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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 26, 1955

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TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 1955, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Lanning, Fliss Fiercer,
Fir. Lanning, Miss Alldritt, Fliss O'Rourke, Fliss Fugler.
F1INUTES No. 98 (Corrections)
P. 1. "UBC LIBRARY FACTS." The name of Miss Pat Wood
should be substituted for Fliss Patricia Liggins as a member of
the staff Committee.
P. 4. Personnel: "Firs. Harkley" should be "Firs. Hartley.
The books are coming in daily, but there are still many
Miss Lanning has outlined inventory procedures and
indicated what part each Division will take.  The departmental
collections will be checked next week and the main collection the
week after. Very little of the "continuing inventory" has been
taken during the year; Fliss Lanning reported that the Christmas
period had been too broken up and busy to permit it.  The Circulation Division will be in charge of the work, assisted by the
other divisions as indicated.
Mr. Harlow reported that another meeting of the Provincial Board of Examiners for the Certification of Professional
Librarians was held last Friday and that enough librarians have
now followed the new procedure to assure that it is properly
established.  The Board has been informed that the B. C. Civil
Service will accept its certification in place of the documentary
evidence formerly required of individuals applying to them for
employment. It is now up to the professional librarians in the
province to support the new regulation by applying for certification, and Fir. Harlow said that he is making application himself
at once.  Applicants for certification should send documentary
evidence to Fir. Harry Evans, Registrar, Department of Education,
Victoria, B. C.  Documentary evidence is required of having
received the Bachelor's degree and of completing the year of
professional training at a recognized graduate school of librarian-
ship.  Persons who now hold B. C. Grade I or II certificates
issued before 1949 or Grade I or Grade I-Advanced issued since
1949 need not send documentary evidence, since the data are
already on file in Victoria.  A fee of five dollars is required of
all applicants.
Mr. ROGERS of U. N. B.
Fir. Rogers will arrive in Vancouver on May 25 and
remain until June 10, probably spending the weekend of June 3
in Victoria.  It was suggested that an agenda be prepared for him * 9*
while he is here, and Fir. Rothstein was asked^to work it out.
Mr. Harlow will write to Fir. Rogers, asking whether he wishes
accommodation to be obtained for him, and for exact information
regarding his arrival.
Mr. Harlow remarked that both Doreen Alston and Enid
Dearing, who have looked after the exhibits since last September,
are now leaving the Library. They have done a ver3>- good job and
have produced some excellent displays, and the Librarian expressed
his appreciation for their contributions and for the assistance of
various other staff members who contributed to the success of the
displays. Miss Smith has asked Miss Dwyer and Miss Besler to
arrange the displays, and student assistance will be secured in
the fall.
Fir. Harlow said that he would like to have specific
suggestions about Canadiana from those who use it. In Fliss Smith's
absence full discussion was deferred, but it was noted that for
federal publications the Queen's Printer's list is more complete
and up-to-date than Canadiana and is easier to use (for quick
reference) because of the arrangement of entries and index.
Canadiana is arranged by cataloguing entry, which is of course
most useful to the Catalogue Division. Many of the items in Canadiana are late in being listed, and not all of the federal documents
appear, but this may be because no publications are included by
the National Library unless they are actually in hand, and there
are doubtless always delays and omissions for this reason.
The National Library probably has a very difficult time securing
copies of departmental material, mimeographed sheets, etc.
Dr. George H. Stevenson, Research Professor in Psychiatry
and Director of the Survey of Factors Contributing to Narcotic
Addiction in British Columbia, has written to the Library acknowledging the very satisfactory service received by him from the
Bio-Medical Library and the Reference Division, particularly in
regard to the Interlibrary Loan facilities.
Some years ago (about 10) Fir. W. H. Grant of Salmon Arm
brought to the Library and gave to Dr. Lamb for safe keeping some
old microscopes. They have been lost track of, and the Librarian
inquired whether any staff member knows about them. He will also
write to Dr. Lamb.
The Senate Library Committee will meet this afternoon to
consider departmental allocations, the expenditure of part of the
Committee Fund, and other matters. fl
Mr. Harlow wishes to know what staff members plan to
attend the B.C.L.A. Conference, since a leave of absence of one day
will need to be arranged for each. Division Heads are to report.
Mr. Steckl has noticed several copies of a reading text
for children in the stack, and has asked whether most or all should
be discarded. Dr. Flclntosh wishes to have a historical text book
collection maintained, and some such material is available.
Miss Lanning noted that when the Normal School becomes integrated
with the University such a collection may have more meaning than it
has now. It was suggested that an uncatalogued historical
collection be created as opportunity permits and stored on level 2
or elsewhere; material now in the stacks should not be touched
(except that surplus multiple copies should be removed from the main
collection), but other material should be saved as it comes to hand.
Mr. Rothstein asked whether we are taking sufficient
advantage of the writing which appears in professional library
journals which we receive here. Much of it ought to be read critically, with our own library needs in mind. The usefulness of having
analytical reviews made of selected material by individual members
of the staff was discussed. Flany of the professional staff now read
the literature, but very often it is casual reading, and a more
active approach, with the UBC Library in mind, would be interesting
and most useful for them and the Library.  Librarians in British
Columbia are a long way from other centres of library and professional activity and miss the stimulation of contacts such as exist
in more populous areas.  It was generally agreed that a critical
examination of worth while publications would be valuable in stimulating our thinking and activity.
Articles in "Library Trends," for example, were mentioned
as typical items worth consideration.  It was decided that a critical
review of a book or article should normally be given at a regular
Division Heads meeting, either by a Division Head or another member
of the professional staff who would be invited to present it.
Occasionally, a report of general interest could be presented to the
whole professional group. The Division Heads would be expected to
read much of the material in advance and be prepared to discuss its
application to our problems here.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.
Miss Annemarie Ketter is to be promoted to the position of
Library Assistant on May 1, replacing Miss Betty Colley, in the
Acquisitions Division. a..
Miss Isman will replace Miss Kay Nishimura in the Serials
Division on May 1.
Miss Wilga Wilschefski will resign from her position in the
Serials Division at the end of May.
The positions open within the Library will be Clerk 1 in
Acquisitions, on May 1, and Library Assistant in Serials on June 1.


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