particularly
Miss Lanning reported that at present the results of inventory
appear to be good, but that the final count has not yet been made.
Mr. Harlow noted that there were still a lot of books to be
returned for checking, judging from the lists supplied by
Circulation, but that a good many of these will probably come in
as a result of the second notice which was sent out at the end of 4 	
last week.
The meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.
Mrs. Margaret Jamieson, who has been away from the
Bindery for about four weeks, is making a good recovery from her
recent operation and is expected to return to work about the
middle of June. Meanwhile, Mrs. Isabel Lynch is taking Mrs. Jamie-
son's place in the Bindery.


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