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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 15, 1957

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Array 19
October 15,  1957.    No. 161
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH,  SR,  AMS,  MML,   RJL,  EBM,  MAA,  DF,  EF,
Visit to New Public Library Building Cancelled
Because Mr. Robinson will be absent from the city, the
visit scheduled for Saturday, October 19, has been cancelled.
A special view for members of the BCLA will be made possible on
Sunday, November 17, at 2 p.m., when they will be entertained with
a tour and afternoon tea there.
Pacific Northwest Regional Group, Medical Library Association
The session of this meeting to be held in Room 852 in
the Library at 3 p.m. on Saturday, October 19, will be open to
anyone interested. Dr. Sydney Friedman will talk on medical
library services, "provocatively," he promises.
Professional Staff Committees on Building Program
Most of the librarians have indicated their preference
for one or other of the five committees Mr, Harlow is setting up.
Others have been assigned tentatively to one of the groups, but
staff may transfer to another if they wish.
A. Committee to Study Faults in Existing Facilities.
Chairman, Fir. Stuart-Stubbs; members: Miss Scott,
Mrs. Little, Miss Vogel, Mr. Johnson.
B. Committee to Study Needs of Undergraduate Students.
Chairman, Mr. Bell; members: Miss Dobbin, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mrs. McAlpine.
C. Committee to Study Needs of Faculty and Graduate Students.
Chairman', Miss O'Rourke; members: Mrs. Brearley,
Miss Fraser, Mrs. Reeves, Mr. Lanning.
D. Committee to Study Library Staff Needs.
Chairman, Mrs. Dore; members: Miss Chamberlain,
Mrs. Adams, Miss Alldritt.
E. Committee to Study Needs in Relation to Handling
Special Library Materials"!
Chairman, Mr. Turner; members: Miss Mackenzie,
Miss Dwyer, Miss Stewart. CM
Mr. Harlow, Miss Smith and Dr. Rothstein may serve as consultants
to any committee.
The work of the Committees was briefly outlined.
A. Faults in Existing Facilities. To recognize the problems
and difficulties resulting from physical arrangements in the present
building which can be avoided in the addition, plus the possibility
of making changes in existing arrangements when new area is available. Such matters as these need to be looked at very carefully:
convenience of access, traffic routes, large or small reading
rooms, accommodation for staff, control of collections, location
of public catalogs, lighting, intercommunication, noise, coat
space, typing, etc.
B. Needs of Undergraduates.  Size of undergraduate group,
space per student, services students may expect, access to undergraduate library in relation to the rest of the campus, size and
type of collection, loan periods, needs of pass students vs. honours
B.A., engineering students and others, relation to other divisions
of Library, The experience of other similar libraries should
perhaps be investigated.
C Faculty and Graduate Students. Are specialized services
and facilities desirable for these groups?  (At present there are
general facilities for most groups which we try to adapt to
specialized needs.) What are the needs: reading rooms, private
study areas, divisional reading and reference services, placement
of reference materials and reading areas in relation to bookstack.
D. Library Staff Needs. Location and use of staff rooms,
cloak rooms, work space, and other requirements.
E. Special Library Materials. What kind of materials must
be considered, e.g., Howay-Reid Collection, rare books, manuscripts,
University archive, recordings, microreproductions, music, maps,
unbound newspapers, etc; and what kind of special handling?
Dr. Rothstein will work on the question of space needed
for a Library School, and Miss Smith should consider the question
of continuing library instruction as enrollment increases.
The Librarian would like to meet briefly with each
Committee chairman.
Public Library Service for University Area
An effort is being made by interested residents of the
University area to have public library service made available
there. It is felt that service by the Vancouver Public Library
system is preferable to a separate local operation. The assistance
of several organizations now existing in the area for other purposes could be enlisted, and a number of suggestions were made. Meeting of Senate Library Committee
The autumn meeting of the Senate Library Committee, which
will be held within a few weeks, will consider two proposals:
(1) that the loan period for bound journals be reduced to 1 week
from the present 1-month period; (2) that bound journals be arranged
alphabetically in the stack.  The medical group are most interested
in this proposal and it was considered whether journals in the Q's
and W's might be so arranged. Such a change would probably involve
extensive reclassification. Bound journals might be alphabetically
arranged at the beginning of their respective classifications.
Dr. Rothstein asked whether an alphabetical guide to the stacks
would not meet the need, but most users are not satisfied with this
arrangement. Likewise they would of course like to have the sets
concentrated so that they are not, as now, spread over four levels.
Miss Fraser also inquired whether publication dates for
books as well as journals might not be added to the call numbers
in every case, and there was general agreement that this would be
useful. Miss Alldritt will consider what is involved for her department and give an opinion at a later meeting.
Checking in Stacks
Mr. Harlow asked whether anyone had noticed students eating in the stack. Miss Lanning thought this would not become a
problem until bad weather forces the students indoors.
The space for briefcases at the stack entry has proven
to be inadequate, and many cases are left on  the floor adjacent to
the shelves.
Reference Sets Out of Call Number Order
Referring to the Minutes of an earlier meeting, Mr. Harlow
asked whether notation had yet been made in the public catalogue
to indicate when indexes, abstracts, etc., are not kept in.their
normal place in the classification scheme but are housed for reference use in the Ridington Room or elsewhere. Miss Alldritt and
Miss Smith will try to have the most obvious sets taken care of.
The shelves in the Ridington Room are to be numbered and a list of
indexes etc, posted there, giving their location on the shelves.
Registration Theses of B. C. Foresters
These theses, which are not actually prepared for the University but are produced largely by former University students,
are now kept in the Faculty of Forestry, and Professor Knapp has
asked whether the Library will accept and service them (except those
produced in the last 5 years, which will remain in Forestry). They
are in the main surveys of forest areas and are probably unique
studies. Some off-campus use may be involved. It was agreed that
the material might be very useful and further inquiries will be made. Checking Items in Journals
There is a serious problem in getting requisitions typed
from checked lists of publications found in current journals,
bibliographies, etc.  Since most current material in standard book
form is checked regularly in Publishers' Weekly, BNB, Canadiana,
etc., Dr. Rothstein suggested that little is gained by having staff
check most titles in most current British and American journals.
He recommended that the Reference staff concentrate on specialized
material, booksellers' catalogues, subject bibliographies and foreign
language lists. This would eliminate much duplication of effort
and be more productive. Whenever possible, the checking department
should send typed requisitions to Acquisitions.
Gift of Men's Canadian Club of Vancouver
A list of books purchased for the Library with funds
donated by the Men's Canadian Club of Vancouver has been mimeographed
at Dean Eagles'- request and copies will be given to him for distribution to the Executive of the Club.
Book Trucks
It is recommended that the heavy book trucks which are very
hard to lift in and out of the elevator should remain on floor 3.
They are extremely awkward to move from floor to floor and to and
from the Bindery.
University Archive
Catalogued material in the University Archive, formerly
kept in the Librarian's office, has been moved to Room 750. Use of
these books is to be restricted to the Library building and the
Loan Desk will phone the Librarian's office when material is wanted,
but users will wait for it at the Loan Desk. The shelf list should
be marked "University Archive".
Death of Mr. Frank Milne
Fir. Harlow and Mr. Fryer attended the funeral of Fir. Francis
Milne last Friday. Mr. Milne was for many years Secretary of the
Vancouver local of the Bookbinders' Union, was the first binder at
the Public Library, and is well known to many librarians in the area.
Mr. Harlow said that Mr. Milne was instrumental in bringing Mr. Fryer
to the University Library, a service for which he is still very
Mr. Harlow met Mr. and Mrs. E. Newton at lunch recently.
Mr. Newton is en route to Ottawa from Tokyo where he has been in the
Canadian Embassy for the past three years. He agreed to try to iron
out some of the problems of establishing an exchange of Canadian
Government publications with the Japanese government when he gets to
Ottawa. (Incidentally, he reported that our "Asian" flu is known in
Japan as "American" flu'.) 2.
CU News, the University of California staff news sheet,
notes that Mr. Noel Owens visited the Bancroft Library recently.
Addition to Map Collection
Mr. John Bovey, a student at the University, presented to
the Library a 1915 rolled map of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway
which was being discarded by its owners.  It is a very useful
addition to the collection of historical maps of the province.
History of the UBC Library
In the spirit of the B. C Centennial, an effort is being
made to prepare a history of the UBC Library. Miss Jefferd, who was
a member of the Library staff from 1915 until June, 1957, has made
two visits to the Library recently to refresh her memory about the
early days, and it is hoped that some information will come out of
this. Miss Mercer was asked to act as Chairman of a "History Committee" to organize the collection of information, working especially
with Miss Hearsey, Miss Lanning, Miss Smith, and Mr. Lanning, and
with any others whose recollections of events during a long term of
service might be helpful. Mr. Harlow suggested that each person
might begin by writing briefly an account of his own Division or
work and in some instances these could be read and amplified by
others. Fir. Selman of the Extension Department is preparing a
history of that part of the University and, of course, Col. Logan
and Dr. Neatby are working on a. history of the University.
Use of Library Intercommunication System
The University electricians have recommended that intercoms
be turned on first thing each morning, adjusted to the proper
volume, and left on all day. They should of course be turned off
when staff leave at night.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.
Festschrift zum 60. Geburtstage von Professor Dr. Embrik
Strand.... Riga, 1936-39. 5 vols.
Serials -- New Subscriptions:
American Institute of Biological Sciences. Symposium proceedings .
Bibliografia: bibliografii i nauki o. Ksiazced.
Books of the Southwest (UCLA).
Canadian transportation.
Contemporary China.
Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research. Contribution. 2f
Deutsches Archiv fur Erforschung des Mittelalters.
International Geophysical Year. Annals.
Przeglad zachodni.
Uganda journal.
Wiener Archiv fur Geschichte des Slowentums und Osteuropas.
Zentralblatt ftlr allgemeine Pathologie und pathologische
Commerce. #1-29, 1924-32.
Deutsche Rundschau. V. 1-105, Oct. 1874-1900.
Uganda journal. V. 1-20, 1934-Sept. 1956,
Zeitschrift fflr allgemeine Physiologie. V. 1-16, 19-20,
1902-14, 1921-23.  "


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