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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 31, 1950

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OCTOBER 31, 1950, at 11:00 a.m.
Present: Dr. Dunlap, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning,
Miss Mercer, Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler.
Dr. Dunlap informed the meeting that he had been
asked by the President to take charge of arrangements for
Mr. Blackburn's visit to the University on November 1-3, and
he outlined the plans made for it. A staff tea in the Library
will be given on Thursday afternoon, and Miss Mercer was asked
to make the necessary arrangements.
Dr. Dunlap asked Miss Lanning for a report on
conditions in the Library on Saturday afternoon during the football game. One commissionnaire was on duty and reported having
stopped about eight persons who attempted to get on the roof.
A few spectators got into the map room, but there was no
confusion in the building and the afternoon passed quietly.
Miss Smith said that students had objected to the Library being
closed on Saturday afternoon.  Dr. Dunlap said that when he had
explained the situation to a few persons who mentioned it they
had been sympathetic and had appreciated the Library's predicament.
The Librarian reported that the letter to faculty setting
forth the new regulations regarding loans, etc., had been sent out.
So far there have been few comments. Dean Angus had written an
acknowledgment in which he approved of the new regulations.
"Blocking" of books was further discussed. Miss Jefferd
said there was not space enough above the call number for
additional symbols. Miss Mercer said experience at the Loan Desk
had proved that books marked "X" to indicate Extension Library
were still demanded at the Loan Desk because the borrower did not
always add the "X" above the call number. Mr. Rothstein suggested
using symbols which are meaningful in themselves, e.g., MED, LAW,
AP, etc., which are more easily remembered than a symbol such as
"X". Miss Jefferd pointed out the magnitude of the job involved
in marking every card in the catalogue. It was finally agreed
that rubber stamps be used to indicate location of books, and that
no further "blocking" be done. Mr. Lanning agreed that the
practice would be good in the case of Law and Medicine, but he
asked what should be done about the small departmental libraries.
Dr. Dunlap agreed that the practice should proceed carefully
and that the Library should avoid using such stamps for a lot of
small collections, as this might give the appearance of
recognizing the departmental libraries and giving them a status
the Library does not wish to establish. Miss Jefferd will
supply a list of the small collections which will have to be
considered in this connection.
Dr. Dunlap asked Miss Lanning how the periodicals were
coming in, and Miss Lanning reported that on the whole they were
coming in very well. There are a few hold-outs. Dr. Dunlap asked
for a list of borrowers who have not responded to the request for
return of bound periodicals; he will take the matter up with them
himself. He asked Mr. Lanning for the same information regarding unbound periodicals. The Librarian also asked that another
notice be sent out to borrowers who had not returned books
for inventory, although they had received two requests to do
so.  He would like to continue pressing for return of books
and periodicals according to the rules adopted by the Library
Mr. Lanning and Miss Smith both expressed interest in
the fate of the gramophone record collection. It is understood
that the service maintained by the Extension Department has
been suspended for the time being. Dr. Dunlap replied that he
believed the Library should show no interest in it officially
until and unless it is asked to do so and is provided with money
to carry on the service properly. Mr. Lanning reported that
Mr. Adaskin hopes to get recording booths for the use of the
Music Department, and if this plan does materialize the matter
of gramophone records will be in the hands of the Music Department.
Mr. Lanning expressed his thanks to the Reference
Division for taking care of government publications during the
re-organization and establishment of the Serials Division during
the summer. Miss Smith asked if the Reference Division was to
continue to service government publications, and this question
will be discussed at a later meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.


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