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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 3, 1958

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June 3, 1958     No7~177
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, MS, RJL, ML, MAA, EBM.
Trutch Papers
Mrs. Charlotte Morgan-Kelly, of Ladysmith, has now given
to the University Library the correspondence file of her father,
John Trutch, and his brother, Sir Joseph Trutch.  Sir Joseph Trutch
was the first governor of British Columbia after Confederation, and
the papers cover many matters of importance in the early history of
British Columbia. An article by Bruce McKelvie, who was instrumental
in the University Library's acquisition of this valuable material,
appeared in the Victoria Daily Colonist of Flay 25, 1958; it describes
the collection and gives an interesting account of the role of the
Trutch brothers in the development'of the province.
Dr. WeIton Marquis
Dr, Welton Marquis, newly-appointed head of the School of
Music at the University, is to arrive on campus about June 15. His
appointment presages an expansion of the University's program in
the field of music, which will no doubt have its effect on Library
collections and service.
Second Arts Resources Conference
The Second Arts Resources Conference of British Columbia,
sponsored by the Community Arts Council of Vancouver, is'to take
place in the Law Building on June 26-28, The Conference, modeled
on the Natural Resources Conference, brings together people
interested-in the development of the arts, A number of important
activities, such as the "artists in the schools program," have
arisen out of Community Arts Council effort, and it is expected
that this meeting will have great importance to the arts throughout
the province.
History of the University of British Columbia
Mr. Harlow (a member of the Editorial Committee) reported
that the printer for the coming volume on the history of the
University has been selected and funds appropriated. Fir, Robert
Reid, typographical consultant to the University, is to supervise
the design of the publication. The book is being written by
Col. Harry Logan and Dr. John Norris, f£
School of Librarianship
Mr. Harlow called-attention to the Chancellor's remarks,
in his Congregation address, about the possible establishment of
a library school at the University. Plans for the School are now
being formulated and the intention is to have a firm porposal ready
for presentation to the President and Senate by this fall. It is
hoped that it may be possible to secure at least one member of
faculty a year in advance of the formal opening of the school,this
person to be engaged in the detailed planning preliminary to its
Library Education Workshop at the Canadian Library Association
Dr. Rothstein reviewed the program for the forthcoming
Library Education Workshop at the Quebec Conference of the C.L.A.
Dr. Harold Lancour, Associate Director of the University of Illinois
Library School, is to serve as consultant for the Workshop. The
chief issues to be discussed at the meeting are:
1. The case for a new library school in Canada.
2. New courses needed in library school curricula,
3. The case for the fifth-year Master's degree in librarianship.
4. Standards of preparation for school librarianship,
5. The case for Canadian accreditation of library schools,.
6. The British pattern of library education and its equivalence
to Canadian standards,
7. The case for an undergraduate library education program.
These are considered to be the chief problems confronting
Canadian library educators and an effort is to be made to have these
questions debated in such a way as to elicit a clear expression on
the merits of each proposal, Mr. Grossman, of the Vancouver Public
Library, is chairman of the conference, and Dr, Rothstein, as
chairman of the C.L.A. Education Committee, has organized the
program and is a chief participant.
Advisory Committee on Scientific Information
Mr. Harlow has received-the official agenda for the
meeting on scientific information, to be held in Ottawa, June 12
and 13. Most of the time available will be given over to papers
analyzing the present situation, but it is hoped that the discussion
will also suggest solutions for the problems described. •■•
Library Building
At its last meeting, the Board of Governors of the
University authorized the University architects to commence work
at once on the plans for the building addition. In the meantime
the Library staff must seek to achieve agreement on the three chief
issues raised by the building program. -3-
A, Subject Divisional Arrangement
Mr, Harlow noted that there was a strong and growing demand
for specialized collections and. services; if the Main Library cannot
satisfy these demands, teaching departments will undoubtedly seek to
establish strong departmental collections. Miss Smith pointed out
the importance of adequately-trained personnel in meeting such needs*
The subject divisions, for the Humanities, Social Sciences,
and Sciences, would serve faculty, graduate students and students in
their third and fourth years; the College Library would aim to meet
the needs of students-in their first and second years. Students in
their first two years, Dr, Rothstein noted, do not specialize and
hence may best be served by a carefully selected general library.
Miss Smith raised the question of the place of the
Sedgewick Reading Room in the new organizational pattern. Mr, Harlow
indicated that preliminary plans call for its placement in the
College Library but that this was not entirely satisfactory and needed
to be worked out,
B, Bibliographical Centres
The draft program calls for the establishment of a
bibliographical centre within each subject division. Such a centre
would house the reference works, bibliographies, and periodicals most
pertinent to each division; it would be located between the reading
room of the division and the book stack and would serve as the stack
portal. The allocation of the various reference works, periodicals,
and bibliographies among the three divisions would require careful
consideration, and Miss Smith felt that duplication would inevitably
be required.
Discussion then centered on the possible need for a general
information section, which might'serve such functions as giving aid
in the use of the card catalogue, answering "ready-reference-questions,
handling telephone requests for the Library Delivery Service, perhaps
even supplying information regarding serials holdings etc. Further
discussion on this point will be necessary.
The dispersal of periodicals among the three subject
divisions would also creat problems, Mr. Harlow suggested that many
serials of too specialized or too general a nature might be retained
in a central location in the stacks, with information supplied by
"house phones."
C, Access to Materials, Third and Fourth Year Students
Mr, Harlow laid out the problem:  should open-shelf
collections be placed in the subject divisional reading rooms or should
all materials be placed in the stacks, with third and fourth year
students depending for access upon securing stack permits? He'pointed
out that because of traffic routes in the new Science division, the
latter scheme might have to be adopted there,
Dr, Rothstein felt that there would be a distinct
psychological disadvantage in having reading rooms without books
visable in them (except for the few in the "bibliographical centres")\
?f -4-
likewise, the presence of some thousands of third and fourth year
students in the stacks would make for serious difficulties unless
some means could be found to prevent these students from occupying
carrels (ie* staying-in the stacks to study their own notes and books).
It was felt, however}  by Miss Lanning and Miss Smith that no such
means could be found, except at inordinate expense for "policing".
The problem of "reserve books" for upper year courses then
received extended discussion. Over three thousand volumes have been
in the Reserve Book Room because they are on "assigned reading" lists
for third and fourth year courses. Some diminution of this number
could be achieved by persuading faculty members to limit "assignments"
in favor of selection- from a wide array of alternative titles, but
some "reserving" would continue to be necessary. Miss Smith felt
strongly that, if such reserve books were placed in the bibliographical
centres of each division, the professional librarian in charge would
have little time free for her professional duties, Furthermore, since
the professional librarian was often likely to be called away from
her desk, serious losses would ensue, Fliss Mercer pointed to the
possibility of having student assistants or clerks available in each
division to look after such reserve book operations.  If book
collections are available on the shelves in the Divisional rooms, and
active stack portals are maintained, adequate checking facilities
will have to be provided. Fir, Harlow thought it might be preferable
to have a small central Reserve Books department for 3rd and 4th year
material near the Loan Desk, which would serve all three subject
divisions. This department would house only the two-hour books,
with the others retained in the subject divisions,
Mr, Harlow suggested the possibility of redesigning the
room layouts-so as to permit the maintenance of open-shelf- collections
in the subject divisions under closer control. This would, however,
not be possible in the Science Division, where the presence of a
public corridor running through the division would make effective
supervision of books on open shelves impossible. He also pointed
out that shelves would have to be specially built into one of the
divisions, since the present Reserve Book Room does not have shelving.
Professional Librarians* Salary Scale
Mr, Harlow announced that,-as of July \  the beginning rate
for professional staff will be $4000, as compared to the present
$3600,  Details are not yet available regarding precise increases
for professional staff members, but it is believed that salary
increases for them will be made on a commensurate basis.  Other rates
have not yet been established.
Statistics, 1957-58
Miss Alldritt reported the following additions to the
book collection during the fiscal year 1957/58:
Titles Catalogued: Volumes Catalogued:
Books: 16,072 Books: I8j548
Serials: 4;717 Serials:11;710
Total: 20,789 Total: 30,258 dc?
The total expenditure for Books, Periodicals, and Binding -
for the year'(including Medicine, Education, Law; and outside funds,
was $190,497, and for all library purposes, $453,088.
Meeting adjourned, 12:45 p.m.
Notable Acquisitions
Blake, William. Illustrations to the Bible; a catalogue compiled by
Geoffrey Keynes. London, 1957. (The Walter C. Koerner Grant
for the Humanities and Social Sciences),
Reference Material Recently Acquired
Atlantic provinces checklist, v. 1, -January-December 1957.  A guide
to current information in books, pamphlets, government publications, magazine articles-and documenta^ films relating to the
four Atlantic Provinces, by the Maritime Library Association in
co-operation with the Atlantic Provinces economic council,
Canada, Defence Research Board,  Directorate of scientific information
service. Bibliography of human resources reports 1947 to 1957.
Part "A".  Compiled by C. L, Arima, 31 Flarch 1958.
Canada. Department of Citizenship and Immigration Library. Canadian
immigration and emigration 1946-1957; a bibliography. Ottawa,
The Department, February 1958.
Canada, National Research Council. Associate Committee on soil and
snow mechanics.  Permafrost; a digest of current information,
Ottawa, August 1957.  (Technical memorandum No. 49)
Canada, National Research Council. Library, Russian scientific and
technical literature available at the National Research Council
Library,  Ottawa, Library 1958,
Canada,  National Research Council.  Library. List of complete
English translations of Russian journals received by the Library
as of 27 January 1958. Ottawa, 1958.
Canada. Royal Commission on Coasting Trade. Report December 9, 1957.
Ottawa, Queen's printer, 1958. Appointed by Order in Council
P. C. 1955-308 of the 1st March 1955.
Canadian Tax Foundation. A subject catalogue of the Foundation's
published material,  1958,  30p, Mimeographed,
U, S, Department of Agriculture, Farmer cooperative service, A
bibliography of dissertations and theses on Cooperatives,
Compiled by Wendell McMillan. Washington, Flarch 1958. (general
report 42). /C&
United States-Geological Survey, Bibliography of North American
Geology, 1955, by Ruth Reece King and others, Washington,
1958.  (U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1065)
United States National Science Foundation, Basic research; a national
resource, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1957.
Vancouver, Board of Trade, Brief on New Municipal Act.  January 30th,
1958, Mimeographed,
Vancouver. Board of Trade. Brief on the Report of the Technical -
Planning Board on "Downtown Vancouver 1955-1976," Vancouver,
1958, Mimeographed.
Vancouver, Board of Trade, Civic Bureau. Committee on Civic
Administration. Report on Civic government in Vancouver, 2v«
May 1956.
Washington. University. Bureau of governmental research and services.
Workshop:  Library cooperation on film services, radio and
television. Proceedings of the Section on Library administration
22nd Annual Institute of Government, 1957.  Seattle, Distributed
by University of Washington Press, Flarch 1958.  (Report no. 139)


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