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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 26, 1957

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■    i i- H i-i  -r -1- i ■■ ' i- " i r i  i- i -)--
March 26, 1957.  No. 150
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, MAA, EF.
Attention was directed to the March 18, 1957, issue of
"Life" magazine, which contains a 2-page article, "Should your
Child be a Librarian?", by Edward G. Freehafer, Director of the
New York Public Library. It is one in a series of advertisements
by the New York Life Insurance Company and appeared in a number of
mass circulation publications.
The Vancouver Province of March 25 was also mentioned
as containing a large spread describing the building needs of the
University and giving additional library accommodation a high
Discard Notice
Books from the duplicate collection have been selected
by Mr. Fowler of the University Hill High School for the new
library there. They are now in the shipping room of the Library,
and should be inspected by Library departmental representatives
before April 2.
Text Book Collection
Miss Lanning suggested that before the big shift of the
book stock takes place the Education text books, including many
multiple copies, should be weeded. Dr. Rothstein, with Dr. Katz
and Dr. Johnson of the College of Education, will be asked to look
over the material and select what should be retained. Single copies
of many of the older items should probably be retained for the
historical text book collection.
Stack Construction
Commonwealth Construction Company workmen are chipping
off rough edges, etc,, of the concrete decks preliminary to painting the ceilings. The steel stacks will probably be delivered at
the end of this week,
Loan-Serials Desk
Mr. Harlow presented to the meeting a sketch of the
present plan for this service area, showing two desks separated by
a waiting space. It is proposed that all bound volumes, including
serials, be paged by the Loan Desk staff and all unbound materials 11
by the Serials staff. An alternative plan provides for a single
wicket at which all requests are to be made whether for bound or
unbound material. Either procedure can be followed with the proposed
desk arrangement. Mr. Stuart-Stubbs and Dr. Rothstein have been
working chiefly with Mr. Lanning and Mr. Bell in the proposal.
Location of Reference Sets
The question was raised again whether indication should be
made in the public catalog that certain sets of reference material,
e.g., Chemical Abstracts, which are not classified under "Z", are
not in their normal location in the stacks. It was agreed that the
Catalog Division (advised by Miss Smith and Dr. Rothstein) will
prepare a short list of major sets with which a beginning can be
made. The insertion of a sloping "half card", with the proper
notation, will be investigated as a means of minimising the work.
A start will be made with the indexes.
Directories to the Journal Collection
Fliss Smith has selected from the periodical indexes
,several hundred titles of the most-used serials for representation in
a visible file directory in the Ridington Room. The one-line
entries will include only a title (or short title) and call number.
After a discussion of the general needs for such periodical lists in
the Library, the plan was agreed to, and the Reference Division will
prepare the list to be set up in existing Flexoline equipment.
Directories in the Stack
The meeting also discussed the need for a list of all
current periodicals, giving call numbers (but not holdings), in the
stack area. It would now involve some 4000 titles, to be revised
as changes in the subscription list take place. Dr. Rothstein
defended the division of the list into several categories, placing
the directories near to the material to which it pertains (sciences,
social sciences, humanities).
Remington-Rand (tubular style) visible units will probably
be secured, and the Serials Division will begin to prepare the list
of journals as soon as possible. A division can be made later
concerning the arrangement of titles in the stacks.
This auxiliary information in the Reference Room and the
stack should relieve much of the pressure upon the Serials information service which will probably develop in the new location. It
may be that under such circumstances the proposed central serials
record in the Serials Division will be feasible.
Publications Sponsored by UNESCO
A large number of publications sponsored or subsidized by
UNESCO, but not available on a depository basis, are being called
for by the College of Education and should probably be catalogued
and even duplicated. Mr. Harlow asked Dr. Rothstein, Miss Smith and
Miss Alldritt to work out a proposal. —>
CLA in Victoria
■1,-1,1—ii—■■■ ww> n-iiiiwirM^pwx*—
The annual conference of the Canadian Library Association
will be held in Victoria from June 12 to 15, and a number of meeting
will be open to all members of the Association. Mr. Harlow
encourages a large number of staff to take the opportunity to
attend. He only reminds the Division Heads that enough people must
be on duty to keep the Library operating.
Russian Journals
Mr. Lanning has supplied a list of some 55 volumes of
Russian publications which have recently been received from
Mr. Moiseev, who visited the Library last autumn as one of the
Russian Fisheries delegation who toured Canada.
At a University luncheon last week for Sr. Gonzalez de la
Loza, the Consul for Mexico in Vancouver, Mr. Harlow had an
opportunity to talk about Mexican publications. Sr. de la Loza
indicated his great interest in developing the collection of material
here and he will visit the Library shortly. Thus far our interest
has been limited chiefly to the language and literature of that
region, and little effort has been made to extend the field of
interest further. The local consuls from the United States
(Mr. Trueblood), Venezuela (Sr. Pedro A. Acero), Peru (Sr. Gonzales
Arriz), Colombia (Mr, Herbert Morris), and Ecuador (Sr. Francisco L.
Guerrero), were also in attendance.
■■Wim .Ml j —!■■
A bound volume of Time was displayed by Mr. Lanning from
which pages have been torn in several places. Quite a bit of this
kind ©f vandalism is being discovered.
Education Students Leaving Campus
Students in Education are now writing final examinations,
and they will go out for a month's practice teaching when they are
finished. Some of them will return for Summer Session, but most
will not come back to the University. Miss Lanning asked what shoulc
be done about their requests for books as they are leaving the
campus; she and Miss Cock would like instructions. Mr. Harlow asked
Dr. Rothstein to discuss the matter immediately with Dr. Katz.
Annual Return of Books
Notice to faculty to return all library material for the
annual check will be sent out during the week commencing April 15.
Material may be returned to the Library by the campus delivery
service if it is not to be charged out again immediately, otherwise
the borrower must come in person.
The meeting adjeurned at 12 noon. / 3
Wurzbach, Alfred.  Niederlaendisches Kuenstler-Lexikon. Leipzig
1904-11. 3 v.
New Subscriptions:
Administrator's notebook.
Acta chirurgica Scandinavica. v. 77-99, 1936-49.
Acta medica Scandinavica. Supplementa.  (173-222),
Antiquaries journal, v.29-36, 1949-56.
Ohio journal of science, v. 50-54, 1950-54.
UNITED STATES. Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife
Service. Fishery Bulletin 111. "Tunas and Tuna Fisheries of
the World. An Annotated Bibliography, 1930-53," by W. G.
Van Campen and E. E. Hoven. Washington, 1956.
Binnington, John P. "Soviet Scientific Journals in English Translations." Special Libraries 48 (January, 1957), 28-30,
A useful reference source: lists journals which are being
translated, giving data on publisher, frequency, cost, etc,
Paylore, Patricia. "The Heart of the Matter." Wilson Library
Bulletin 31 (February, 1957), 455-458, 461.
What's wrong with library schools and library education.
Whiteman, Philip M, "Professional Inertia in Britain." library
Journal 82 (January 1, 1957), 28-31.
A hard-hitting attack on library education in Britain.


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