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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 29, 1957

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 M  I  N  U  T  E . S
uctoher 29, 1957~ No7"To"2
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, AF1S, MML, RJL, EBM, MAA, DF, EF
Mr. Edgar S. Robinson, Librarian of the Vancouver Public
Library for 33 years, died on Friday, October 25. He will be greatly
missed in the library community of Vancouver and Canada. Several
members of the University Library staff were among the large number
of persons, representing very many interests in the cit3^, who attended the funeral on October 28.
The new library building at Burrard and Robson Streets, which
he labored so long to create, will be opened with special ceremonies
on November 1.
Adding Date to Call Number
The usefulness of adding the date of copyright to the call
number on all books as well as journals was again discussed.  It was
stated that the date might be more important on science books than
on others, although statistics regarding obsolescence show that
social science material becomes out of date at least as fast.  In the
humanities generally, this is much less the case, while in certain
specialized fields, such as medicine and chemistry, the date is very
importand indeed. At present, dates are added to the call number for
all except the first edition of a work. It was finally agreed that
the Catalogue Division would add the latest copyright date to the
call number for all books in the Q through W classification.'
Reclassification of W to R Complete
The reclassification of all medical material from the "W"
to the "R" schedule has now been completed, and everyone is glad to
have this job finished. In Cataloging, Mrs. Little has been particularly responsible for this work.
Reference Sets Out of Call Number Order
Mr. Harlow is anxious that the location of at least the
major encyclopedias and indexes be indicated on the catalog cards,
since they are in the Ridington Room, not in their normal place
(arranged by call number) in the stack.  Since some shifting of
reference materials may be desirable when new reading rooms are
added to the Library building, it was decided to postpone such action
for the present.
Meanwhile an alphabetical list of all indexes and abstracts
will be posted in the Ridington Room, giving location by bay number. 2-U"
Telephone System
Campus telephones have been changed over to a dial system.
Although there will doubtless be some difficulties at first, and
more equipment is still needed, there has been a real improvement
in making local calls and in getting outside lines. Although all
of the professional staff are not listed individually in the new
telephone directory, Mr. Harlow has asked to have them included in
the supplement which is in preparation. He has also written to
Mr. Hunter pointing out the need for additional lines in the Library
as soon as they are available.
Use of Library Intercommunicating System
Mr. Harlow asked that intercom units in all Divisions be
turned on the first thing in the morning and left on until the end
of the work day, when they should be shut off. NOTE: People should
speak into them in a normal voice, and at a distance of from 1 to
3 feet from the instrument.
Care of Electrical Equipment
The campus Safety Committee reminds staff that electrical
equipment should be kept in good condition. Frayed cords, loose
connections, cords which are likely to be stepped on or tripped
over, appliances too close to water taps and basins, etc., are all
Faculty Archive Collection
The cataloged books in this collection formerly kept in
the Librarian's office, have been placed in Room 750, and their new
location is noted in the Circulation and Catalog files.
Registration Theses for Foresters
The proposal by Professor Knapp is that the Library
receive these theses except those for the last three years, which
would remain in Forestry, and that they be made "available on
application" and "on 30-day loan to out of town readers". They
would number about 30 a year. Normally, the Library does not grant
interlibrary loans to individuals, only to institutions whose responsibility is unquestioned, and it was suggested that lending these
unique copies would be risky.  It was suggested that the Forestry
Association might provide microfilm copies for permanent Library
use, allowing the originals to be loaned off-campus. Fir. Harlow
suggested that the maps should remain with the theses, and he will
talk to Professor Knapp about lending privileges.
Senate Library Committee
This Committee will meet on Wednesday, October 30, and has
a nnmr^r of  important matters before it: the Librarian's Annual
Rpr^-rt, which is in draft form; a request for more information for
faculty regarding library facilities; a request that the Library be
opened, for a period on Sunday; the appointment of sub-committees to
consider (1) establishment of a Library School, (?) Library facilities for extra-mural credit courses; and other matters. 2 7
Noise in the Library
Although there is a very considerable hum in the building
because of so many people using and moving about in it, it may be
that conditions are better this year than last. The possibility was
suggested of setting aside one wing of the Concourse as a "group
study area" where students could meet in groups.  It was decided that
the whole building is too crowded to make such a differentiation in
use possible, but"staff are asked to give thought to this suggestion.
It was noted that a loud thump follows the dropping of each book into
the new book return slot at the Loan Desk, and. it was suggested that
a piece of corrugated cardboard (smooth side up) be placed on the
shelf to deaden the sound.
Loan-Serials Procedures
Serials were asked to pick up call slips left at the stack
exit for unbound serials at least twice a day. Neither service desk
should accept call slips which are not properly completed, since doing
so defeats the Library Instruction program which tries to teach
students to fill out the slips accurately and completely.
Exchange of Chinese and Japanese Government Publications
A conference on the international exchange of publications
is to be held in Japan early in November. Apparently no Canadian
representative will be present.
Negotiations are continuing for an exchange of Chinese, and
Japanese publications with UBC, but there are a variety of complications.  It may be that UBC will be asked to act as an exchange
agency for other Canadian libraries.
Pacific Northwest Group of Medical Library Association
This regional group had a successful series of meetings in
Vancouver last week.  Dr. Morton Kroll came to the city to discuss the
section of the Ford Foundation survey which is being carried out by
Miss Fraser and her associates and was favourably impressed by the
work being done.  Dr. Friedman and Dr. Gibson both spoke to the group.
Mr". W. Lanning to Give Library Lectures
The College of Education has asked Mr, Walter Lanning to
devote from two to four hours weekly to lectures concerned with what
the school library can mean to teachers.  This may be a major step
in developing school library service.
Dr. Rothstein Speaks to North Vancouver Group
Dr. Rothstein spoke to about twenty school librarians at a
district meeting in North Vancouver last Friday. They seemed very
much interested and more aware than formerly of what the school
library can do for the teacher. This improved situation may result
from recent instruction and from contacts with the University Library.
Dr. Rothstein said that Mr. W. Lanning, who attended the meeting,
grave considerable assistance during the discussion following the talk. _2r
Professional Staff Building Committees
Mr. Harlow hopes to get the Chairmen of the newly-established committees together shortly.
Dr. Leon Carnovsky will be in Vancouver for the opening of
the Public Library bui3.ding", and it is probable that Mr. L. Helbig,
representative of the Luxfer firm who supplied the steel stack equipment, will also attend.
On Friday morning, November 1, Fir. Walter Koerner, one of
the new members of the University Board of Governors, will visit the
It is expected that the Premier, Mr. Bennett, will be on
the campus on Wednesday, October 30.
Mr. Benjamin J. Pearce, a librarian with the Educational
Information office of UNESCO, visited the Library recently.
Mr. Swets of the Dutch firm of Swets & Zeitlinger, book
dealers with whom the Library has business relations, visited the
campus during the past week.
The President of Tokyo University, Fir. Yanahaira, visited
the University a few days ago.
Mr. Hugo Corstius, representating the book dealer, Martin*-
Nijhoff, will be at the University Library during the coming week.
History of UBC Library
Mr. Harlow is anxious to see this get under way; he
suggested starting with brief resumes of the origin and development
of the several departments of the Library.
Interest in Therapy School
Fliss Fraser said that a professional education committee of
the Health League of Greater Vancouver is sponsoring support for a
School of Therapy at the University. All the health groups in the city
city were given guided tours through the G. F. Strong Rehabilitation
Centre es a move to enlist their interest.
Public Health Libraries
There are a number of small libraries dealing with public
health in Vancouver, and Fliss Fraser has been appointed Chairman of a
committee to consider what should be done about them.  She hopes to
have Fliss Anne Berry of the Vancouver Public Library join the committee.
An informal group of medical librarians in British Columbia
is being organized. Miss Helen Walsh was appointed program thairman.
The group plans to meet quarterly.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m. 2><f
The sympathy of the staff is expressed to Fliss Eleanor Riches
whose father died recently.
Fairburn, William Armstrong. Merchant sail.  Center Lovell,
Me., 1945-55. 6 v. Gift of Fairburn Flarine Educational Foundation.
Ognev, Sergei Ivanovich. Zveri SSSR. Moscow, 1923-50.
7 v.
New Subscriptions: ,
Archivio glottologico italiano
Canadian journal of surgery
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Information and control
International journal of abstracts on statistical methods
in industry
International journal of social psychiatry
Modern transport
Pictorial education
Stockholm studies in educational psychology (exchange)
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Victorian studies
Universities and left review
West African journal of education
Distillation literature.  1946-52, 195-2-54.
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Recent articles on antibiotics and antitubercular diseases
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Personnel.  7th ed., 1955-  St. Louis, Flo.
Association of College and Reference Libraries.  Poole's index date
and volume key, by Flarion V. Bell and Jean C Bacon. ,ACRL
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British Columbia.  Provincial Museum.  Selected list of publications
pertaining to the Indians of British Columbia. Victoria, 1956.
Canada.  The Canada Council, Opening proceedings. Ottawa, May 1957.
OEEC. European productivity agency.  International guide to European
sources of technical information.  Paris, 1957.
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1925-1955; subject and picture locater.  2nd ed.  Corning Public
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