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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 10, 1958

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September 10, 1958. No.180
Reporting.Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, AMS, EBM,-MAT, DF, BS-S, IB, EF.
Dr. Rothstein, Fliss Lanning and Mr. Lanning were absent
on holiday.
"Know Your Library"
The 1953/1959 version of this informational leaflet is in
the Library.
Thomas Murray Collection
Three hundred cases of Canadiana, comprising the Thomas
Murray Collection which the University is purchasing, arrived in
the Library recently, 34 cases by express on August 25 and 266 by
freight on"August 28. The total shipments weighed about ten tons.
Fisheries Collection - Dr. Briggs
Dr. John C Briggs, a new member of faculty in the Department of Anatomy, has a substantial fisheries library (chiefly of
reprints) which is being stored temporarily in the University
Library.  Its use will be supervised by Miss Fraser.
Reports to Librarian's Office
Mr. Harlow again asked Division Heads to be sure that
reports of time worked by student assistants be in the main office
by 9:30 each Tuesday morning.
Attendance reports for full-time staff should be sent to
the office in the week following the report period, and great care
should be taken about their accuracy.
When student assistants quit their jobs, severance notices
should be made out promptly and sent to the office.
Sample Study Tables
Twelve study tables, intended for individual student use,
are being set up in the Ridington Room on an experimental basis
before being adopted for use in the new wing of  the Library.
Publishers' Weekly
The Librarian noted that the circulation of copy 1 of
Publishers' Weekly is much too slow; it should not be held by anyone
on the list for longer than over-night but be passed along to the
next person so that orders can be put through promptly and a file
copy be made available in the Acquisitions Division. The second
copy will go to a longer list but the same rapid schedule should be
observed. Flail Delivery
Flail received in the Librarian's Office and sent to
Divisions will be put on the desks of the following oersons:
Miss Mercer for Acauisitions, Firs. Turner for Cataloguing,
Miss Handkamer for Reference, Miss Rolfe for Circulation, Miss Stooch-
noff for Serials, and Fliss Hansford for the Biomedical Library.
If the mail contains a copy of Publishers' Weekly it must be passed
on immediately to the person named on the routing slip.
Religious or other Special Holidays not Listed in the University
A University Personnel regulation allows time to be taken
off for the observance of holidays apart from those listed in the
University Calendar upon the following conditions: (1) the time may
be made up with the prior consent of the Division Head, or (2) the
time may be deducted from the normal holiday allowance, or (3) it may
be taken as leave without pay. Advance notice of the intention must
be given to the Division Head.
St. Flark's College
St. Mark's, the Roman Catholic College on the campus, was
officially opened on September 9 in the presence of the Papal Representative in Canada, Giovanni Panico. Fir. Harlow attended the
ceremonies and dinner and reported that the College, which is now
purely residential, is a beautiful building, very carefully planned
and with much fine detail.  It will develop a library for students
and faculty within the limits of its interests.
PNLA Conference
Librarians from UBC who were seen in attendance at the
Pacific Northwest Library Association Conference in Victoria last
week were: Mr. Harlow, Dr. Rothstein, Miss Smith, Miss Mercer,
Firs. Turner, Mr. Turner, Fliss Dwyer, Miss Scott, Fliss Searle,
Mr. Bell.  The program was almost wholly concerned with the Ford-
sponsored Library Development Project, now concluding.
Practice Work
Fir. Philip Rees, a graduate of-UBC, spent two weeks in
practice work in the Library, preliminary to entering Library School
in Toronto.
Fledical Library Service for British Columbia
There is an active move in the medical profession in Vancouver to establish a province-wide Fledical Library Service for
doctors in British Columbia, to be centred in the Vancouver Medical
Association and sponsored by the College of Physicians and Surgeons.
A number of medical men are showing a very genuine interest in getting such a service under way. Twelve medical societies in the
province would have to cooperate, and the central service would plan to assist them in developing their own libraries, as well as in
building up the resources and services of the central collection.
The costs would be borne by a fee paid by individual members of the
profession. The University Library would lend to individual doctors
throughout the province only by interlibrary loan through the
Medical Service library. It should be recognized that studies and
reports made by Miss Fraser have stimulated and had a strong
influence upon this development.
Special Occasions
On Thursday and Friday of this week (September 11 and 12)
members of the Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth will visit the University,
Next week, Tuesday to' Friday (September 23-26) an Academic
Symposium will be held and two special congregations will take place
to celebrate the centenary of British Columbia, the golden jubilee of
the University Act, and the opening of the Buchanan Building.
Father Boniface Aicher, recently appointed Librarian of the
Benedictine college at Flission City, visited the Library on Tuesday.
He was interested in learning something about the resources here and
in becoming acquainted with people on the campus. His library at
Mission is designed chiefly for elementary and high school students,
but will probably develop some research resources.
Fir. Richard Abel, of the Reed College Book Store in Portland,
visited the Library on September 9.
Miss Fraser's Report on the MLA Conference
Miss Fraser attended the Fledical Library Association conference at Rochester, N. Y., early in June. Before the meeting a
workshop was held, and Miss Fraser attended discussions on medical
library architecture, rare books, equipment, and medical writing.
She was chairman of the meeting of the sub-committee on Curriculum.
Two panel discussions were held, one at the Mayo Clinic on the use
of the medical library from the viewpoint of the medical practitioner,
the second at the University of Minnesota on medical bibliography and
the use of the library from the viewpoint of the medical and research
Miss Molly Morton, of Ottawa, called a meeting of Canadian
medical librarians at the conference to discuss the needs of
medical libraries in countries included in the Colombo Plan and ways
to assist them.
The exchange of publications among medical libraries was
mentioned. The burden on individual libraries is becoming very great,
and the suggestion is that material be exchanged through the U. S.
Book Exchange. The situation will be studied during the coming year. 4
Visits were made to the Flayo Clinic in Rochester, to the
Ramsey County Medical Library, and to the University of Minnesota's
Fledical School in Minneapolis.
On the whole the conference was very successful; well over
400 persons attended, there'were excellent exhibits, the different-
sections were conducted by able chairmen, the meals were excellent,
and the entertainment was very agreeable.
Plans for future years include the annual conference at
Seattle in 1961. A conference so near to Vancouver will almost
certainly involve the UBC Biomedical Library.
Miss Fraser reported that hotels in Rochester, which
surround the Flayo Clinic, display signs: "Please Do Not Discuss
Your Illness."
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.
Bible.  English (Middle English) 1850. Wycliffe.  Oxford Univ.
Press, I85O.  4 v.
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Dante Alighieri.  The comedy of Dante Alighieri translated into
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Langland, William. Visio Willi de Petro Plouhman...London, Murray,
Osier, Sir William.  Bibliotheca Osleriana....  Oxford, 1929.
Fliss Annette Hansford as Stenographer II in the Biomedical
Library, on September 12, 1958. Promotion:
Miss Geraldine Dobbin to Librarian II in the Catalogue Division
on July 1, 1958.  (Oversight in announcement regretted).
CANADA,  Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources,
Forestry Branch. Forest Products Laboratories of Canada.
Selected list of accessions to the library, Ottawa Laboratory,
January-June, 1953, List No. 21.
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. List of publications,
April 1, 1952 to June 30, 1958.  Chalk River, Ont.
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Saskatchewan, Report.  Regina, Oct., 1957.
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English/Francais/Deutsch. Supplement, 1958. France, 1958.


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