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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Aug 12, 1959

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AUGUST 12,  1959.    No,  198
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia  Library Staff
Present:     NH,  RJL,   AMS,   EBM,   FIAT,   F1L,
Librarian's Office)
and HM (new secretary in
It was noted that the Toronto Public  Library is reprinting
the English Section of The Canadian Catalogue of Books.
During the summer some children (mainly from the Children's
Theatre) came in to the Loan Desk to borrow books. Since we are
not geared to handle persons of this-age, it has been agreed that
it is the policy of the Library not to give service to anyone of
less than university age. The Department of University Extension
concurs in this decision.
Library Identification Cards for Short Course Students
Library cards for students in short courses will hereafter
be issued by the Extension Department, showing the title and
inclusive dates of courses, and they will be honoured by the
Library for the periods indicated.
Last Copies
The Pacific Northwest Bibliographic Center has discontinued
its program of supervising the preservation of last copies of books
in this region, and a number of large libraries have been asked if
they wish to assume part of this responsibility henceforth.
The Librarian expressed the view that we should not agree to accept
and preserve material without exercising our responsibility to
discard items which are not of value to research.
"Hidden Pages"
A letter was received from Isabel FlcTavish, of the Vancouver
Public Library, pointing out that CBC-TV is planning to discontinue
the program, "Hidden Pages" next season. It is suggested that we
write to CBC urging that it be continued since it is not only
attractive to children but encourages them to read.
Annual Report. 1958/59
The Librarian's Annual Report will be due at the November
meeting of the University Senate. Mr, Harlow asked that Division
heads go over the last Annual Report, noting anything that pertains
to their particular aspect of the work, and prepare their report
wit/: these in mind. Their summaries of operations should also
show trends and new developments during the year and comment upon
their plans and problems, Mr. Harlow would like the summaries by
Flid-September. -2-
Budget. 1960/61
The budget making period has been advanced this year from
December to September and the Bursar's office must have the
proposals by September 1st. They ask for (1) Increases in staff,
(2) Increases in supplies and expense, and (3) Capital items.
When requests for increase of staff are made this year,
consideration will have to be given to the new extension and to
subject divisions. Three professional staff to a division would
allow for one librarian at the desk at all times (except about
three hours during the week), for two professionals most of the
time and for two professionals at peak periods. This is in
addition to the non-professional staff. This will mean three or
four new professionals, three Library Assistants and eight clerical
assistants, Budget for student assistants last year was $13,508.
The student rate during 1959/60 will be $1,00 an hour.
Electricity Blackouts
Flashlights should be checked and new batteries ordered.
The Librarian asked that a census of equipment be made by the
Division heads and a report made to the Librarian's office.
Spare flashlights are to be kept in stock. A list outlining
the procedure in case of a blackout will be compiled and posted
in each Division.
The Bindery will be closed for holidays until August 17th.
Alterations are now being made looking toward extending the space
The new Extension Library is in operation, although there
is still a little work to be done on the flooring and a storage
cabinet and counter to be built.
Work is progressing on the new Stock Room and Receiving
Room, which should be completed within two weeks.
Early entrance for the staff will soon be through the last
receiving door and the new Receiving Room. The stack stairs on
Floor 2 will be removed sometime within the coming year to make
a wide passage way.
In the Bindery the wall separating the Bindery and the
Janitor's closet has been removed to make a large quadrangle room.
A wide door is being drilled through the concrete walls, to connect
the new bindery space with the bindery processing area, to be
located in the South end of the old ramp.
Construction is progressing well on the new Library wing. The
excavation is far along and forms are being erected to paur
foundations and walls. -3-
Friends of the Library
The Policy Committee of the Friends met to discuss a more
active program. The Flurray and P'u Pan collections were acquired
last year, and a program is being developed to bring in funds on
a regular annual basis; first, to pay for the Chinese collection
and then to buy additional material for the Library. The present
Committee consists of Mr. Walter Koerner (Chairman), Dr. Wallace
Wilson, Firs. E. T. Rogers, Dr. Dal Grauer, Dr. N. A. M. Mackenzie,
Dean G. C Andrew, and Fir. Neal Harlow. The Committee is being
The Committee met this week with members of the Chinese
community who made an original contribution of $5,000.00 to the
Librarv a number of years ago. Afterwards, they were shown the
new Chinese collection.
The Policy Committee also asked that a statement be prepared
for members covering the acceptance of gifts.
There will be $ meeting of the Friends of the Library in
the fall.
New Publication
A new U.B.C, Botanical Series: No. 1: Biociimatic Zones in
B. C, by V. J. Krajiua.
Cataloguing Division
Mr. W. Kurmey, a summer student assistant in the Cataloguing
Division, has compiled a manual for student assistants for the
He has also made a very handsome and useful chart of the
complete public catalogue showing at a glance how full of cards
each tray is. This will be valuable when the catalogue is moved
next year to the main Concourse.
Study of New Zealand Higher Education
Dean Geoffrey Andrew has been appointed a member of a
Commission of Enquiry on New Zealand Higher Education. He will
be leaving next week for three months. The Commission will
doubtless be concerned with university library facilities, an
extremely important factor because of New Zealand's isolation.
Mr. Harlow discussed some of these problems with Dean Andrew.
Death of Mrs. Leon Koerner
Fir. Harlow mentioned with regret the death of Mrs. Leon
Koerner. The Library has been in receipt of considerable grants
from the Leon & Thea Koerner Foundation.
X 2 -4-
Dr. Kaye Lamb, National Librarian of Canada.
Dr. A. W. Trueman, Director, The Canada Council.
Mr. A. L. Harvey, The Glenbow Foundation, Calgary
Lester and Cora McLennan, Alumni of. Friends of the Library,
Fullerton, Calif.
Mr. Peter Steikl, formerly of U.B.C. Library staff, now
National Research Council Library, Ottawa.
Miss D. Rider, Librarian, University of Alberta, Calgary
Mrs... R.Brigden, Fliss Traff s predecessor in the Librarian's
Miss B» Dawson,  University of Saskatchewan Library.
Fliss Lilian Leversidge, University of Alberta Library.
Mr. Harlow hopes to take holidays next week but may not be
able to do so because the date for the presentation of the budget
request has been advanced,
Firs. Florence Weiberg has been promoted to Senior Library
Assistant in the Catalogue Division
Firsj A. Bertsch has been promoted from Clerk II to Clerk III
in the Curriculum Laboratory,
Fir. Geoffrey Selth as Librarian I in Reference June,22.
Fliss Judy fump aeTClerk I in Catalogue Division, July 1.
Firs. Flary Macaree as Library Assistant in Catalogue
Division July 6,
Firs. Louise Sorensen as Library Assistant in Acquisitions
Division on July 6,
Miss Carolyn Wheatley as Clerk I in Circulation Division
July o""J
Fir. David R. Jones as Library Assistant in Reference
Division July 20.
Mrs. May Gutteridge as Clerk II in Serials Division on
July 20,
Mrs. Csilla Doby-Salamon as Stenographer II in Extension
Library on July 27.
Mrs. Flargaret N. Fukuyama as Secretary II in Reference
Division on August 1.
Fir. Peter" Leslie as Library Assistant in Serials Division
on August 1.
Miss Hilda Maclean as Secretary IV in Librarian's Office
on August 7.
Mrs* Jacqueline DeBionne as Clerk I in Catalogue Division
on August 17.
Mrs. Joan Selby as Librarian I in Catalogue Division on
September 1, -5-
Mrs. Pamela Horner as Stenographer II in Reference Division
on June 11.
Miss Violet Stoochnoff as Clerk II in Serials Division on
July 10.
Miss Shirley Davidner as Stenographer II in Extension
Library on July 14.
Mrs. Marga Lerch as Library Assistant in Serials Division
on July 31.
Mrs. Gwenda Louie as Library Assistant in Biomedical
Division on July 17.
Mrs. Irma Hemstock as Library Assistant in Acquisitions
Division on July 31.
Firs. Hilda Rempel as Clerk I in Acquisitions Division
on August 12.
Mrs. Stella Barnes as Senior Library Assistant in
Circulation Division on August 14.
Mr. Salem Katz as Librarian I in Reference Division on
August 14.
Miss Flarion Christie as Clerk I in Circulation Division
on August 21.
Fliss Yvette Shawn as Clerk I in Circulation Division on
August 21,
Mrs. Flary Kavadias as Library Assistant in Reference
Division on August 28.
Fliss Mora McLean as Librarian I in Reference Division
on August"28.
Firs. Carol Baumgartel as Library Assistant in Catalogue
Division on August 31.
Fliss Margit Leret £'E-:'ftibrary Assistant in Circulation
Division on August 31.
Fliss Shirley Newton as Library Assistant in Biomedical
DivisiorTon August 28.
Miss Edith Campbell as Library Assistant in Reference
Division on September 4.
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francaise. Paris. No. 12, Mars 1958.
GREECE. Ministry of the Prime Flinister's Office.  Direction
general of press division of studies and cultural relations.
Greek bibliography. No. 1. Athens. 1959.
INDIA. Reserve bank.  Committee of direction. All India rural
credit survey. Report in Bombay, 1954.
Contents: I The survey report. Part 1 - Rural Families (1956)
Part 2. Credit Agencies (1957.
II The General Report (1954)
III The technical report (1956) -6-
INDIA. Reserve bank. Report on currency and finance for the
year 1957-58. Bombay, 1958,
JAPAN. National diet library. Branch libraries division.
List of Japanese government publications in European
languages 1945-1955.
SPAIN. Direccion general de archivos y biblioticas. Catalogo
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UNESCO. Educational studies and documents. No. 31. An
international bibliography of technical and vocational
education. Paris, 1959.
Statistical reports and studies. Statistics on
libraries.  Paris, 1959. ST/S/3A.
UNITED NATIONS.  International atomic energy bulletin. No. 1.
April, 1959.


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