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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jan 16, 1951

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JANUARY 16,   1951,  at 9:30 a.m.
Present: Dr. Dunlap, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Stewart, Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
Dr. Dunlap said that this morning's meeting had been
called to consider the new arrangements about mail. Instead of
two deposits of mail daily in the sub post office there will be
only one. The collection in the Library will be at 2:20 p.m.,
and all mail to go out should be ready for pick up at that time.
Parcels or letters requiring registration will henceforth have to
be taken to the campus post office to be registered.  It is
planned to convert Mr. tanning's old office on Floor 2 into a
mail room with a proper table for sorting the mail. Mr. De Brunner
will spend his time there except when he is wrapping parcels for
the Extension Library or delivering material to other parts of the
It was agreed that first class mail of importance, which
is ordinarily dealt with promptly, will continue to have priority.
It was also recognized that it might not be possible to wrap
parcels in the Reference Division and Extension Library early
enough In the day to get into the post the items requested that
day. The few exceptions requiring immediate attention will
continue to have prompt treatment. Miss Stewart pointed out that
the Extension Library used to have a student assistant to do the
wrapping and to hold the fort when either she or Miss Sayce was
absent. Without this third person, the one on duty is without
relief and unable to leave the office. Dr. Dunlap said he had
not been aware of the use of a student assistant in the Extension
Library for these purposes, and he did not believe that one could
be made available now. The budget for 1951-52 did not include
such an assistant and he did not believe it likely that any
expansion in the estimates would receive consideration.
Miss Smith remarked that the original intention in creating the
position occupied by Mr. De Brunner was that it would be for a
messenger who would fetch and carry across the campus. Dr. Dunlap
said he would prefer to have Mr. De Brunner definitely located in
one place, otherwise it is difficult to get in touch with him.
Miss Stewart asked if she could have a student assistant
to do the wrapping for the Extension Library as she had formerly,
but Dr. Dunlap replied that since the budget did not include a
request for a student assistant for that purpose one could not be
added now.
Miss Smith said that the registered mail, much of which
is interlibrary loan parcels, would often be more than one person
could carry in one load to the post office.  It was suggested that
a mail sack would hold everything, and that normally it would be
feasible for Mr. De Brunner to carry everything in one load*
Unusual circumstances might require him to make two trips, and
in such cases the extra trip would have to be made.
The first class mail at present is scattered in six or
seven sacks and some time is required to sort it out from the
other material. Mr. Lanning suggested that a request be made to
have the Library's first-class mail sorted into one bag, and this could be dealt with first each morning, thus saving considerable
time in getting letters and requests to the divisions which have to
deal with them. It was agreed that this would be an excellent
arrangement, and Dr. Dunlap requested Mr. Rothstein to discuss the
matter with the proper persons.  The present procedure is to
segregate the first-class mail and send it to the Librarian's office
where it is opened, stamped, and delivered to the divisions.
Dealers' catalogues and similar material is delivered to the
Acquisitions Division and handled there. Mail for the Extension Library
is sent direct to Miss Stewart.  Other material addressed to the
divisions is taken to the addressees by Mr. De Brunner. Books have
to be checked against customs cards and invoices, and this requires
more time. The divisions prefer to have parcels delivered to them
with the wrappings untouched because often the wrapper is a source
of useful information. For the present, outgoing mail will be
stamped in the division sending it. Mr. De Brunner will pick up
mail throughout the Library at 1:30 p.m. daily.  At the end of the
afternoon he will carry items to be registered to the campus post
office. Anything not dealt with one day should be given first
attention on the following morning.  A rough schedule has been
worked out as follows: 9 to 11 a.m. - sorting and delivering mail,
opening book parcels for Acquisitions, dealing with work left over
from the preceding day; 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Extension Library;
2-3 p.m., Reference Division.  After 3:15 p.m. Mr. De Brunner
will be available for campus deliveries and other duties, or for
completing work not finished during the morning. After general
discussion it was agreed that Mr. Rothstein should draw up a tentative
schedule for Mr. De Brunner's work. After this has been put into
practice it may be possible to improve the arrangement and further
consideration can be given to the problem.
The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


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