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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 20, 1952

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 No. 7
TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1952, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr. Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Mr. Lanning, Miss Fugler.
Miss Smith was absent because of illness.
Most of the work of providing new quarters for the
bindery has been completed, and the machines are being moved into
place today.
As a result of inventory, many books have been set aside
for re-lettering. There are no shelves in the present marking
room, and the books remain on trucks while there. Miss Jefferd
asked if shelves could be put up to release the trucks.
Mr. Lanning said that the re-lettering was being finished as fast
as possible, and that the tierup of trucks was temporary and
should be over in a few days. Leaving the books on the trucks
speeds up the operation.
Now that there are locks on all doors leading into the
book stack, the Librarian would like to have them locked when the
building is closed:
^Main Reading Room to Serials—locked by Serials staff when
Division closes,
^-Main Reading Room to Stack (Loan Desk)—by Loan staff when
Library closes,
^Corridor to Ridington Room and into Reference Workroom—
locked by Reference when Library closes,
^Corridor to Reserve Book Reading Room and to R.B.R. workroom-
locked by R.B.R. staff when bu^rling R^sas- During
Library hours when staff is not on duty there, Reading
v^is Room doors to be locked; R.B.R. workroom doors and door
^vM, ^>      into stackt© be closed (but not locked),
^Corridor^to First Aid Room--always locked; ^irst"^id"~yot?»-ab©
^Corridor to Staff locker room on floor S always to be closed,
but not locked until 5 p.m.,
<, r~* k'lT ~<r>    * Catalogue Room doors (which lead indirectly to. stack) to be
[j^t^^^A'-l^ie^when Division closes,  U '^«~-^£w.
^Receiving Room door, locked at 5:10 (or 12:10),^
""All stack doors into south fire stair to be always closed
except when in immediate use; not to be propped open at
any time, . .
v Door from Anthropology Museum to 1st level stack to be always \ttck^
except during immediate use.
If it is found that the public make entry or exit at R.B.R. or elsewhere, the regulations will need to be modified.  Public access to
stack area (in or out) is to be only at the Loan Desk portal. n
The Librarian has noted that several windows on the
receiving room floor have been left open recently, as well as in
Fine Arts and elsewhere. With no night janitor service during the
summer, it is important to have all windows shut when the building
is closed, and especially important to see that those on the ground
level are locked.
An estimate has been secured for installing six warning
bells in the Library, of which three would be in the stacks and one
each in the Main Reading Room, the Ridington Room, and the Reserve
Book Reading Room. They are being considered for use to notify
persons when the closing hour approaches.
Miss Lanning made several suggestions regarding inventory.
She proposed that the Reserve Book Room be used for the work of
checking; it is close to the Catalogue Division, and the staff working
on this task can do so without interruption from the public.
It might also enable those at the public desk to give better service.
The Reserve Book Reading Room is not in other use at the time of
inventory and could well be used for the purpose suggested. There
was general approval of Miss Lanning*s recommendation. Mr. Harlow
said that next year there should be a notice at the Loan Desk to      j
indicate that inventory is under way and that service is necessarily
reduced; this would make it clear to the public why not all of the
persons there were on public duty, and explain any unusual
confusion. The check of the Reference Room must be made in advance
of the general inventory, since that material ranges through the
whole of the classification, and any delay there delays the work of
inventory considerably. It was reported that to make the check in
the Ridington Room at the proper time disturbs students working in
the Bio-Medical Reading Room.  The Librarian thought that if the
teams were reasonably careful there should not be enough noise to
disturb the students, but that if they were only using the room as a
place to study, they could move into the wings of the Main Reading
Room. It was also suggested that perhaps the Reference staff should
not be expected to check the Reference shelves; they seem to have
many other projects on hand and can ill spare the time for this job.
Of the approximately 900 books missing on the first count,
most have been lost this year.  Comparatively few are missing from
the Reserve book stacks. Mr. Harlow said that he would be glad to
have any further information about missing books when it is available.
One hundred and twenty-six faeulty members still have books which
they have not returned. The Librarian will write another letter to
these "delinquents*.
Miss Mercer and Mr. Lanning have discussed the matter of
space for this material, but they asked whether permanent or temporary
storage was to be considered. Mr. Harlow said that he was thinking of OS
3 n
a place where it could be left for some considerable time.  Several
possible locations were discussed, but no decision was made.
A proposal has been made to have the University Library
take over the present library of the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of British Columbia and, in return for this and an
annual contribution in money, to give library service (similar to
that given to extra-mural status) to the members of the Institute
and their articled clerks in the Province. The plan looks toward
a closer integration of the training of chartered accountants with
the work of the School of Commerce here. The proposal has been
considered by the Institute, the Library Committee, and the
Librarian, and is being submitted to the President for presentation
to the Board of Governors at this month's Board meeting. Mr. Harlow
said that he would not be interested in the proposal if it only
meant giving library service to another outside group, but that he
favours the present plan since it contemplates developing the
University's teaching program.
The library of the Institute is not large, and much of it
is out of date, but there are good files of periodicals which the
University does not have, and a fair amount of basic material which
will be a useful addition to the Library's holdings. The matter of
accommodation for this material will have to be considered. There
was talk of a possible future re-arrangement of the stack so that
it would start at A and work through in alphabetical succession to Z.
Any extensive re-arrangement will depend upon more stacks, and the
Librarian hopes to work on this problem before very long,
Miss Lanning asked if a mimeographed statement could be
provided, explaining what extra-mural use may be made of the
Library, Mr, Harlow is undertaking to draw up such a statement.
Mr. Harlow said that he is thinking of having Library
bookplates printed instead of engraved. He wishes to provide
special bookplates for the many gift funds and to have them
engraved makes the cost prohibitive. The general feeling was that,
while an engraved plate is in many ways desirable, so little
discriminating attention is paid to the bookplate once it is in
the book, that a printed one would serve the purpose satisfactorily.
Miss Lanning said that some of her staff could now do
miscellaneous jobs of filing, etc., for other divisions if such
work is available.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.


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