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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 19, 1963

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March 12 and 19. 1963. No. 289
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest to
the University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present on March 12s  AD, IB, GD, MD, DF. EH, RJL, AL, EBM, TKN, JO'R,
Present on March 19s  AD, IB, GD, MD, DF, EH, RJL, AL, EBM, TKN, JO'R,
Postage Machine
A more thorough Investigation has made the installation of a
postage machine at this time seem unwise. The purchase price of this
machine is high, the monthly meter rental charge substantial, and the
expected economies small.
New Personnel Procedures
Mr. Ranz announced that effective immediately the selection
and employment of library personnel will be under the supervision of
Mr. Bell. Division Heads are asked to report vacancies to Mr. Bell,
who will be responsible for securing suitable applicants from the
Personnel Office. Division Heads will continue, as in the past, to
interview the applicants and, in consultation with Mr. Bell, will
recommend new appointments.
Return Addresses on Envelopes
Division Heads are requested to place the name of their Division
on all envelopes going out from their offices. Considerable difficulty
has been encountered of late in returning mail, which has been sent back
to the Library for one reason or another, to the proper Division.
Rental Books Discontinued
The circulation of rental books has dropped steadily in recent
years. At the present time only three books are on loan. Accordingly,
it has been decided to discontinue this service — as soon as the three
books are returned.
Faculty and Staff library cards
The registering of faculty, staff, and visiting faculty
borrowers has been transferred from the Library Office to the Circulation Division Office. Advanced Reference Students to Work at Information Desk
During the weeks of March 25-29, and April 1-5, students
from the School of Librarianship enrolled in Professor Hamilton's
Advanced Reference class will gain' practical experience by working
at the Information Desk with the librarians on duty.
Meeting of the Friends of the Library
The Friends of the Library cordially invite you to a recital
of modern Scottish poems , prose, and songs, and a display of books,
to illustrate recent additions to the Donaldson Collection,  The program^ which will be in the International House at 8s30 p.m. on
Wednesday, 27 March, will present Mabel MacKenzie reading poems,
Murray Shoolbraid singing folksongs, David Macaree reading prose,
and Beth McNairn singing art songs. Coffee will be served after the
Primer for Progress
The School of Librarianship, in association with the Vancouver
Public Library^ is sponsoring a two-day meeting on automation and
information retrieval in libraries.  The Primer for Progress, as the
proceedings have been christened, will be held in the Edgar Robinson
Auditorium of the Vancouver Public Library on Friday and Saturday,
March 22 and 23. Mr. Lachlan MacRae, Chief of the Defense Research
Board's Science Information Directorate, will conduct the meetings.
You are cordially invited to attend. No charge.
Miss Dorothy F. Mercer, Clerk II in the Curriculum Laboratory,
March 11, 1963.
Mrs. Clare C. Scott, Clerk I, in the Circulation Division on
an hourly basis, March 11, 1963.
Mrs. Margaret Fukuyama, Library Assistant in Asian Studies to
Senior Library Assistant March 1, 1963.
Mrs. Anne Ball, Clerk II in the Fine Arts Division, April 15,
Library Assistant in Special Collections? position now open.
Library Assistant in the Acquisitions Division? position now
Library Assistant in the Fine Arts Division? position open
April 16, 1963. 46
i i . H!
Alberts - eansntoft   ■ 70.00
ftanltcba - Mmlpm 125.00-
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Gntarto.* Tortintd ISOiCCf-
Ottom. '•       100.0S:
pistes • ItaitRMl I90«QQ:
Qtsslw 200*00:
§to Brtmsgfett » firadtrfetflft 200.00:
CftHfbmfa *.San Fr«nelf00. ,00.00
fffsssari •» St. Ic&sfs   • 170.00
Stes ^rmf * Atlwtte City 200.00
.. new Y«»k • te* ¥©«•& city 200.00
Ohio * Clnclnnstli I50.00
Oregon » Ssjgw© '..40*00
Pomaylvania - 0aSv©rsf«y Parfe 160.00
v«sh!(t9ton,-Seattl«': : 30.00
Vftsfefngtoit, MU   . 200.00
London* Efig!«sm§ 280.00 FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCE ,",_.    ' , ^.
4 th March, 1963.
1. Members of Faculty (Assistant Professor and up) who are
continuing on the University staff, may apply for travel
assistance to attend meetings of learned societies.
2. Applicants should state;
(a) Name of Society; date and place of meeting.
(b) Whether or not any other financial assistance is available.
(c) Whether an officer or executive member of the society,
Chairman of a section, etc., presenting a paper, delivering an address, or any other special reason for attending.
3. Final Dates for Applications:
(a) For meetings between May 1st and October 15th not later
than April 15.
(b) For meetings between October 16th and December 31st
not later than October 15.
(c) For meetings between January 1st and April 30th not later
than December 15.
4. Grants do not cover full expenses.  Amounts are fixed according
to zones in which the meetings are held. The maximum is $200
to any locality.
5. An applicant will not as a rule receive more than one grant during the fiscal year*
6. Grants are made to individuals and are not transferable. Those
not accepted will], be re-assigned on a priority basis.


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