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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 29, 1955

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Array No. 96
TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1955, at 10 a.m.
Present:    Mr. Harlow, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Lanning, FUss Smith,
Miss Mercer, Miss Alldritt, Miss Rutherford,
Miss Fugler,
Miss Dwyer attended for the discussion on "Industrial
Page 3j para. 1: add "pamphlets" to list of items to be
mentioned in notice at the public catalogue.
Fir. Lanning and Miss Colley are not yet sufficiently
recovered to return to the Library.
Mr, Grossman gave a most interesting talk to about
eighteen members of the library staff last Tuesday. He discussed
the proposed new Vancouver Public Library building and the services
it is expected to make possible. Tea was served at the meeting,
and it proved a very pleasant occasion. Mr. Harlow remarked that
it is well for us to know what is going on in the public library.
With but one more day remaining in the 1954/55 fiscal
year, it is evident that the Library has come exceedingly close to
expending the whole of its budgeted funds.
The new photographic equipment has been demonstrated and
will be put into use as the need arises. A schedule of charges
will need to be worked out for interlibrary loan and other uses.
The Library has on trial a small duplicating machine
designed to handle cards. If it is satisfactory, it will be much
easier to operate than the Mimeograph machine now in use, and it
may eventually be possible to have the whole card process handled
in the Catalogue Division.
Sometimes there are several places in the L.C. classification scheme where a specific book may be classified. This may
depend upon the approach to a subject which the author takes.
"Industrial Design" may be approached from several points of view,
and in a general discussion of this part of the schedule some of
the problems of classification were aired. The Library of Congress 2 /f
classifies "Industrial Design" in TS 149 (Technology) and also in N
(Art), treating it either as an applied science or as art applied
to industry (actually providing two places in N, in a general
section and under decoration and ornament).  It appears that the
Library of Congress has not been consistent in selecting classification numbers for items catalogued and we have consequently-
scattered works which are essentially in the same area in different
classifications.  The distinctions, sometimes difficult to establish,
between art applied to industry, art applied to handicrafts, and
industrial "design," meaning mechanical design, must be observed.
It was agreed that books dealing with industrial design as
mechanics should go into the Technology section, TS 149; those
dealing with art applied to industry should go into NK1105.  Books
belonging precisely within a limited area of the subject for which
there is a separate classification will go into their designated
places. Fliss Alldritt will transfer four titles now in NK1510 to
NK1105, and will report at next week's meeting. Fliss Dwyer and
Miss Alldritt were asked to define the type of material that should
go into the N subdivision.
The routines to be handled by the multiple forms and the
design of the forms have been discussed by Mr. Rothstein and
Fliss Mercer with Mr. Mills of R. L. Crain Ltd. and a tentative
design has been drawn up. Fliss Fiercer has sent a cop3>- of the
proposed L.C. card order form to the Library of Congress, since their
approval is required before we can use it for the intended purpose.
Mr. Rothstein explained that with correlated, order forms which can
be produced on the electric typewriter, nine good copies should be
available for the following purposes:
1. Original purchase order - goes to book dealer.
2. Vendor's report form - goes with No. 1; dealer instructed
to return it either with the book or as a report about availability.
3. File cop3' - use will be the same as that of present order
card.  It goes with the book when the latter arrives and becomes
the accession card.
4- Catalogue receipt file copy - records what is in Cataloguing
Division and what is not in Acquisitions.
5- Will serve as advance notification to faculty.
6. Budget control card - an experiment which may, if it is
successful, replace the present system of entering author, title,
etc. in a ledger. The slip will, be pulled from the file when the
book comes and be placed in a "fund" file.
7. Order card for L. C. cards.
8. Order number copy - will be filed by number; is needed in
case dealer does not use our report form (No. 2), and serves to
identify incoming books.
9. Claim slip for claiming items which have not been received.
Nos. 8 and 9 will be filed together; claiming can be done from the
order number file, eliminating the flag system now in use. The
order file will be chronological in arrangement. 3 &>
Mr. Rothstein added that the unit card as now designed
can be adapted for other uses if the working out of the planned
routines should require them.  The forms themselves will cost more
money, but the saving in time will be great.  It appears that some
time will be saved for each member of the Acquisitions staff.
The method will also ensure identical entries in, all files.
Mr. LeFIarquand is much interested in the Library's planned
use of the multiple forms and wishes to see it in operation.
Fliss Smith reported that the Reference collection of
annual- reports had been transferred to Serials several years ago and
that there are no library reports in the Reference Division now.
Mr. Rothstein has compiled a tentative list of libraries
from which we might try to collect such reports, including the chief
university and public libraries of Canada, the United States, and
the United Kingdom.  Since the list is probabl}/- too comprehensive,
it was agreed that Fliss Smith should reviextf it with Mr. Rothstein
and that the}/ should report at the next meeting.  The annual reports
will be received and checked in by the Serials Division, and they
will be bound and catalogued.  It was noted that some library reports
are published as part of more comprehensive publications; e.g.,
the President's report of the University of Toronto includes the
Librarian's report.
Fliss Rutherford listed about thirty titles which are now
received in exchange for the BCLA Bulletin.
A staff committee has been working on a manual intended
primarily for the information of new employees of the Library.
Draft copies will be made available for checking and further
suggestions. Fir. Harlow asked readers to bear in mind that the
manual is supposed to be general in scope and brief.
Mr. Harlow is a member of this Committee and would be glad
to receive suggestions for nominations from any members of the
library staff who are also ALA members.
Both BCLA and CLA are including discussions of National
Library services in their conference programs this year.  The BCLA
program will include a four-member panel composed of Miss Alldritt,
Fliss Jean Sargent, Fir. Peter Grossman, and Fir. Jim F'litchell, with
Fir. Rothstein as chairman. Fir. Grossman is a member of the National
Library Association Council and should represent the point of view
of the National Library.
In the National Library Act the functions and services of 4 *
the Library are described in general terms, so that there are no
apparent legal restrictions to be considered.
Canadiana. Fliss Mercer suggested that some improvements
in Canadiana were needed, and the following were discussed:
1. It is not sufficiently up to date.
2. Only one annual cumulation has been produced; these should
come out regularly and promptly.
3. The monthly indexes should be cumulated.
4. It is not comprehensive enough; should list maps and films.
Miss Smith mentioned radio scripts; many Canadian writers are working
chiefly in this medium.  The coverage of Canadian material published
outside of Canada is doubtful.
It was noted that the National Library only publishes the
information it can get; there may be poor cooperation on the part
of publishers in supplying copies of publications under the cop3>--
right act, and it is not safe to list material which is not seen.
Canadian librarians will have to assist in reporting local publications if the list is to be reasonably complete. Fliss Smith would
like to have municipal publications added to the present federal
and provincial ones.
5. The headings are not clear, and poor format makes for
difficulty in use.
6. Repetition of entries; full entry is made for each item and
is not necessary.
Union Catalogue. Will the National Library publish the
union catalogue it is compiling? It was believed that the cost of
printing it would be prohibitive, but that it might be secured on
microfilm. The needs of the Cataloguing Division will be satisfied
by improved entries in Canadiana.
Exchange Centre.  It would be desirable to.have the
National LiFraryaistribute Canadian and foreign government documents to Canadian libraries.
Interlibrary Loans.  Should it forward interlibrary loan
requests directly to holding libraries instead of returning them
with information to the borrowing library? Fliss Smith was not sure
this would be advantageous.
Subject Bibliographies.  Services in connection with
subject bibliographies would be "useful.
Classification for Canadiana.  An expansion of the
L. C. classification schedule for Canadiana would be very useful
and should perhaps be done in the National Library.
National Library services will be discussed further at
the next meeting. 5 £3-
Mr. Rogers, Assistant Librarian of the University of
New Brunswick, will arrive in Vancouver on Flay 25 and stay through
June 9, spending most of his time in the University Library.
Mr. Harlow would like to have him spend some time, as he himself
sees fit, in Acquisitions first, then in Cataloguing, Serials,
Reference, and Circulation.  He should probably learn what we consider we are trying to do, what materials we handle, the kind of
records we keep, the services we offer, and about such special
aspects of our work as the handling of interlibrary loans, government and U.N. publications, the map collection, etc. He should
have time to browse in the reference collection and perhaps in the
stacks in order to inspect the book stock. He should spend his
time observing and informing himself about our operations and not be
expected to carry on any actual operations. We can perhaps profit
from comments he may be able to make. When he leaves Vancouver
Mr. Rogers will spend several days each at the Universities of
Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba and will attend the CLA conference in Saskatoon.
If the reading rooms become congested as examinations
approach, Room 852 may be made available to students on the days
when it is not assigned for other purposes.
Now that the Campus Cupboard is open at night until
examinations are over, student assistants in the Library will be
expected to go there and not to use the staff rooms during break
The master key at the Loan Desk is so generally used that
it is difficult to keep control of it. Fliss Lanning said that she
would gladly relinquish it if she could be supplied with a key that
would open the stack doors.  She will find out what doors the
present keys will open and report to Mr. Harlow.
During the Easter period the week commencing Monday,
April 4, will be a 28 hour work week, and that commencing on Monday,
April 11 (a holiday) will be a 31 hour work week.  Division Heads
may consider the 59 hours as a unit if they wish, to simplify
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 noon.
Mrs. Doreen Alston is resigning from her position in the
Reference Division on April 30.  She has been on the staff for four
years and will be very greatly missed.
Miss Enid Dearing is leaving her position in the Serials
Division on May 15 in order to spend some time abroad and she will be
replaced by Firs. Colleen Murphy on April 18, who is returning to that


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