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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 29, 1956

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May 29,  1956. No.  13(7
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, .MML, RJL, EBM, F1AA, EF.
Minutes No. 129
P. 2, 2nd last par.  The visitors on May 13 were
Dr. Flax Saville of the University of. Washington and Dr. Silvio
Zavala of the Colegio de Fiexico and the Pan American Institute of
Geography and History.
Curriculum Laboratory
The alterations to provide for a temporary curriculum
laboratory on floor 3 of the Library will not be made until after
Summer Session. Fliss Shopland is beginning to pack books and other
library material in the Normal School Library and they will be sent
to the University, labelled "Library" and "Curriculum Laboratory,"
the former material to be taken into the collections here and the
latter to be placed in the curriculum laboratory area.
Dr. Rothstein will decide which of the "Library" shipments are to
be processed.
Northwest College Librarians Association
Dr. Rothstein attended the conference of the Northwest
College Librarians at Bellingham on May 19.  The original intention
of the organization was that college librarians in the area should
get together to discuss their own particular problems which were
not sufficiently aired at other larger conferences.  Dr. Rothstein
spoke for about 45 minutes, giving general information about Canada
and Canadian universities as a background for a discussion of the
problems peculiar to Canadian University libraries, e.g., the
relative isolation of the large libraries in respect of other
library resources, and the demands in many instances that college
libraries support rapidly expanding university programs without
receiving commensurate financial support.
Fir. Harlow questioned whether, because of the tradition
of geographic isolation, the Canadian universities felt the national
responsibility and unity that has developed among research
libraries in the United States.  The University of British Columbia
has perhaps been an exception from the beginning, when Fir, Ridington
accepted the Library's responsibility on both a local and international scale. -2-
Harry Hawthorn Foundation
The Librarian announced that the Harry Hawthorn Foundation
for the Inculcation and Propagation of the Principles and Ethics of
Flyfishing held one of its often-annual sessions recently, its
members meeting for a long weekend at Lac Le Jeune,for fishing.
A sports writer from Vancouver who v\ras at the lake at the time has
written about the Foundation and its "Spring Congregation" in the
Sun of Flay 26, 1956.  The most serious purpose of the group is  to
provide funds to purchase books on fly-fishing for the University
Library, and Fir. Harlow reported that the trip brought in $65 for
the purpose, chiefly from fines imposed for trumped-up infractions
of the angler's code.
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation
Awards by the Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation were
announced last week.  Among them are two for the Universit3^ Library:
$1,000 for the purchase of Canadiana for a Centre of Canadian
Studies, and $1,000 towards developing resources in the Humanities.
CLA Conference
Fliss Smith and Fir. Harlow will attend the Conference in
Niagara Falls. Fir. Harlow will leave on Sunday, June 3, and spend
one day in Montreal to examine a collection of Canadiana which the
University may acquire through the generosity of Dr. H. R. FlacMillan.
Some of the material is duplicated here, but much of it has not been
itemized and may be important. Fluch of the listed material which
is not available here would be important additions to our French-
Canadian and English-Canadian collections.
At the Conference Fir. Harlow is to take part in a panel
discussion on finance, representing academic libraries.  He has been
collecting statistics from Canadian universities for the past two
years, and Dr. Rothstein is how evaluating them according to several
standard measures: for example, amounts spent on books and periodicals per student, amounts spent on library by the institution as a
whole, and amounts spent on library material per faculty member,
UBC seems well up the scale among Canadian university libraries in
these respects.
Defence Research Board cards
Because of the intervention of a member of faculty,
the cards issued by DRB cataloguing and abstracting papers in
electronics and electrical engineering have been received-*by the
Library for a number of months. Each card must have subject headings typed at the top, and Dr. Noakes' secretary, Firs. Harris,
has undertaken to do the-work on the backlog of about 10,000 cards
during the summer.  The Library will deal with the current receipts,
probably of about 2,000 cards a year, and Miss Alldritt and
Fliss Smith will discuss how the work will proceed. ///
Staff_ S_ocial Events
Plans for a staff dinner have been cancelled and there
was general regret expressed by Division Heads at this news.
Fir. Harlow hopes that" the staff and their families will be able to
get together socially at least once during the summer.
Swimming Pool Tickets
Because of an arrangement made by the Faculty Association,
members of the Library staff may secure $2.00 season tickets for the
University swimming pool.  The School of Physical Education has a
list of Librarjr staff by which persons requesting tickets may be
"Thank you" from BCLA
The Librarian and other members of staff have received
very pleasant letters from Firs, Brunette, past-President of BCLA,
thanking them and the Library staff for their participation in the
recent annual BCLA Conference and for assistance during the year,
BCLA Centennial Committee
Fliss Fiercer has been appointed Chairman of a BCLA
Committee on the British Columbia Centennial (1958) and asked for
suggestions. Fliss Clay is said to be working on. a history of BCLA
for the centennial, and it was suggested that data for a history of
British Columbia libraries might be brought together by asking each
library and library association to write its ovm detailed history
and collect documents which might be microfilmed by the Provincial
Library.  Perhaps some of the scarce, earliest bulletins of libraries
could be reproduced by mimeograph.
A damaged shipment of material from India was examined by
several experts last week, from Public Health and Entomology.  The
decision was that not bubonic rats but termites and rain had caused
the damage and that the material was quite safe to work with.
Fir. FlcNabb of the Metropolitan Health Committee and Dr. San jean and
Professor Spencer were the consultants brought in.
Duplicate and Exchange Collection
The duplicate collection'on floor 2 is being sorted by
Dr. Rothstein and Fliss Scott, All Canadiana has been put into the
"hold" collection, whether it is rare or duplicate material
and serials and government publications are being segregated.
Also in "hold" will be standard authors needed for replacement-and
such material as may be useful in Asian Studies, etc. Other material
will be offered on exchange. Miss O'Rourke, Fliss Taylor and
Fliss Fraser are asked to examine the shelves of material in "hold"
and select anything which should be taken into the Library in their
fields immediately. / iff
Perhaps BCLA or the Public Library Commission would be
willing to distribute some of the material to other libraries in
the Province or keep the books in a pool available for distribution.
Fir. Harlow appointed the following committee to consider
mending problems and to make recommendations:  Dr. Rothstein, Chairman, Mr. Lanning, either Fliss Lanning or Fir. Bell, and Fliss Mercer.
They are to decide what material is to be mended and what re-bound,
and to work out some schedule for handling it.  There is some
emergency in this matter.
Binding Paper-backs
At present all paper-back material coming into the Library
is being bound before it is put into use, either in full or storage
binding.  Dr, Rothstein questioned the necessit3r for this, and cited
the University of Nebraska where paper-back books which are likely to
be little used are given brief cataloguing and shelved in a section
by themselves, unbound. Fir. Harlow wondered whether'this was done
because the binding facilities could not cope with them or whether
it was considered sound practice, and he asked Dr. Rothstein to
report more fully later.
Turnstile in Reserve Book Room
The new, presumably irreversible, turnstile is being
installed in the Reserve Book Room this week.
Photo Service Closure
The one-man photographic service will be closed during
June in the absence of the staff photographer. Photographic work
may be sent to the Librarian's' office as usual or directly to the
photo service in the Extension Department, where the work will be
done meanwhile.  Twenty-four hour service should not be promised
during the interim.
Miss Dobbin and Mr. Turner
The Librarian is pleased to announce that Miss Geraldine
Dobbin led her class at the'' Toronto Library School according to a
letter Dr. Rothstein has received from Miss Bassam, Director of the
School. Mr. George G. Turner, who also joined the staff on June 1,
was one of the half dozen honour students in the same class.
Fliss Bassam thanks UBC for providing this kind of material.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m. -5-
Miss Anne Choma is resigning from her position as Librae
Assistant" in "the Acquisitions Division at the end of June.
Miss Patricia Wood is leaving the Circulation Division at the
end of June and will go to England to be married, and Fir._ Bob Neale
is resigning from the Circulation Division at the same time.
Miss Merle Handkamgr will begin work as Clerk I in the Reference Division on June"18.
Fliss Ada Seraphim joins the Reference Division as Library
Assistant on June 4.
Fir. James McGalium is the new janitor for the Library, taking
over from Fir. Gerry Wjlson who is being transferred to another part
of the campus.
American Entomological Society.  Tjrjansjaptions.
Journal of protozoology
Spectrochemical abstracts
American Entomological Society.  Transactions, v.6-10, 12-31
Mnemosyne; Bibliotheca Philologica Batava. v.l, 1852 to 1952.
Rheinisches Museum fiir philologie. v.43-96 #2 (1833-1952).
Mr. Harlow will be absent from the Library June 4 through 30,
attending the CLA conference at Niagara Falls and snatching a short
vacation. Dr. Rothstein will be in charge.
Fliss Smith will also attend the conference at Niagara Falls and
will be away from June 5 through 20.  She will take holida3>-s in
Miss Lanning will be on holiday from June 18 through 30, and
will take her remaining time later in the summer.
Fliss Fiercer will be on holiday for one week commencing June 18
and will take the remaining time later.
Fliss Fugler will be on holiday from June 18 through July 13.


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