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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 23, 1964

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June  23«  1964.    No,  304
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Meetings of Interest to the
University of British Columbia Library staff.
Presents BSS, EH, DMG, SR, IFB, AC, RJL, EM, SD, TKN, JO'R, GD, RB, HB,
Staff Publication
A Union List of Music Periodicals in Canadian Libraries, compiled by a
committee of the Canadian Library Association, chaired by Miss Melva
Dwyer, has just been published. Holdings of 66 Canadian libraries are
listed and about 600 titles ars included. This work is an invaluable
contribution to the study of musicology in Canada. As Chairman, Miss
Dwyer contributed the greater share of work involved in compilation.
Canada Council
Ihe Library has received a grant of $2500 for the purchase of books in
the area of Medieval Studies. The new regulations of the Council
require that the Library match this grant with an equal amount. The
Couneil now awards grants for book purchases in the fields of African,
Asian, Latin-American, Medieval, Slavic Studies and Music.
Mr. Stuhbs noted that a considerable number of U.B»C. Librarians
recently attended conferences, and expressed a hope that funds would
permit even more to attend in future years.
Simon Fraser Books
The U.B.C. Library has given a number of books to Simon Fraser University. Over the years of its early development U.B.C. was generously
treated by institutions larger than itself. We now in turn have an
obligation to assist new libraries in this province.
A schedule has been drawn up detailing construction times for each area
of the building.  There will be changes occasionally in the timing of
the various' jobs but these changes should come through the front office.
Divisions will be notified before these occur. If any jobs are about
to begin which will impair Summer Session service or divisional operation, and which are not in the schedule, please notify Mr. Bell.
Xesrox Hours
The Xerox machine will operate from 1 p.m. to 4s45 p.m. each day,
Monday to Friday, up to the start of winter session. PERSONNEL
Mxss Sieglinde Steida, Library Assistant in Cataloguing effective
June 22, 1964.
Mr.a. Gisele Crotogino, Clerk I. in Social Sciences effective June 15.
Miss Marilyn Seto, Library Assistant in College Library, effective
August 10, 1964.
Miss Maria Haas, Clerk I in Acquisitions effective July 1, 1964
Miss Lynne Braga, Clerk I in Circulation, effective June 15, 1964
Miss Sheila MacLeod, Library Assistant in Circulation, effective
July 2, 1964.
Miss Mary Kerr. Clerk I in Circulation effective June 15, 1964.
Miss Teri Hspplewhite, Clerk I in Biomedical effective July 1, 1964.
Miss Donna Fernie, Clerk I in Circulation effective July 1, 1964.
Miss Maureen Biden, Clerk I in Social Sciences effective July 13, 1964.
Miss Beverly Richards, Clerk I in Circulation effective July 2, 1964.
Mrs. Mary Adolph, Clerk II in Science, effective June 19, 1964.
Miss Gwen Symons, Clerk I in Humanities, effective July 2, 1964.
Miss Terry Haughian, Senior Library Assistant in Circulation, effective
June 30, 1964.
Mrs. Barbara Gibson, Librarian I in Cataloguing effective June 30, 1964.
Miss Lilla Borradaile, Clerk I in Circulation, effective June 11, 1964.
Miss Rosemary deFreiz, Clerk I in Cataloguing, effective July 15, 1964»


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