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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 1, 1956

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Array OV
May 1,  1956. Wo.  128
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to Universit3r of British Columbia Library Staff.
Present: NH, SR, MML, RJL, EBM, MA, JO'R, EF.
Meeting of Senate Library Committee
The Library Committee met on April 30 to discuss (1) the
report by the Librarian upon the expenditure of book funds during
1955/56 and (2) to allocate a portion of the 1956/57 book fund
among the subject departments. The expenditure of one half the
"Committee Fund" upon research materials was also authorized during
the meeting. The use of the Committee Fund gives the faculty
representatives an opportunity to consider and make decisions about
the expenditure of book money in the face of heavy University-wide
demands, and they have come to accept the responsibility and to
evaluate the requests and needs carefully.
1956/57 Budget
The budgeted item for book funds this year is about
$5,000 more than last year.  The total expenditure for books,
periodicals, and binding was about $140,000, higher than for any
previous year. A new account for government publications has been
set up, chiefly in order to begin a record of expenditure for this
Allocations to the teaching departments were reviewed,
and overspending by some departments and underspending by others
commented upon. Dr. Rothstein had mentioned to the Library
Committee that underspending might be due to other causes than
lack of interest in ordering material, and that an increase in the
allocated funds might be more stimulating to lagging departments
than making a reduction.
The annual check of the book stock has begun, and a
good deal of material is being returned by the delivery service.
The Agriculture and Biology & Botany reading-rooms have been
checked, and Reference has begun to review the collections for
which the3r are responsible.
Delivery Service
The Library Committee expressed its satisfaction with
the new campus delivery and pick-up service, and asked that the
Director of the Summer Session speak about it at the first faculty
meeting. With the aid of Fir. Leroy, the truck driver (who has
been very helpful), Acquisitions has established about 40 official
stations on the campus. *° /
Telephone Messages for Students
In general, persons asking to call students in the
Library to the telephone should be informed that we do not have
paging facilities. If a genuine emergency is involved the Library
will cooperate as far as possible, .and the name of the student
should be forwarded to the Loan Desk, but in other cases it should
be politely explained to the caller that we cannot undertake to
get messages to students.
Routing Slips!
A form has been adopted and will be mimeographed in
Routing Slips and Paper Clips
When a note or routing slip is clipped to a periodical it
should be fastened to the cover only, (1) to avoid tearing the
pages, and (2) to save the next reader from having to do the job
again. What the world needs is a good 1-page paper clip, and we
are about to petition the Research Council to produce one.
To paper clip a routing slip,
■Take this tip.
Do not chance the page to rip
Or fix it so it will not flip-
Allow the clio a 1-page nip;
... a V" I ?x
(x Very  Important Principle)
Government Publications
The Serials Division is preparing a list of government
publications received there as part of the inventory of its division,
Professional Staff
Mr. Harlow inquired whether it would be desirable and
practicable to call together the professional staff at regular
intervals to discuss matters of policy and procedure, in much the
same way as is now done by the Division Heads.  Such meetings would
be official, would be held in library time, and would give more
staff members an immediate opportunity to take part in discussions
affecting the whole organization and to be better informed about its
inside workings. The proposal seemed a useful one, and its practicability will be investigated.
Northwest College Librarians Conference
This group will meet on May 19 at the Western Washington
College of Education in Bellingham and Dr. Rothstein will be one of
two speakers at the morning session. Fir. Harlow urged an3rone
interested to try to attend. 0
British Columbia Library Association ■
The' BCLA annual meeting will be held at Qualicum Inn next
weekend, starting on Sunday, Flay 6 and continuing through Flonday
afternoon. Boats for the return to Vancouver leave Nanaimo at
3, 9 and 10 p.m. The following members of the Library staff plan to
Fir. Harlow, Dr. Rothstein, Fliss Smith, Miss Alldritt,
Fliss Fiercer, Fliss Scott, Fir. Bell, Fliss Taylor, Miss Dwyer,
Fliss O'Rourke, Mr. Lanning, Miss Rutherford, Firs. Flurplry.
Some important matters, and certainly some very debatable ones, are
coming up for discussion.
Information for Staff Records
All members of the Library staff are requested to send to
the office the address and telephone number of next of kin. The
Librarian's office may need such information if an emergency arises*
Severance Notices
Severance notices for all student assistants must be sent
to the Personnel office.  The employing divisions will prepare the
forms and send them to Miss Fugler.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
Several new members have joined the Library staff within
the last few days:
Fir. Basil Stuart-Stubbs as Librarian II (Cataloguing),
Miss Jean Flore as Clerk I (Cataloguing), liiss Flaureen Q'Sh.ay as
Clerk I for the summer only (Cataloguing); Mrs. Gretl Fische'r as
Library Assistant in Reference; Miss Lois Ramsey as Clerk I "["Circulation, and Mrs. Patricia Habee as~~CTerk I in Acquisitions.
Fir. George Imeson vail replace Mr. George Frajkor whose
resignation takes effect on May 12, as Receiving Clerk in Acquisitions,
an<3 Mrs. Yvonne Forsythe will transfer from the Extension Library to
fill" the vacancy left by Firs, Greenwood's resignation. Firs. Flo
Weinberg will join the Catalogue Division on May 15 as Clerk I for
the summer only.
Akademija umiejetnosci, Krakow.  Polsk slownik biograficzny. Krakow,
Nakl. Polskiej akademji umiejetnosci,, 1935-
Leclerq, Henri.  Histoire du declin de la chute de la Monarch!e
francaise.  Paris, 1921-38.  10 v. /of
New subscriptions:
Journal ftlr praktische chemie
Revista hisnanica moderna
Bibliographie der fremdsprachigen zeitschrift enliteratur
Nigerian publications
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.  Jjpurnal
AATSEEL Journal (American Association of Teachers of Slavic
and East European. Languages).
Societe Entomologique de France. Annales
'   Revista hispanica moderna.    v.1-20,   1934-1954.
Latomus. v.1-11 #3, 1937-1952.
Zeitschrift fur deutsche Philologie. v.2, 1870, v.4-22, 1373-
Species lupinorum (Dudley Herbarium).  $1-44, 1933-1953-
Romania, v.42-59, 1913-1933-
New York Times, (Microfilm). 1951-52.
Philosophische Vortrage der Kant-gesellschaft. #1-3, 5-23, 25-23,
30-31, 337~I912-1934-
MORISON, C. K,  "Library Extension in British Columbia. Canada,"
Unesco Bulletin for Libraries, X (Feb./FIar., 1956) 31-33*
The regional cooperative scheme (Prince George branch) of the
Public Library Commission—another B. C, pioneering venture in
library extension.
EATON, Thelma.  "Professional Inertia." Library Journal, 81
(April 15, 1956), 359-62.
Librarianship has strong claims to professional status but
..we »librarians have failed, because of our own inertia, to
achieve it.  A hard-hitting article.
The Librarian's paper delivered at the Los Angeles meeting of the
•Bibliographical Society of America, "The Well-Tempered Bibliographer," appeared in the Papers of the Society, First Quarter
1956, p. 28-39.  Jacob Zeitlin, a book dealer not unknown in
these parts, also will be found in the table of contents.


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