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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Dec 18, 1956

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December 18,   1956.    No.   143
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British  Columbia  Library Staff.
Present:    NH,   SR,   AMS,  MML,   RJL,  EBM,  MAA,  EF.
Western Book Show and Typographical Exhibit
The special closing exhibition in the University Art
Gallery, held on December 4, was very successful in spite of bad
weather. About fifty persons came, including printers, members of
the Community Arts Council, University faculty, and Library staff.
Mr. Grenby and Professor Gregg, both of whom know a great deal
about fine printing, added greatly to the enjoyment and satisfaction
of the visitors.
Librarian's Visit to Edmonton and Saskatoon
On the way to Saskatoon to attend the opening ceremonies
for the new University Library building there, Mr. Harlow stopped
at Edmonton to visit the public library and the University of
Alberta Library. Mr. Florton Coburn, the new chief of the public
library, is tackling a difficult job with energy and apparent
effectiveness. Mrs. Helen Sinclair, formerly a member of UBC
Library staff, is on Mr. Coburn's staff.
Mr. Harlow and Fir. Coburn together visited the University
Library and, at the request of Mr. Buce Peel, the Librarian, they
spent several hours discussing library problems with the executive
of the Library Committee.
Mr. Harlow reported that the new University of Saskatchewan library building is perhaps the best designed in Canada,
It is entirely open stack, and seats about 800 students at tables
at individual desks and carrels along the window walls. It has
the amenities which one would expect to find in a building for
which sufficient money has been provided.  This is the University's
first separate building intended specifically for library purposes,
but the government seems to be proud of its University and has been
generous in this construction program.
Mr. Appelt, the University Librarian, arranged social
occasions during which Fir. Harlow could, meet the staff of the
University Library and members of the building Committee, among
whom were a number of administrative officers.  The University of
British Columbia is known as an institution which considered its
library important enough to provide a building for it in its first
construction plans. Fir. Harlow felt that his presence at the
ceremonies gave considerable support to the library interests there 3?
Annual Report
The Annual Report has been received by Senate and distributed to a mailing list of libraries throughout the world.  From
comments of faculty and others it is evident that it is read with
attention.  It has been the practice during the last three years
for the Library Committee to meet and discuss the report after it
is printed but before it goes to Senate. This year the Librarian
reviewed the main points, and the Committee authorized a letter to
the Senate emphasizing those matters which it believed needed
special consideration. This year the President read the letter at
the Senate meeting and made a number of comments upon it, and
considerable discussion followed. At the invitation of Senate,
Dr. Cowan, as Chairman of the Library Committee, and Fir. Harlow were
also asked to make statements.
After the Library staff have had opportunity to read the
Report, Fir, Harlow would be glad to answer any questions regarding
it and will call a special staff meeting if this is desired.
Budget Estimates
The budget estimates for 1957/58 have also been forwarded
to the Administration. The financial prospects of the University
are not clear at the moment, since the relation of federal aid to
provincial grants is not known. The Librarian has emphasized in
his Annual Report and budget estimates the burden upon the Library
caused by the general increase in numbers of students and in
activity within the University. The prospect of a Summer Session
which will number 3,000 students is also to be considered. Budget
estimates include requests for additional staff members and book
funds and for special assistance for the summer period.  In this
connection it was mentioned that holidays of permanent staff will
have to be carefully arranged by Division Heads in order that
sufficient experienced personnel will be on hand for the Summer
Status and Salaries of Professional Librarians
Another matter which has been discussed at length in the
last few weeks is the situation of professional librarians in this
University. The Library Committee has taken up the matter, it has
been mentioned in the Librarian's Annual Report to Senate, and
is being considered by a sub-committee of the Faculty Association.
Recommendations will be made to the President, Senate, and to the
Board of Governors by the Library Committee.
The members of the Library Committee have shown real
interest in the problem; one meeting has been held and a second will
take place on Wednesday, December 19. Mr. Harlow outlined briefly
some of the questions and difficulties involved in establishing
"academic" or "faculty" status for professional librarians, and the
matter will be discussed fully with staff as soon as the reports
are available.
' Concern is also felt about the non-professional staff, and
Mr. Harlow said that Col. McLean is anxious to improve this situation. "fd
Bookstack Installation
Preliminary preparations are under way by the Department
of Buildings and Grounds: changes have been made in the heating
system, windows taken out to permit passage of materials, and
partitions should all have been moved by the end of this week.
It was noted that the map cabinets on level 7 will have to be moved
back about 3 feet from the partition wall.  During the past week
books were shifted on short notice by the combined efforts of
Dr. Rothstein, Mr. Stuart-Stubbs, Fir. Bell and Mr. Bangert.
Mr. Harlow asked Mr. Lanning and Miss Lanning to estimate as soon
as possible the cost of moving the book stock when the new stack is
completed. He also suggested that the staff keep in mind the
possibility of adding a new wing in the foreseeable future.
Library Instruction in Summer School
Two courses in Library work, 390 ("Sources of Information"
and 490 ("The Library in the School"), will be given in Summer
Session, one by Dr. Rothstein and the other by a visiting professor.
They are being set up with the regular winter session courses
(starting in September, 1957) and the future library school in mind.
Curriculum Laboratory
Dr. Rothstein announced that, thanks to all who worked on
the problem and to Miss Eleanor Cock, the Curriculum Laboratory
is now functioning smoothly and to the apparent satisfaction of the
students using it and of the College of Education.
Combined Service Desk
The design and lay-out of the new Loan-Serials Desk is
still being worked upon.  Since many problems are involved, everyone
concerned is being consulted, and all suggestions are welcome.
Suggestion Box
The Suggestion Box for student use was cleared recently
and Mr. Harlow reviewed the items in general terms: noise, arising
from building conditions, the ringing of the telephone in the work
area, construction operations, and conversation of staff; a complaint that members of the library staff have been discourteous;
the need for more people at the Reference desk during rush periods
and at night; the parking of books on reading tables'to reserve
space; and' a request for a buzzer to warn of the beginning and end
of class periods.
The Librarian is well aware of the shortage of staff, and
has already tried to explain to students that "parking" in the
reading rooms is a matter for them to deal with.  Staff should be
particularly careful about noise, and conversation should be limited
to what is necessary and voices kept low. While there are many
problems in dealing with the public, it is our job, and staff must
be courteous and patient. The request for a buzzer system seemed
reasonable. 7?
PNLA Proceedings
The October,   1956 issue  of the  PNLA Quarterly contains
the  proceedings of the  conference held in August,   including the
Librarian's paper on "Faculty-Library Relations."
Vital Statistics
Miss Anne Clayton of the Reference Division will be
married on December 22 to Mr. Neil Brearley.
Mrs. Pat Hodge has on several occasions observed students
using other persons' cards to gain access to the stack, and has
confiscated them. This kind of alertness and willingness to act
are most important in exercising control at the stack entrance.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.
Miss Doreen Taylor will leave the Reference Division on
December 22 to become Librarian for the B. C. Electric Co.
Mrs. Christine Bate has been appointed Library Assistant in
the Circulation Division, and Miss Gloria Hahn has joined the
Acquisitions staff as Clerk I. Both of these are temporary positions
to continue until 31 March, 1957.
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Common Isolates in Documentation Work -
Anteriorising Isolates
S, R. Ranganathan
Distinguishes between anteriorising and posteriorising cu.~„~.,
isolates.  Indicates the provision for anterior!sation in the nota-
tional systems of BC and CC and suggests a method for providing for
it in UDC. Indicates the distinction in CC between post-space,
post-time, and other kinds of anteriorising common isolates.  Shows
the schedules of them in BC and UDC to include also categories belonging, in the idea plane, to book number or collection number.
Indicates the need for isolating additional anteriorising common
-Review of Documentation, June 1956, p. 43.


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