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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 6, 1956

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March 6, 1956. Mo, 121
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters e£ Interest
t« University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, MAA, EF.
MINUTES No. 120 .
P. 3, LOOSE LEAF MATERIAL. It should be added that
loose leaf material, when coming in for the first time, and
being catalogued, should be interfiled by Acquisitions.
In reply to sixty inquiries sent by Mr; Lanning to
publishers, thirty answers have been received, all but one in
good order,
In general, books from the Sedgewick Room should not be
loaned to faculty. Any request to borrow from the Room should
be referred to Fliss Dwyer, who is in charge of the collection.
When she is in doubt about acceding to such a request, she should
confer with the Librarian, and she should also advise him when
any difficulties arise in connection with such loans or requests,
When a person is referred to the Librarian's office for
a decision to be made, the Division concerned should telephone
relevant information to the office immediately so that no errors
based upon incomplete evidence will occur,
Hereafter, Fine Arts periodicals which are routed to
Library staff members are to go first to the Fine Arts Room,
after being checked in at Serials. They may then follow the
routing indicated, taking into account the need for public use.
Persons whose names are on routing slips are responsible
for delivering the journals to the next on the list, and the last
person must return them to the Division indicated,  Periodicals
are sometimes found in the elevator and in other odd places where
they have been dropped in the expectation that someone else would
notice them and return them to Serials.  Such circulation of
journals will have to be curtailed if serious delays take place. LENDING TO FACULTY AND STAFF
Fliss Lanning reported that student assistants often do
not distinguish between faculty and staff when lending such materis
as bound volumes of serials. Mr. Harlow asked that Mr. Bell
instruct student assistants to examine carefully the borrower's
card: it will indicate whether his status is Faculty, Staff,
Research Assistant, or Technician. Research Assistants have the
same privileges as Faculty, and Technicians are in the category of
The establishment of this College next autumn is a serioi
concern of the Library staff. Dr, Henry J6hnson and the Librarian
have discussed building up the collection in Education, which has
grave deficiencies. A temporary curriculum laboratory will be set
up in the Library, probably in the area behind the Reserve stacks,
to house part of the education material. The Library staff will
also have to supervise and probably offer courses in librarianship
for elementary and secondary teachers; Dr. Johnson assumes that the
Library will offer courses, .beginning during the Winter Session
1956, and also during the 1957 Summer Session. This program will
have to be thoughtfully worked out in relation to the graduate
library school which will be established within a few years.
Dr. Johnson is open minded and cooperative, but will make demands
which the Library must meet.
The Reference Division's monthly report presents the
results of a "noise survey" in the Library: the noisiest periods
are from 10:20 to 10:40 a.m. and 3:00 to 3:30 in the afternoon.
It is to be expected that noise builds up during the period
between classes when many students are on the move, but certain
groups are responsible for other commotions and these should be
controlled. It should be remembered that we are dealing with young
people at one of the most obstreperous times of their lives, but
we cannot afford to let matters get out of hand. The Librarian
will move about the building occasionally during the next few
weeks, during the pre-examination period, and deal with difficulties which ma3>- arise. He reminded staff that the support of
the students is essential to maintain order in the Library, and
added that he believed most of them would cooperate to provide
The Reference Division is at work on guides to material
available in the Library. One in French Language and Literature
has been issued, prepared by Mrs, Weinberg and mimeographed;
another in Geography is being worked on by Fliss Taylor; one in
.German is in the hands of Fir. Klassen, and Fliss Smith is providing
one in Electrical Engineering.  Sufficient copies will be mimeographed to distribute to other interested libraries. /
Dr. Rothstein reports that the BCLA Recruiting Committee,
of which he is Chairman, is sponsoring a recruiting conference
aimed at University and high school students.  It is to be
held in the Library on Friday, Flarch 16, at 2 p.m. in Room
852 or 854, depending upon the number involved.  Invitations
to attend are being sent to: (1) University students, (2) clerical workers in libraries, and (3) Normal School students.
There will be three short talks followed by coffee and doughnuts and informal "buzz" sessions.  Dr. Rothstein hopes to
have the cooperation of Library divisions in permitting their
student assistants and clerical workers to attend the conference, on the understanding that only those who are seriously
interested will do so. A mimeographed letter of invitation is
to be sent to each student assistant in the Library, and there
will be publicity in The Ubyssey.  The Vancouver Public Library
may bring out its bookmobTle-to establish a focal point of
interest on the campus. Dr. Rothstein would like to have some
members of the professional staff attend, and they will wear
cards identifying themselves by name and the branch of library
work in which they are engaged so that students may discuss
librarianship with them.
Dr. Rothstein asked the staff to consider the possibility
of publishing a series which might be termed "Contributions."
It would provide an outlet for staff research studies.  The UBC
Library could be useful in preparing material relating to Canada
for general library distribution and circulate more specialized
information among Canadian libraries.
A new issue (No. 5) of the Librarian's "NOTES" has been
mailed.  The newly established Library delivery service was
mentioned, and a number of calls for this service were received the
same day. Flaterial for delivery to faculty should be sent to the
delivery area and placed on the shelves behind the counter, clearly
labelled for delivery to a specific place.
If any staff member has not had an opportunity •*to read
"NOTES," copies are available in Divisions and in the Librarian's
As part of the annual High School Conference, the
Reference Division provided student tours of the Library (assisted
by Miss Mercer and Fliss Scott), and six lectures.  The Conference 4
delegates (180 in number) seemed interested, but as student reactic
is formally reported upon by the conference executive, it will be
possible to read what impression the Library's efforts made upon th
delegates. The conference ended with a dinner on Saturday night
at which Dr, Williston, the Flinister for Education, spoke.
Fir. Harlow attended.
An invitation has been received to attend a tea on
Sunday, March 11, at the University of Washington in order to meet
Dr. Liberman, the new Director of the Library School.
A meeting of Northwest College Librarians is to be held i
Bellingham on May 19, at the Western Washington College of Educatio
Since the meeting place is so close to Canada, the conference
committee has asked that someone from UBC speak on Canadian university libraries, and Mr. Harlow asked whether anyone would be
interested in doing so.
A file of the Manitoba Gazette and Trade Review for
1872-1875, starting with Vol.' 1, No. 1, has been received through
the good offices of Mr. Blair Neatby of the Department of History.
The donor, Miss Isabel Dubrovski, is granddaughter of the Editor,
and the material has been in the family continuously until being
presented to the University Library.
Rush requests for cataloguing which are received in the
Librarian's office will be processed and charged to the faculty
members requesting them. Requests to have materials charged to
Departments will be referred to.the Librarian. Rush books to be
delivered may be sent directly to the mail room from the Catalogue
Division (with-charge notices going to the Loan Desk); they need
not be sent first to the Loan Desk.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
New Subscriptions:
Physical Society. Yearbook.
Journal of agricultural engineering research.
Antibiotics monographs^
Deutsche Vierteljahreschrjft Literaturwissenschaft. V. 1-29, 5
Firs; Martha Veerman, Firs. Sylvia Greenwood, and Fir. Gordon
FicKay will resign from the Acquisitions Division at the' end' of Flare
Offer of a position to Fliss Alison Kerr, a librarian now in
FlcGill University Library, has been declined.
Mrs. Joan Regan will start work immediately in the Acquisition
Division (to succeed Firs. Greenwood), Mrs. Palma Stein will join
the Reference Division as Clerk 1 on a temporary basis on Flarch 12.
Bibliographie meteorologique internationale.  Annee 1951.  Fascicule 1.  Paris.
A Bibliography of African bibliographies south of the Sahara.
South African Library, Cape Town, 1955.
Bibliografia. Bibliographia Poloniae bibliographica.  1945-46,
1947, 1948, 1949.
Index to New Zealand periodicals and current national bibliography
of New Zealand books and pamphlets published in 1954. New
Zealand library association, Wellington, 1955.
The Mitchell Library. Index to periodicals January 1944-June 1949.
Public library of New South Wales, Sydney, 1950.
Blackwell, A. Fl; Lists of researches in education and educational
psychology, Supplement 1. National foundation for educational
research in England and Wales.  London, 1954.
U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Committee on
Aging, 1955. Washington-, D.C., 1955.
Brief bibliography for a study of general naval history and the
naval history of Canada.  (Dept. of National Defence,
UNESCO*  Trade barriers to knowledge.  Paris, 1955-
Bibliographical services throughout the world.  Third
annual report, 1953/1954.  Paris, 1955.
Current school enrolment statistics.  Paris, Jan., 1956.
Film and cinema statistics* Paris.
United Nations FAO. Bibliography of land and water use in Europe,
Rome, 1955.


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