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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 12, 1953

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 No. 38
TUESDAY, MAY 12, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr, Harlow, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer, Miss Alldritt,
Mr, Lanning, Miss Fugler,
Miss Jefferd was away on holiday.
This leaflet is to be revised for republication before the fall term,
and Mr, Harlow asked the Division Heads to give it consideration,- It should
perhaps be kept about the same size, but should be considered in relation to what
needs to be saidj if present space is inadequate, a different format might be
adopted. Mr, Harlow believes that it should describe only the basic procedures
and services and not become complicated with detail. Faculty and student needs
for more detailed information, (e.g., an annotated list of the reference tools
useful to students in the Department of English) should be met by separate
compilations of suitable length. The Division Heads were requested to write down
suggestions relating to their division.
The new plan to have books made returnable twice a week will go into
effect as soon as possible. The days for return are to be Tuesday and Friday,
Mr, Harlow reported that the Library has recently received two
substantial gifts: one from Dr. H, R. MacMillan, a collection of 150 of the
possible 200 volumes which form a complete set of the publications of the
Hakluyt Society, begun in 1847. Dr. MacMillan and the Library are attempting to
fill the gaps, and a subscription is being entered to ensure that future numbers
are received as published. This is a very valuable acquisition, and one the
Library has long needed. It will be housed in the Howay-Reid Room,
The second gift is from Dr. G. B. Salmond of Surbiton, Surrey, England,
and comprises several hundred most interesting works on Mary, Queen of Scots,
collected by Mrs. Salmond during her lifetime. It came to us through the
mediation of Dr. D. E, H, Cleveland of Vancouver. Some of the material dates back
to the sixteenth century and there are many beautiful bound volumes in the
collection. A second part of Dr. Salmond*s gift will be a collection of the
Scottish Tract Society publications, which Dr. Salmond will forward to the
University Library when the set has been completed.
The Librarian will prepare publicity for both the MacMillan and Salmond
The Library has recently bought the Monografias Bibliograficas Mexicanas,
in 31 bound volumes. This is a scarce set in complete form, and was issued by the
Mexican Government between 1925 and 1935. It includes bibliographies of the -2-
Mexican states, and of individual Mexican writers and other subjects. It is a
useful and important work.
The Librarian has written to Washington to ask whether the USEE will
accept our surplus government publications. If the Library sends a contribution
to the Book Exchange it automatically becomes a member and may select materials
from its exchange list.
On the last count there were 166 faculty members who still had some
books outstanding. Miss Smith reported many books from the Fine Arts room still
not accounted for. The Circulation Division will prepare lists of books still
outstanding, and the Librarian will attach, a "Second Notice" statement before
sending them to borrowers. Miss Lanning added that the Social Work section is on
the whole in much better condition than it was last year, the Sociology section
currently being the worst,
A member of faculty recently suggested that library staff should go to
the departments to check the books, instead of asking faculty and staff to bring
them to the Library, (This is apparently done at the University of Uppsale,
Sweden.) There seem to be several reasons for not adopting this procedure: there
are 45 to 50 departments and to visit all of them would require many weeks of the
Loan Desk staff timej there is no assurance that faculty members would bring books
to the departments any more than they do to the Library, and it is not clear how
subsequent checks could be made. It was generally believed that the proposal is
not feasible,
Inventory is under way, and books are being shifted to relieve overcrowding in certain sections. Miss Smith inquired about additional shelving for
Fine Arts material, and it may be that some sets may need to be transferred to
the stacks,
Miss Mercer reported that her Division is asking for reports on orders
which have been outstanding less than two years. When this job is done, the
cancellation of old orders will be completed.
Printed information.about both of these publications is abroad in the
Library somewhere, and Mr, Harlow asks the Division Heads to return It to him with
comments so that orders can be placed. The relative needs of the various departments
for copies was considered, with a view to limiting the number of subscriptions
required. Mr, Harlow will meet the Division Heads concerned and reach a decision
in this matter within a few days,
Reference has reported that five persons wish to see the Bindery, with
two from Acquisitions and three from the Catalogue Division. -3-
It has been ascertained that prospective employees of the University are
given certain general information when they are interviewed by the Personnel Office
staff, about sick leave, holidays, Medical Services Association membership, the
daily break period, Income Tax and Hospitalization requirements, notice of
termination of employment. The Division Heads are responsible for explaining the
schedule of hours, since these vary from one department to another, the reporting
of absences, and the planning of holidays. It was decided that new staff should be
reminded, when they come to the Librarian's office on their first day of work, of
the general regulations pertaining to sick leave and holidays, of. the basic 5 1/2 •
day work week, the probationary period Of six months for non-professional and one
year for professional staff, and the time and place to obtain monthly pay checks,,
If any staff member is proving unsatisfactory- in his job, the matter should be
discussed with him in detail at intervals, and if the difficulty continues it should
be referred to the Librarian,
The library is having a bell system installed to help clear the Stacks and
reading rooms before closing time. There will be three in the stacks, on levels 2,
4, and 6, one at the Loan Desk, one in Reserve, and one in Reference, with the
control switch for all at the Loan Desk. The first signal should be given 15 minute;
before closing time, an intermittent ringing, followed at 5 minutes before closing
by a longer ring, and at the closing time by a ring of about 1/2 minute duration.
During the period in which the Reserve Book workrdea is not manned, the
doors from the corridor into the workroom should be closed except when in actual
use. They should not be left propped open, since this is a stack entrance^, intended
only for Library staff use. The Loan Desk staff are to turn on the lights in the
big display case when they arrive in the morning and switch them off when they
leave at the end of the day,
A portable ramp has been provided to facilitate the movement of book
trucks from level 1 to the Bindery, It will overcome the necessity of loading and
unloading trucks and should improve the situation somewhat.
The spring theses will be sent to the Bindery immediately after Congregation next week, and it is expected that they will be bound, catalogued, and made
generally available within three of four weeks,
This will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Staff who wish
to attend one day or the other may do so by arrangement with their Division Head,
only bearing in mind the necessity to keep the library operating as usual. There
was some discussion regarding the desirability of keeping the Library building open
until 6 p.m. on those days to permit visitors to see it. No decision was reached,
and Mr, Harlow will consider the matter further. -4-
The meeting adjourned at 12:20 noon.
Mrs. Margaret Little (nee Howieson) has returned to Vancouver and she wiH
join the Library staff as Senior Librarian in the Catalogue Division on June 1,
Miss Priscilia Scott from the University of Toronto Library School and
Miss Dorothy Khowles from McGill will begin work as Junior Librarians in the
Reference Division on July 2,
Mr, Walter Raff is leaving the service of the Library on May 15,
Mr, Dennis Dyer, the janitor of the Library for several years, has been
transferred to the University's medical establishment at the Vancouver General
Hospital, and ^r, Taylor is taking his place here, Mr, Dyer has given generous and
conscientious service during his term in the University Library, and the whole staff
regrets his leaving.


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