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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 14, 1949

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February 14, 1949, at 10 a.m.
Present:  Miss Smith
Mi ss Jefferd
Miss Mercer ;
Mr. Lanning
Mr. Rothstein
Miss Fugler (as Secretary).
The first part of the meeting was taken up with consideration
of ways and means to present to the Bursar the Library's position
with regard to the requested 20fo  cut in the Estimates for 1949/50.
Everything possible will be done to save staff.  The total value of
gifts, special accounts, the ordering done out of special funds
such as the MacMillan Forest^ Fund, B. C. Packers Fund, the
government grant to the Department of Social Work, the purchasing of
books for the Faculty of Law in the amount of $10,000, and so on,
will be emphasized.  These funds do not appear in the Library's
budget, but the work of making purchases out of them, acquiring,
cataloguing, and servicing the books and periodicals so purchased
is all done by Library staff.  The Circulation Department supplied
statistics showing comparative figures for 1947/48 and 194&/49, from
which it appears that although the registration of students was
lower in 1948/49 than in the preceding year, Library use by the
students was greater.
It was suggested that the Library serves the Departments in the
Faculty of Arts in the same way as laboratories serve the Science
Departments, and that to cut the budget of the individual departments
and also that of the Librar}?' was to take a double cut off the Arts
Miss Smith noted the major items of expense which were in
prospect for the coming year.  These were: lighting in the old main
reading room to be improved, Venetian or other suitable blinds to be
provided for the Catalogue Department, acoustic ceiling to be
installed in Reference Work Room.  The expense of Venetian blinds
was discussed and alternatives considered.  If some less expensive
arrangement will be suitable it will be tried first.  Another
item of expense would be the improvement of ventilation in the
Howay-Reid room.  Whether or not these plans can be carried out
will depend entirel}' on whether or not the money is available.
Open House.  Since last discussion of this matter a request
has been made that the whole of the main reading room, including
the wings, be closed to students, and this request has been granted.
Although the main reading room and the Circulation Desk will be
closed to student use. at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 4, the Reference
Room and Reserve Book Reading Room will be open as usual.  Students
may take out Reserve books for the weekend from 4 o'clock on Friday.
The Circulation Department has requested students to send in
applications for books to be used in displays not later than
February 25 in order that the Department may have time to call in
outstanding books and gather up other material.  A notice regarding
these items is to be sent to The Ubyssey for publication. The Psychology Department has already sent in a list of
periodicals which it wishes to have for a display in the Engineering
Building, and the Home Economics Department, which lost much of its
material in the recent fire, has asked for the use of Library
periodicals for its display.
Miss Jefferd asked for a statement regarding the number of
staff members of the Library to be on duty on Open House Day.
After some discussion it was agreed that one person in each Department
should suffice.  It was also agreed that the staff quarters should
be open on that day, and that one person should be stationed on
Floor S.  Miss Smith appointed Miss Mercer to look after arrangements.
She will ask for volunteers, and those undertaking to do a turn of
duty will be allowed time off later when convenient for their
respective departments, to compensate for the time spent on duty on
March 5«
Miss Smith mentioned the fact that windows had been left open
in the staff rooms.  A special notice calling the
windows is to be put on the door where it will be readily seen by
persons leaving the staff quarters.
It was pointed out that the list of duties and persons assigned
to do them in maintaining the staff quarters had not been posted.
Mr.. Rothstein will ask the Committee responsible to do this without
The janitor had reported on Saturday morning that he had
cleared eight students out of the staff dining-room, which they were
using as a study room.  It was decided that locking the staff
quarters would give rise to great difficulties, and that the janitor
should be requested to have a look into the rooms from time to time
as his duties permitted.  If it appears that students are making
frequent visits to these quarters the matter will be considered
further.  It was, however, decided that the rooms should be locked
at night, and the key left at the Loan Desk.
Miss Smith also reported that the janitor was disturbed' by the
suggestion that a smoking-room be made in the basement hallway.  He
felt that this would be interpreted by the students as permission
to smoke anywhere and that it would become impossible to cope with
the problem at all.  Miss Smith will welcome any suggestions regarding
the smoking problem and ways to deal with it.
Kiss Jefferd asked what was the situation regarding the gramophone booths, and Miss Smith replied that it was the intention to
go ahead with this project at the end of term.  She did not feel
that the possible discontinuance of the record loan service as a
measure of economy would interfere with the carrying out of this plan.
Miss Jefferd reported that Mrs. Price had telephoned her and
stated that her illness had been diagnosed as arthritis of the spine.
She hopes to return to work, but could not give any idea of a date.
Miss Smith reported her talk to the Bursar regarding the
inequalities in salary being paid to the Library Assistants, and the
steps she had taken to have the matter adjusted.  Her recommendation
will be submitted to the Board of Governors at the February meeting. Miss Jefferd asked whether an employee was classed according
to his qualifications or according to the job he was doing, and
Miss Smith replied that he was classified according to the job he
was doing.
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


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