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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 17, 1953

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Array NO. 31
TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Miss Alldritt, Miss Fugler.
Minutes No. 30 should be dated March 10 instead of March
XX •
The President will support our appeal to secure this
material, and^draft of a letter to Mr. Huson, United Kingdom
Information Officer in Ottawa is being sent to the President today.
The Library is now an official depository for Parliamentary
publications,"but the need for non-Parliamentary material is
equally great, and it is hoped that the present request will be
As examination time approaches, the opportunity to carry
out another Quiet campaign is presented. However, if the installation of stacks on floor 2 is a noisy operation, it may make such
an appeal to the students difficult. 'The stack installation will
take about two weeks if all goes well, and it was suggested that
the Quiet campaign begin immediately after the Easter week-end.
It was suggested that we might use the-slogan, WE'VE STOPPED
HAMMERING, NOW YOU STOP YAMMERING'. Mr, Harlow wants to have a
Ubyssey reporter do an article on the new stack installation for
the student paper.
While there seems to be no likelyhood that capital funds
will be available for stacking the well, the President has asked
the Librarian to continue with plans and estimates for having this
work done.
Mr. Harlow reported that he had not had much success in
getting in touch with the Student-Library Committee this year. He
has not received Minutes of any meetings, and the Library representative, Mr. Bell, has not received notice of meetings.
An order has been placed for sufficient yellow call slips"
to fill the demand for the remainder of this term and Session needs.
Before ordering the supply for the 1953/1954 Session, the present
forms will be revised. It was tentatively decided to label the -2-
two call slips "Home Use" and "Library Use", the first to be white,
the second to replace the present "Day Use -'Serials" slip and to be
either yellow or some more distinctive color. The "Library Use"
slip will be of better quality paper than the present poor yellow
stock, which is hard to handle in the files. The back of each would
be filled by a section from "Know Your Library", describing How to
Borrow a Periodical or giving other pertinent information. Mr. Harlow
asked Miss Lanning and Miss Smith to bring draft copies of a revised
call slip to the next meeting of Division'Heads, and he will consider
what is to be put on the back of the slip*
In order to avoid duplication of some important material,
the Librarian has arranged that certain periodical sets, of which
duplicates are received, (at present chiefly in"Medicine and related
fields) will be kept permanently in the Library, to be always available for reference use.  The problem of keeping this material in the
stacks was discussed. One suggestion was"that all such material be
set apart in one section of the stackroom. If a volume in a normally
circulating set is not on the shelves,, the person desiring to use it "
would go to the section \vhere the non-circulating sets would be found.
Mr, Harlow felt that it would create an unnecessary inconvenience to
research users for material to be taken out of its normal place; the
additional sets have been obtained primarily for faculty, and they
should be as readily available for reference use as possible. Miss
Smith felt that they should be available to"third and fourth-year
students as well as to research people. Mr. Harlow pointed out that
the Library has undertaken to make the material in question always
available to faculty in order to avoid having it scattered among
departmental reading rooms, and we must live up to this part of the
Mr, Harlow recommended marking the sets which are to remain
in the stacks with a distinctive colour band, upon which the call
number will be lettered. This would enable staff to recognize
immediately anything that is found outside the stackroom and to
return it to its proper place. If someone asks to charge out a
volume of a set so marked,'the Loan Desk"staff should return that
volume to its proper place, if necessary, and bring one from another
set. If the particular volume of another set is out, then there is
no copy to loan; the set specially"marked must remain in the stack-
room. Miss Lanning suggested that, since all the material at present
/ involved will be moved into the new stack area, these sets be put \x\iJlor~
place* and that some reading tables be arranged to ac-t , .qf£-J^b.-<3
provide a place where the books can be used. No final
decision was made concerning the precise method of handling this
material and it will be discussed further. Mr. Harlow asked Mr,
Lanning to clear with Miss Fraser what sets are being specifically
duplicated for this purpose.  In order to change the call numbers
from the "R" to "W" classification, the old lettering is being erased
and Mr. Harlow said that the greatest care should be exercised in
order not to injure the binding. Miss Jefferd and Miss Mercer stated
that every effort waw being made to do this job tidily. -3- 	
In a couple of weeks the shift of books to the new stack
area will commence, and this requires decision regarding re-arrangement of the whole "Q" floor.  Since this move is a temporary one
(looking toward a general reorganization of the stack when the
installation in the "Well" is made in a couple of years), it was
decided to move the "J's" from floor 3 bo the south end of 2; they
comprise a single large bulk of material which is used chiefly in
the stacks and does not involve a lot of fetching and carrying by
the Loan Division, Floor 4 will then expand down to floor 3« It
was believed that there need be no expansion of 5 bo 4, but that
some free space might be left at the beginning"of floor 4 if possible,
Mr. Harlow requested Miss Lanning, Mr. Lanning, Miss Fraser and Mr.
Neal to confer on plans for the move.
Mr,' Harlow reminded the Division Heads of the Survey of
International-Studies which is being sponsored by the Carnegie
Foundation, but is being carried out by the University.  It has been
suggested that the Library evaluate its collection of periodicals
in this field, to find out what we have and how it compares with
what is available, and Mr, Harlow is expected to make a report of
our findings to the Committee, Mr, Lanning mentioned that Law gets
a good deal of material in this field, and Mr, Harlow said that
periodicals in Law should be considered.  It is the kind of'self-
analysis which the Library carries on in a good many fields, and
Miss Smith said that it would be useful for"her division to make
such an estimate, with the assistance of Mr, Lanning, We will have
to define "international studies" for our purposes, but we should'be
concerned chiefly with current material in the field, Mr, Soward,
who is Chairman of the Committee, may be asked to help define the
field. It has been decided not to attempt to sort call slips to
ascertain how much material in international studies is charged out;
it does not appear to be a very fruitful project.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m. MEMORANDUM - March 18, 1953.
Miss Jefferd and Mr. Harlow have agreed to the following
from "R" to "W"
pixuaeduxe^i^       the ■<jzg£jL&ss£J^
For the time being, only those titles will be
reclassified for which new volumes come from the Bindery.
The new volumes will be processed in the normal manner and
the ".¥" classification numbers will be entered at the back
of the volume and be lettered on the spine. At this same
time the catalogue cards will be altered to show the new
classification number for the whole file, and the new
volumes will be added as usual. Neither the call number
on the spine nor in the back of the volume will be changed
on the part of the file which is already classified in "Rtt;
this work will be'postponed till a more convenient time.
In order to refer the user from the volumes on the shelves
classified under ."¥" a block will be provided referring to
the remainder of the file still classified in "R", and a
block will also be placed with the portion of the file in
"R", referring to the additional volumes In the "W"
classification.  Changing the classification numbers.on
the volumes in "R" will be taken care of gradually as staff
time is available. Miss Jefferd will keep a file of cards
indicating the back files for which the numbers have to be


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