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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 19, 1957

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March 19,  1957.      No.  149
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, MAA, EF.
School Library Service
Dr. Rothstein attended a meeting of the BCLA Library
Development Committee and Dean Scarfe of the College of Education.
The BCLA representatives described the problems of school library
service in British Columbia and asked for the College's support
in proposals for its improvement. Dean Scarfe expressed his
interest and concern and indicated that the place of the library
in the school would receive prominent attention in the College
Mr. Harlow reported his latest tour of the new stack
area with Mr. Galloway, the University's building inspector.
The concrete work is complete and the Commonwealth Construction
Company have finished their part of the job. The windows are
being replaced, except for one entryway, and the laying of the
floor tile will begin shortly. The ceilings have to be coated
with a paint that will permit evaporation of moisture.  The last
shipment of steel shelving from London is expected next week and
as soon as the floor tiles have been laid, installation of the
stacks will begin and should be completed by the end of April.
Book Shjft
As soon as the stacks are ready for use the shift of the
books will commence. Fir. Stuart-Stubbs has counted shelves and
the various categories of books, and an outline of the moving plan
will be made.  It is hoped that 10 to 12 inches of space can be
left on each shelf, plus an empty shelf in each section, but this
may not prove to be possible.  It is probable that the first
material to be moved will be the medical collection, since it is
all to be shifted into the new stack area.
Library Committee Meeting
The Committee at its meeting last Friday discussed the
advisability and urgency of adding a south wing to the Library
building. A project of this kind, involving service to the University community as a whole, seems a very suitable one for the use
of federal money. The prospect of 11,000 students by 1961 underlines the need to make preparations now, and the Librarian was
asked to outline facilities to be provided by a new wing. (ek
He showed a sketch plan and indicated briefly what could be done
with additional space. It was agreed that expansion of the Library
building is urgent and that whatever reading room facilities might
eventually be provided in other new buildings, the University must
go ahead at once with central library plans in order to have space
available immediately. After brief discussion the Committee
recommended unanimously that the project be recommended to the
Administration, with the request that' the University's architects
begin work on it immediately.
Mr. Harlow outlined to the Heads the tentative arrangement
and proposed use of an additional wing and he asked them to think
about the proposals. They will be discussed more fully with staff
when plans for the remodeled Loan Desk and shift of books are
The Librarian pointed out that we must bear in mind that
ten or twelve years hence there will probably be 20,000 students in
the University, there may possibly be a second campus adjacent to
the present one, and that conditions in general will change.
The Library cannot continue as it is indefinitely and must adjust
to changing circumstances.  It must seek funds to provide the
services which are required for the job it has to do.  Dr. Rothstein
inauired whether we should not consider a further development of
divisional services (by subject areas) since the proposed undergraduate library on the lower floor of the south wing would accommodate most students in their lower years. Tentatively a "Science"
division has been suggested to the Library Committee, and this and
others ought to be discussed.
Loan-Serials Desk
Work on the plans for this combined operations area is
still in process. The new desk should be erected in May, in order
that organization can be completed before Summer Session begins.
Moving the book stock will replace the usual formal inventory this
year, but books will be called in from faculty for checking as
usual on May Day.
Discard Problems
In leading up to the discussion of this matter, the
Librarian remarked that the main function of the University Library-
is to collect and preserve material but that a critical view must
necessarily be taken in order that material not worth permanent
preservation is eliminated. However, because of the Library's
responsibility, nothing should be discarded upon the opinion of a
single person or department in the Library. After some consideratior
it was decided that when potential discards are available, notice
will be sent to the Librarian's office, where it will be circulated
to Division Heads. Representatives from the various Divisions will
be expected to examine the material within a stated period, and
Mr. Harlow or Dr, Rothstein should also review it.  Surplus items
should be examined carefully by individual departments before they
go to the discard shelves. A single veto need not suffice to retain
material unless it is well justified.  This statement of policy
applies to all Divisions and services in the Library. Reserves
An inquiry was made whether material put in the Reserve
Book Room by a professor may not remain there past the period of
need if a notification to remove it is not sent to the Library.
Miss Lanning said that an attempt is made to find out, when material
is put on reserve, whether it is wanted for the term only or for the
whole session. The Circulation Division now sends an annual notice
to faculty about their Reserve lists, stating that a request must be
made to the Library if material is to be placed in the Reserve Book
Room.  Any inconsistencies noted by staff should be reported to
Mr. Bell.
Play Collection in Extension Library
Dr. Rothstein discussed the problems raised by having the
chief collection of plays located in the Extension Library where
they are borrowed both by students on the campus and through normal
Extension channels.  Since the Extension Library is not intended for
campus use, and its materials are not listed in the public catalogue,
some new arrangement might need to be made. Miss Stewart has
suggested that plays intended primarily for production be kept in the
Extension Library and those of interest chiefly as literature be kept
in the main Library.  A decision might sometimes be difficult to
make, but it was agreed that a play ordered by faculty for student
use should be placed in the main collection. Mr. Harlow asked
Dr. Rothstein to ascertain whether enough students are using the
Extension Library to make a change in the present arrangements
necessary. He will discuss the matter further with Miss Stewart
in order that a definite policy can be enunciated.
Extra-Mural Students
There are about 1500 off-campus persons enrolled in
Faculty of Commerce diploma courses and the question has been asked,
what library privileges do they have? Mr. Harlow has informed the
Faculty that such students may use material in the Library but may
not borrow for home use. Commerce has been asked to supply these
students with identification cards so that they can be recognized
by Library staff, and several faculty members have complied.
Publications of Faculty and Staff
Copy for the 1955-56 annual list has been compiled by the
Reference staff and is now in the hands of the Committee'for
publication.  It is 78 pages long, last year's edition totaling only
45 pages.
Exhibition of German Books
During the period April 4-7 an exhibition of German books,
provided by the German Consul in Vancouver, will be displayed in
Room 857 in the Library. Location of "Beilstein"
It was agreed recently that this reference work in
Chemistry be relocated with Chemistry journals in the stacks, and
Fir. Harlow asked whether the change could be made now.  It is
believed that its move will have to await the completion of the new
stack area.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.
Miss Margaret Avison has been appointed Library Assistant in
the Bio-Medical Library, replacing Miss Brundrett.
Mrs. Dorothy Robertson joined the Serials Division as Library
Assistant on March 11, replacing Mr. Katarinich.
On April 1, Miss Elizabeth Cotterell will join the Circulation
Division, replacing Miss Pamela Mawhinney whose resignation takes
effect at the end of Flarch.
Mr. Percy Fryer, Jr. will be promoted to Journeyman on Flarch 25,
and Mr. Roger Harrison will start work as Apprentice in the Bindery
on the same day.
Colette, Sidonie Gabrielle.  Oeuvres completes.  Paris, Le Fleuron,
1948-1950.  15 vols.
New Subscriptions:
Britannica et Americana
Literature and psychology
Oceania linguistic monographs
Public health engineering abstracts
Revue beige de philologie et d'histoire
Acta radiologica. v, 1-20, 1921-39.
Acta radlologica.  Supplements. 2-94 (with gaps).-"
Handbuch der Gynakologie.  vTT-12, 1930-37.
Opthalmalogica.  v. 103-120, 1942-50.
Revue beige de philologie et d'histoire. v. 5-34, 1926-56.
Zentralblatt ftlr die gesamte Neurologie. v. 12-78, 1916-31. (J
CANADA. Public Archives.  Sixteenth-century maps relating to
Canada. A check-list and bibliography. Ottawa, 1956.
Department of mines and technical surveys, geographical
branch.  Geographical paper no, 7, miscellaneous papers
series. Extracts relating to the navigability of Canadian
inland waterways, by W. A. Black. Ottawa.
LONDON, University of. School of Oriental and African studies.
Library. The far east and south-east Asia. A cumulated list
of periodical articles, May 1955-April 1956. London.
SASKATCHEWAN.  Legislative Library.  The departmental organization
of the government of Saskatchewan, by Evelyn Eager. 1952.
Royal Commission on agriculture and rural life. Report
no. 12.  Service centers. Regina, 1957.
UNESCO. Education abstracts vol. IX, no,.1, January 1957.
Access to current literature on education through periodical
indexes.  Paris.
UNITED STATES.  Department of health, education and welfare. Office
of education.  Research in industrial education.  Summaries
of studies 1930-55. Trade and industrial series no. 65.
Washington, 1957.
Department of the interior. Fish and wildlife service.
Statistical digest no. 39. Fishery statistics of the United
States 1954. Washington 1956.
Dr..Rothstein called attention to an excellent article
on the "Nature of Professionalism," by Geoff Turner of our staff.
It appears in Fellciter, II (March, 1957) 12-15.


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