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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 11, 1961

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 M  I
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH, SR, IB, BSS, GGT, AMS, NTK, JO'R, MD, DP, AB,
EBM, JS, ML, EC, and HM.
Budget 1961/62
Mr. Harlow briefly reviewed the new budget for
I96I/62. There are several new positions for the Library
Professional Librarian - Social Sciences Division
Senior Library Assistant - Asian Studies (Japanese)
Library Assistants (2)    - Loan Division (confirming
formerly temporary positions)
Library Assistant        - Acquisitions Division
Clerk I - College Library (confirming
formerly temporary position)
Clerk I -" Biomedical Library
Commissionaire - on a Sessional basis.
There is no increase this year In funds for Books
and Magazines, except for a special grant for research collections of $5000.
In the Equipment Account there is an item for the
purchase of two 60-tray units for the public catalog (which,
added to the 120 trays acquired with building funds, will
allow an expansion of the catalog this summer). There is also
an item in the Biomedical Library account for the purchase
of two 15-tray Kardex units.
Information for Students
It has been suggested that mimeographed sheets outlining rules regarding the use of the Library and stacks be
handed to students who come in to obtain stack permits at
the beginning of the term. For example, when a library card
is lost, a duplicate can be obtained at the Registrar's Office
for $2.00 after a waiting period of one week. Smoking is
permitted only in the basement and milling areas, and food
is not to be consumed in the Library building. Information
which can be found in "Know your Library". The purpose of the
Information Desk. The proper use of the stack access privilege
and location of stack entrances and exits. The College Library,
Mr. Bell was asked to draft a statement for this purpose to be discussed at the next meeting.
65 66
"Library Use Only" and "Restricted Use"
Mr. Harlow had prepared and distribute ed to Division
Heads the following preliminary statement regarding the
"Restricted Use" and "Library Use Only" categories, and the
related problems are being discussed by Miss Smith and the
Heads of the subject divisions who will report at a future
"Restricted Use" - non-circulating except for limited use by
certain categories of borrowers (e.g.
faculty, graduate students, and special
cases subject to decision of Miss
Lanning and other professional staff).
"Library Use Only" - Use in the Library only, i.e. stack or
day use.
Suggested placement of materials In categories:
Restricted Use - Bound journals, Government serial publications, Transactions, proceedings, annual
reports of societies, Annual surveys
Library Use - Art books and periodicals, Abstracts,
Parliamentary debates, 1st copy of government
non-serial publications, 1st copy of Royal
Commission reports, Selected sets (i.e.
Hudson Bay records).
Circulating - Monographs in series, Additional copies of
government non-serial publications, additional
copies of Royal Commission reports, Additional
copies of selected sets.
British Columbia Library Association
The report of the BCLA Nominating Committee has been
issued and additional nominations for the Executive can now
be made in writing and sent to Dr. Rothstein, Chairman of
the Committee, by April 22.
Research Colloquium
At the next meeting of the Research Colloquium on
April 17, Mrs. Anne Brearley, Head of the Science Division,
will speak on "Problems Relating to Scientific Information." 67
Postage Meter
It has been noted that only about a third of the
daily mail leaves the Library at the 2:00 p.m. pickup, the
remainder presumably being posted by the divisions in the
outside post boxes. It would, therefore, appear, that if a
postage meter is installed, a final pickup from Divisions
will have to be made about 4:00 p.m. in order to be handled
before 5:00 p.m. For a week's trial, mail will be picked up
in each Division at 4:00 p.m, counted, and deposited by the
mail clerk in the outside post box. The first daily pickup
will be at the time the morning mail is delivered to Divisions
and Interlibrary Loan mail and Extension Library books will
still be picked up at 1:00 p.m.
Pacific Affairs
A temporary office for the publication of Pacific
Affairs has been set up in Room 860 in the south wing of
the Library, with more permanent quarters in a new University
publications Office In the Auditorium building. Miss Mary
Healy, who worked with Professor. Holland at the Institute of
Pacific Relations in New York, has now arrived and is located
in room 860, and she has been given the temporary status of
"honorary" staff member of the Library with the privilege of
using the Staff Room.
Garibaldi Letters
A copy of "Autografi di Garibaldi nella Collezione
Haweis della Universita della Colombia Britannica" has just
been received from the editor and author, Mr. A.P. Campanella.
The article repc duces Garibaldi manuscripts now in the
University Library which came to us from a former staff
member, Mr. Lionel Haweis, whose father was editor of Cassels
magazine in London.
Senate Library Committee
The next meeting of the Senate Library Committee will
be held on April 20. At this time the allocation of the
departmental funds will be made and purchases from the
Committee fund approved.
Recent Gifts
Mr. E. S. H. Winn, late Chairman of the Workmen's
Compensation Board, who later worked with several youth
organizations, left a collection of books which Mrs. Winn
has offered to the Library (including some Canadiana). Miss
Mercer and Mr. Stuart-Stubbs examined the collection and brought
back a number of Items. 68
Mr. Thacker, of Hope, B. C left his library and
other property to the University. The books are being sent
to the Library.
A further gift of fine art books from Japan is being •
made by Mr. Tanabe, the Japanese Consul in Vancouver.
Special Libraries
As part of BCLA's contribution to the CLA library
Inquiry, Ifliss Fraser has obtained a brief description of
the Doukhobor library at Grand Porks, containing over 2200
volumes, 1700 of which are in Russian. They include Russian
literature, history, and culture and are administered by the
Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ.
Monthly Reports
Asian Studies (cont.) Miss Ng reports that we have
not yet obtained a copy of the basic Weda-Giles Chinese
dictionary, and an effort will be made to secure either an
original or xerographic copy. She also reports that the
original order of Chinese cards from the Library of Congress
has not yet been received, after several months. Thus far,
35 titles have been catalogued here and LC cards for a further
115 titles have been ordered. There are about 72,200 volumes
in the Asian Studies collection of which approximately 45,000
are in the P'u-pan collection.
Under present loan regulations, call slips for
Asian Studies material which are signed by Miss Ng will be
charged out at the Loan Desk, and an arrangement for mailing
overdue notices is being worked out.
There are serious problems concerning binding of
Asian Studies material, and Miss Ng, Mr. Lanning, Mr. Fryer
and Mr. Harlow will discuss them.
The very rare material in the P'u-pan collection
will be segregated and taken to Special Collections.
Loan Division. There has been an overall increase
of 19$ in loans for the month of February, compared with
i960, a major part of it being due to the use of the College
It has been recommended that student assistants be
trained for from two to four hours before the term starts,
especially for work at the stack entry and the circulation
files.  Student assistants are also needed for 35 hours a
week for shelf reading during the University term. 69
The Anglican Theological College is to issue library
identification cards to all students next year for use in the
University Library.
Biomedical Library A large increase in reference
work is reported at the Branch, probably due to the opening
of the new Fairmont Medical Building close to the General
Hospital. No corresponding decrease in the use of the library
at the College of Physicians and Surgeons has occurred; this
collection, now the basis of the B. C. Medical Library Service,
is supported by the doctors of the province and is promoting
the out-of-town use of Its services.
Miss Fraser also reported a considerable increase
in the cost of medical periodicals.
Colombo Plan Fellowships
Miss Smith reported that fellowships are to be
offered under the Colombo Plan to librarians from Asian
countries to bring them to Canada for experience.
Miss Marion Cox visited the Library on her way from
New Zealand to England.  She is a friend of Mr. Havard Williams
who recently visited U.B.C. en route from the University of
Otago to a new position as assistant librarian at Leeds
University; on June 1, he becomes librarian of Queens
University, Belfast.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon


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