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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 9, 1960

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Array M
February 9, 1961)"  No. 209
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters Oj. Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, RJL, AMS, EBM, ML, DF, MAT, and HM
Visit by CCF. xMLA's
The visit of Mr. R. Stjjachan and members of the
C. C F. caucus to the Library on January 22 was brief because
they were behind schedule. Dr. Rothstein conducted them on
a quick tour of the reading rooms, Serials, Reference Division
and down through Acquisitions and Cataloging. Mr. Strachan
evinced much interest and asked a good many questions about
Library services.
British Columbia Library Association
The meeting of the British Columbia Library Association on January 29". at which Fir. Hilton-Smith talked about
Canadiana, was attended by about 60 people (including 15 of
the general public who dropped in).  This is the first of
four lectures, the remainder to be held on the last Fridays
of February, March and April in the Vancouver Public Library:
February 26
March 25
April 29
Ftr.  Bruce Ramsay
Mr. Willard Ireland
Dr. R. E. Watters
"Canadian Literature)"
It was agreed to ask Mr. Fryer to use dark blue
cloth for future plush-flush binding. Experimentation has
been done in using glue in lieu of sewing for some types of
binding and in using glue only (without covers) for some types
of material. For books requiring regular binding, the labor
saved by eliminating machine sewing is mostly transferred to
more difficult processing at a later stage (in rounding and
backing) so that the total cost is not reduced. Glue will be
used at least when an inadequate binding margin makes sewing
inadvisable (for certain paper-backs).
The remaining steel for the new bookstacks Las
arrived and the last "lift" has been erected.  The concrete
for the floors and walls is being poured. The walls of the top storey of the new wing nave
been completed and work is now being forwarded on the roof.
A revised sample of the new individual reading
tables has been set up on level 3. The partitions between
the tables are made of acoustical material to further reduce
noise. Several of the table units will have coat racks built
in, to be distributed around the rooms,
Flidwinter Meetings
Miss Smith attended the Flidwinter conference of the
American Library Association in Chicago, as a member of the
Subscription Books Committee, As a member of the CLA Liaison
with Asian Libraries Committee, she also reviewed the list of
"Canadian Heritage Books" which the CLA has prepared for the
Canadian Government with the expectation that the volumes
will be sent to variuus libraries in Asian countries. Miss
Smith met U.B.C. former staff member, Noel Owens, who is now
in charge of the Documents Section of Northwestern University
Miss Doreen Fraser attended the Midwinter Board
Meeting of the Medical Library Association, also held in
Chicago.  Plans were discussed for a proposed central office
and a new duplicate exchange scheme.
Mr. Harlow had a very busy schedule at the Flidwinter
meeting of the American Library Association, his time being
distributed among some eight Boards and Committees. He saw
Eleanor Cock, formerly of this staff, who is now in Chicago;
she may be ready to return to U. B. C. this fall.
From Chicago, Mr. Harlow went on to Toronto and
Montreal to visit the library schools. At the University of
Toronto he interviewed five prospective librarians (only one
from B. C. this time), and at FlcGill he interviewed seven.
Several seemed very promising, if they can be persuaded to
come west.
He visited Mr. Harry Campbell of the Toronto Public
Library, who is carrying out extensive remodelling plans and
is working to set up a bibliographic centre for the metropolitan area. A Council of Trustees for libraries in the
metropolitan area authorized a study of library problems
which has just been completed, and the bibliographic centre
grows out of its recommendations.
Mr. Harlow also had a brief visit with Mr. Robert
Blackburn, Chief Librarian at the University of Tore. ,o, and
his two assistants, Fir. Foley and Mr. Land. Friends of the Library
A joint meeting of the Council and the Ways and
Means Committee of the Friends of the Library will be held
on February 11 at the Faculty Club. This is to discuss a
proposed 'campaign" to raise funds on a continuing basis for
the purchase of research collections.
Mrs. Fiargery M. Cartwright as Library Assistant in
the Cataloging Division on January 25.
Miss Marie R. Hall as Clerk I in the Circulation
Division on February 1.
Mrs. Margaret Choudhury as Clerk I in the Circulation
Division on February 29.
Firs. Fiarguerite A. Fox as Library Assistant in the
Circulation Division on February 29.


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