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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 20, 1959

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January 20,   1959-       No.  189
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:   NH,   SR,   AMS,   FiML,   RJL,   EBM,   DF,   GGT,   EF.
Mr.  Turner represented the  Catalog Division in the absence of
Mrs.  Turner.
Minutes No.  188
P,  2,   line 6:  "call"  slip should  read "date due"  slip.
Miss  Leith
Miss Anna Leith has written to Fliss Fraser, Dr. Rothstein
and Fir. Harlow thanking them for their courtesy during her investigations of the Biomedical Library.  She had a set of photographs
made of the Branch, of which Miss Fraser has a copy, and the
Librarian asked that they be put eventually into the Archive for
It was also emphasized that copies of bibliographies and
of all other material for distribution by the Library be sent to
the Archive. It was agreed that Serials should collect an archive
set of the accession lists produced by the Biomedical Library
(other copies in the Biomedical Library, Branch, and Reference).
Student Library Cards
Mr. Harlow asked the Loan Division to consider requiring
all persons who borrow books from the Library to show some identification at the time the book is delivered; in the case of students
this will be their student library card. This would not only allow
a check to be made of signatures but would give some recognizable
value to the card itself, which is now lost, misplaced, or loaned
to other students with little care for the consequences.
In order to reduce the current traffic in duplicate cards
(to gain stack access), the Registrar now requires students who
apply for duplicates to fill in a form and to wait one week for
delivery; this will give his staff time to make a proper check of
the student's standing and should also discourage the demand for
duplicates. The Registrar will ask the Board of Governors to
authorize a charge for a duplicate library card, beginning next
year. -2-
Black List
When a student who is on the current "black list" says
he has paid a fine, he should be asked to produce an accounting
office cash register receipt as proof.
Lights Out
In order to assure a regular replacement of fluorescent
tubes, Division Heads should renew the earlier practice of reporting
(in writing) to the Librarian's office on Tuesday morning when the
student assistant reports are handed in. The requests will be
summarized and passed on to Buildings & Grounds.  Stack lights, which
are incandescent globes, are replaced by the janitor.
College Library
Two large batches of books have been ordered for the
College Library, in value amounting to about $13,000. Of the first
batch, 1100 have been received.
The books are being received and sorted in the "ramp", and
the volumes go to the Catalog Division in batches with the daily
truckloads of books. The work is being carried on in whatever time
is available from normal operations. Mr. Turner said that the
Catalog Division is just beginning to receive this material.
The backlog in that department has been very much reduced and the
Slavic material in particular is almost all processed, but the
influx of College Library books will soon tax the space available
and will put a heavy load upon the typists.
Many of the new added copies of books for the College
Library are already in the main collection in earlier editions.
It was agreed that an author entry should be put into the main
catalog for every new edition of a title added.  It was also agreed
as policy that there should normally be in the main collection a
copy of everything in the College Library, and Fliss Mercer was asked
to order both copies at the same time when this is required and to
keep a record of what should be charged to the main Library account.
Extension Library
The Extension Library will be first to move into its new
quarters, and it will occupy a remodeled and widened part of the
Library ramp. Part of the wall between the ramp and stack level 2
will be removed and some of the stack area included in the Extension
Library.  (This will require a reorganization of the duplicate
material on level 2.)  The Extension Library will have a new outside
entrance from the west side of the north wing, separate from the
student entrance and milling area.  This work can begin within the
next two months. -3-
Forestry Papers
Papers written by applicants for membership in the B. C.
Association of Foresters are coming to the Library from the Faculty
of Forestry as agreed.  They number about 20 a year, and there are
now about 150 of them.  They are in fairly sturdy covers and for
the present will not be bound. They have not yet been cataloged and
classified but for the convenience of users they will be shelved in
the Reference stacks in a section near the theses and serviced from
there, pending further processing.
Wesbrook Collection
The University of Manitoba has sent to the Biomedical
Library a collection of papers which belonged to Dr. F. F. Wesbrook,
the first President of the University of British Columbia (and a
graduate in Arts and Medicine at Manitoba). Flany of the papers are
now chiefly of historical interest, but some are of considerable
value and are not otherwise available here. Miss Fraser recommended
that they be kept as a separate collection, making some record of
the more important items.  It was decided for the present that
they be kept in pamphlet boxes, arranged by subject; eventually they
should probably be added to the Archive.
Library Use During Pre-examination Period
The Loan Des, Reserve Book Room, and Reference Division
will take a census of attendance in the main reading rooms at 9:30
p.m, during two weeks, beginning January 26, to ascertain the
comparative use during a "normal" period.
The Information Office has sent Mr. Harlow a number of
clippings from newspapers throughout the Province which printed a
press release concerning the Librarian's Annual Report. It has had
surprisingly wide distribution.
Reference Aids
The Library will order two additional copies of the L.C.
Subject Headings list, one to be placed at the public catalog.
The latter can be mounted on boards and fastened to the narrow
counter opposite the catalog. Some copies of the Edinburgh Subject
and Name Index have been requested.
BCLA Brief to Royal Commission on Education
Dr. Rothstein, Fliss Carruthers and Mr. Walter Lanning
attended Dean Chant's Royal Commission hearings yesterday when the
BCLA brief was before the Commissioners. Most of the questions asked
were general, and some were designed to probe the accuracy and basis
of the claims made.  Careful attention and a fair amount of time were
given to the librarians' statements, and the Commissioners seemed
much interested in the statement that a "lack of concern" rather
than a lack of money is basic to the school library problems in the
Province. -4-
Commission on Tree-fruit Industry
Dean FlacPhee, who recently concluded his work as Royal
Commissioner inquiring into the tree-fruit industry of British
Columbia, has promised to give to the Library some of the background
material used by the Commission.
Librarian's Trip East
Mr. Harlow will leave on Thursday to attend the Midwinter
meeting of the American Library Association in Chicago.  He is a
member of the Committee on Accreditation which will meet all day
Sunday and on Monday next.  He will also attend three meetings of
the ALA Council, of which he is a member (representing BCLA and CLA)
and will make a report as Chairman of a Special ALA Council Committee
on Chapter Alternates. As a candidate for election to the Executive
Board of the ALA, Mr. Harlow has been intied to attend some of the
executive meetings. There will also be a meeting of the ALA/CLA
Liaison Committee, of which he is a member.
The operations and policies of the U. S. Book Exchange are
to be discussed, and Fir. Lanning, Fir. Stuart-Stubbs, and Miss Mercer
have provided Mr. Harlow with information about the relations between
the Exchange and the UBC Library.
On January 30, following the Midwinter meeting, the
Librarian will go to Toronto for'a meeting of the Canadian Library
Association executive.  He will visit the University of Toronto
Library School, and also hopes to visit the Library, partly to
examine its duplicate material and partly to see the substantial
collection of Chinese and Japanese material there. From Toronto he
will go on to Ottawa to discuss matters relating to the NRC Committee on Scientific Information, to visit the CLA office, and the
headquarters of the National Council of Canadian Universities which
is carrying on research in connection with universities in Canada.
He has been asked to speak to the Ottawa Library Association on the
Murray Collection.  In Montreal he. will interview prospective
librarians at the FlcGill Library School and visit some book dealers.
He will return to Vancouver on February 10.
Fliss Fraser to Chicago
Miss Doreen Fraser will attend the Medical Library Association meeting in Chicago late in January and early in February.
It is the Flidwinter Board meeting of the Association, of which
Fliss Fraser is Treasurer.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon. -5-
Firs. Edith Cartwright joined the Circulation Staff on
January 8 as Clerk I.
Mr . Wilma Ross has been appointed Clerk I in the Acquisitions
Division, beginning on January 19-
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photogrammetry and aerial mapping, a bibliography, 1387-1955,
by Stephen H. Spurr. Ann Arbor, Mich,, Blay 1956.
UNITED STATES. National Science Foundation. Office of scientific
information.  Providing U. S. scientists with Soviet scientific
information. August, 1958.


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