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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 19, 1957

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February 19, 1957.   No. 146
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, MAA, EF.
Librarian's Trip
Mr. Harlow reviewed briefly the events of his trip. He
spent a short time in Los Angeles at the UCLA Library in studying
their handling of Oriental material, with our problems with Asian
Studies in mind.  He also spent a couple of days at the University
of Michigan, since the Library there has a very active program in
this field.  In discussions with Dr. Raymond Nunn and others there,
it seems that we might be able to use the L.C classification
scheme and thus shelve Chinese and Japanese publications with
European language material in the stack, (keeping a separate shelf
list for Orientalia so that when the collection grows to large
proportions it can be segregated if required without too great
The L.C. classification has some weaknesses, but it is
being used for a collection of over 20,000 volumes at Flichigan.
UBC is beginning to collect Orientalia at an opportune time in
some respects—new rules for cataloguing have been worked out by
ALA and L.C. committees, which will standardize entries, transliteration, and descriptive cataloguing procedures.  Dr. Munn suggested
that UBC join the new cooperative cataloguing program with the
adoption of the new scheme. Mr. Harlow also got advice on book
dealers, catalogues and staff. UBC is now the only depository in
Canada for Japanese government documents. The University (on the
basis of Michigan's experience) should be prepared to spend
annually about $1000 on Chinese and about $300 on Japanese books,
and about $100 for serials.
In Chicago Fir. Harlow, attended the meetings :of the ALA
Council (representing the CLA and BCLA), the ALA-CLA Liaison
Committee, and several other committees.  It is of interest to
report that a joint international conference of the ALA and CLA
has been approved for Montreal in I960.  Although it is estimated
that such a meeting will cost about $20,000 more than one held in
one of the larger U.S. cities, Mr. Harlow felt that the majority of
the members in attendance at Chicago were in favor of the Montreal
meeting place. It is possible that CLA may also invite the International Federation of Library Associations to Montreal as well.
It is suggested that the federal government sponsor foreign book
exhibits and develop an international book fair at the time of the
joint conference. The new Queen Elizabeth Hotel will be the headquarters hotel. There was also discussion, in the Liaison Committee, about
exchange of librarians, and it seems likely that an exchange of
school librarians from the United States and Canada will be arranged
through the United States Office of Education.
In Chicago Mr. Harlow also interviewed persons who might
join the Summer Session faculty to give the course on "The Library in
the School." He is very anxious to have an outside person with a
good reputation offer the course, particularly this first year.
In New York the Librarian saw Mr. Helbig of the Luxfer firm
and straightened out some difficulties that had arisen regarding the
new stack. With Mr. Helbig he visited the United Nations and they
were shown through the building by the Engineer, seeing the printing
plant, recording studios, general assembly chamber, etc.
Candidates for the professional positions in the Library
(of which there may be four vacancies during the next few months) were
interviewed in Montreal and Toronto.  Out of a total of some 80
students, only 6 were sufficiently interested in coming West to
discuss the possibility of employment here.
The University of Toronto is in a state of animation. It
is buying 26 acres of land adjacent to the present site for campus
extension and plans to build a new undergraduate library. Mr. Harlow
visited the Library School, Library, University Press and the Conservatory of Music.
Mr. Harry Campbell, a UBC graduate formerly with UNESCO,
and now Chief Librarian of the Toronto Public Library, was in Chicago
and Mr. Harlow talked with him there. Mr. Campbell has some very good
ideas about the development of library service in the Toronto metropolitan area.
Library of Parliament Law Classification for Canada
Mr. Geoffrey Turner of the Catalogue Division has produced
a critique of the new Law classification made by the Library of
Parliament. He discussed the subject with Dr. Kennedy and
Miss Priestley of the Faculty of Law, and his comments are being
forwarded to Mr. Robert Hamilton in Ottawa.
Curriculum Laboratory Bulletin
Two issues of the Bulletin, prepared by Miss Eleanor Cock,
have been produced so far.  It was agreed that the public service
desks in the Library should receive copies for information.
College of Education
The Faculty of the College of Education plans to publish a
periodical, primarily for teachers and administrators; the first issue
°f the Education Bulletin is to appear in March.  Contributions are
solicited. 5f
At Mr. Lanning's suggestion, Dr. Katz has brought to the
notice of classes in Education the need to take care of library
material both in the Library and outside.
Business Information Exchange
Mr. Wilson of the Faculty of Commerce is developing a
business information exchange service which will catalogue unpublished
reports and other material pertaining to business-and make the
listings available to the participating firms.  Several large organizations, including the B. C Electric Coi, B. C. Telephone Co., and
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, are cooperating, and the
University Library is being asked for advice. No provision is made
for a central depository of material, only an index will be kept.
Miss Nancy Macdonald attended the organization meeting in the Faculty
of Commerce and Business Administration.
Russian Translation Service
The United States Public Health Service maintains a Soviet
translation program for 8 publications which will be issued in an
English language version available by annual subscription. Other
translations of material pertaining to physics, the biological
sciences, translations of tables of contents of scientific periodicals
etc., are also available.
Librarian's Annual Report
The Sun newspaper has had another short editorial on the
Librarian's Annual Report and a number of rural newspapers have
carried brief editorials on it, chiefly comprising material supplied
by the University Information Service. Fir. Harlow has also received
quite a number of letters commenting on his Report.
Food Machines in Armoury
Food dispensing machines have been installed in the Armoury
and tables set up there.  This provision of further facilities for
student meals makes eating in the Library corridors now unjustifiable,
and a determined effort must be made to stop it.  The student Library
Committee has issued a mimeographed sheet urging that students be
orderly in the Library and not eat there.  An issue of The Ubyssey
a few weeks ago had a two-page spread on the Library, and the student
Committee is asking that representatives from the fraternities and
sororities be appointed to promote a campaign for quiet in the building.  If students such as the present members of the Committee, who
are genuinely interested in trying to improve conditions, can be
found next year and the campaign continued for three or four years,
a tradition of good behavior and quiet can probably be established.
Freshman Instruction in Library Use
The program of instruction carried on by the Reference
Division with the assistance of the Department of English and other
divisions of the Library, has been completed.  Lectures were given by
Miss Smith, Miss O'Rourke, Miss Dwyer, Miss MacKenzie, Miss Macdonald
and Mr. Owens. Most of the students this year were interested and
conscientious in carrying out their assignments, only two classes
showing, a poor attitude to the work. 55
Mr. Robert M. Hume
The Vancouver Art Gallery has announced the appointment
of Mr. Robert M. Hume as curator, succeeding Mr. Jerry Morris who
resigned some months ago to go to San Francisco.
Use of Government Publications
In general, when specific government publications are
requested for Summer Session use, extra copies will be obtained in
order to preserve the Reference set from heavy wear and tear.
Library Education Committee
The Library Education Committee of the Public Library
Commission has completed its report and submitted it to the Commission, with a recommendation that it be published. Among other
things it discusses the feasibility of establishing a library school
at UBC. Mr. Harlow remarked that he had discussed library school
problems with Miss Bassam, Director of the School at the University
of Toronto.
The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.
j,      Fliss Hilary Boyce joined the Catalogue Division as Clerk I on
January 28,
Mr. Serge Katarinich is resigning from his position in the
Serials Division on February 28. -    .
Balbin, Bohuslav Alois.  Epitome historica rerum Bohemicarum....
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Historia de ducibus, ac regibus Bohemiae...
Vetero-Pragae, 1735.
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Graphic publishers, 1930.  (Has autographed inscriptions.)
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officina Elzeviriana, 1627.
Sitwell, Sacheverell.  Great flower books, 1700-1900.  London,
Collins, 1956.
New Subscriptions
American federationist
British chemical engineering
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Eastern Canadian anthropological series
Educational screen and audio-visual guide
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December 1956.
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of  UNESCO.  Paris, 1956.
Publications check list.  Paris.
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mountain forest and range experiment station.  Research
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November 1956.


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