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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 28, 1953

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Array No. 43
TUESDAY, JULY 28, 1953, at 10 a.m.
Present:  Mr, Harlow, Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Lanning, Miss Mercer,
Mr, Lanning, Miss Rutherford, Miss Fugler,
P. 2, Stackroom: It was agreed that no space be left on the shelves
between periodical sets (e.g. medical classification on level 2) but at the ends
of the shelves instead,
A copy of the Proceedings of the ALA meeting in Los Angeles has been
received and will be available for staff reading, Mr, Harlow drew attention
particularly to the notes on NEW SERIALS TITLES, which is succeeding SERIAL TITLES
NEWLY RECEIVEDj to the binding and shelving of UN material? and to the report of a
Personnel Clinic which was conducted by Mr, Kroeger. The Proceedings will be
circulated to the Division Heads and to other staff.
Mr, Bell has expressed an interest in attending the PNLA conference in
Sun Valleyj and Miss Jefferd is also interested if she can make suitable
arrangements regarding transportation,
Mr, Harlow has issued authorization cards to individuals who have
occasion to enter the Library building after regular hours and has advised the
Department of Buildings and Grounds that the Patrol may require such a card from
anyone found in the building or leaving it outside business hours. The cards have
been issued to Division Heads, First Assistants, and to a few others who have
indicated a need for access,
This student has accumulated a very large amount of fines, and Mr, Harlow
has been asked by the University Administration to withhold library service until
settlement is made, Mr, de Wolf is not registered in Summer Session and must pay
all debts to the University before enrolling in the fall,
The black paint applied recently to the spines of books seems to be
peeling off. Mr, Harlow will look for a solution to the problem,
As a matter of interest Mr, Harlow and Miss Mercer displayed the volumes
bearing accession numbers 1 and 2 in the University Library, being two volumes of
the Story of the Nations, These first two volumes acquired by the Library were
accessioned in November, 1914. -2-
Mr, Harlow understands that this rental typewriter service is to become
available in Canada, and he is writing for further information. This type of servic
provides for one-half hour of use for ten cents, upon inserting a dime into a slot
provided. If the service can be established here it could be accommodated in the
Kla-How-Ya Room,
If a borrower loses a Library book and pays for a replacement, he can not
later obtain the return of his money even though the book may turn up and be
restored to the Library, In every case a considerable amount of staff time and
effort will have been expended, and usually the money will have been spent upon
the replacement. Staff are therefore advised that no promise of refund is to be
Some second copies of old" theses, accumulated -ain-ee the time when the
University required the deposit of only one copy, have been brought to light. Some
years ago Faculty were invited to indicate which they considered worth keeping and
those chosen were then bound. It is now decided to flush bind the remainder as
Archive copies as a precaution against loss of the originals,
Should the Library keep these? There was no strong feeling that the
Library should accumulate files of such publications, although Miss Smith suggested
that they might be of use in the Howay-Reid Collection, as possible sources of
biographical information. Mr. Harlow will try to learn whether the Provincial
Library keeps files of the annuals.
A new evening course which will be open to social workers and graduate
nurses has a registration of about 100 so far. A request has been made to have a
small reserve book library provided for the convenience of students, preferably in
the Wesbrook Building, where the course will be given. Since the group meets two
nights a week (6:30 to 8:30 p.m.) it"means that the books cannot be returned for
several days, Mr, Harlow has recommended that instead of buying multiple copies
of 10 or 11 titles the Nursing School list perhaps, 25 or 30 different titles, so
that less duplication will suffice. In order to avoid competition with regular
users of Reserve books (e.g., the registered students in Social Work), it was
suggested that a separate collection is advisable. If it should be established in
the Wesbrook Building the problem would be simplified, but it would, on the other
hand, create another complication in the old problem of departmental reading rooms,
Mr. Harlow also feels that if students come to the main Library they may become
exposed to other books than those required for the course, but it was pointed out
that people taking a course of this kind are probably too busy to do more than the
minimum required reading, and that it might be a deterrent to require them to travel
from the Wesbrook Building to the Library after lectures in order to get the books
they must read, (It was remarked that regular students searching the catalogue
would notice that there were several copies of certain titles and would expect them
to be available, but Mr, Harlow reminded the Division Heads that it had been agreed
not to put cards in the public catalogue for multiple copies, above two, of RBR and -3-
BMRR books; /Minutes No. 20, p. 1). Books obtained specially for this Nursing
course could be put in one place in RBR, but unless they were segregated there
would be no way to keep other students from monopolizing them. The problem will
be a continuing one, from year to year, and Mr, Harlow will discuss the question
further with Miss Morrison of the School of Nursing, Miss Mercer pointed out that
if books are to be on hand for a course starting in September they will need to be
ordered at once,
The multiple forms for Acquisitions and Cataloguing have been ordered,
but no decision has yet been made concerning the related slips to be used by
Reference and Serials. Miss Jefferd, Miss Smith, Miss Mercer and Mr, Lanning
should discuss the matter this week and come with recommendations to the next
Heads meeting if possible.
A difficulty occasionally arises in tracing correspondence relating to
gifts, and it was suggested that whenever a gift is acknowledged by letter, a copy
be sent to the gift file in the Acquisitions Division. A central correspondence
file of this kind should simplify the continuing acknowledgement procedure.
After discussion it was agreed that copy one of acknowledgement
correspondence be sent to the Librarian's office and from there to Acquisitions
for filing. If the Division needs a copy, a carbon should be made at the time of
writing for this purpose,
In order that an entry may be made in the card file for faculty
publications, each"should be sent, wherever received in the Library, first to the
Librarian's office. It will then be sent to the Reference Division to be noted
for the annual Faculty list,and should be returned to Room B for filing,
This newly revised periodical is now being renxated. First cumulated from
month to month, it is now proposed as a fsemi-annual cumulation. Mr. Lanning remarked that it is a report only of new titles from the reporting libraries.
The new Union List of Serials will be available in October, and orders
should be entered now. Mr, Harlow asked Mr. Lanning to find out the cost and then
discuss the question of how many copies the Library needs,
Mr. Harlow asked whether the check of material in Medicine can be complete;
before term opens in September. Miss Lanning said that Miss Jefferd wishes to do
this work herself because it is the first inventory of the "W" class and she is
likely to detect snags which would escape less experienced library staff. Some
sets are now half in R and half in W, pending re-lettering, but all volumes of such
sets are shelved together. Mr, Harlow said that he did not wish the Catalogue
staff to spend a month on work of this kind, but Miss Jefferd feels that she can do
it herself in a week or so with assistance from the Circulation staff. Mr, Harlow
would like to be able to advise the Library Committee regarding the condition of the -4-
whole collection at its first fall meeting. Miss Lanning will lend staff to assist
Miss Jefferd,
Hakluyt Society Series
Dr. H, R. MacMillan is continuing to add to his original gift of Hakluyt
Society publications, and fourteen more numbers are on the way. It is very
probable that the Library will eventually secure a complete set of this important
series, Mr, Harlow is having a bookplate printed to be used in Dr. MacMillan's
gifts which are not Forestry material,
UC Press Publications
Mr, Lanning supplied a list of items missing from our files of University
of California series, and Mr. Harlow arranged to secure these, as far as possible,
when he was in California recently, Mr. Fruge, Manager of the Press, has even
undertaken to gather together out-of-print items from University departments in an
effort to complete our files.
This booklet, issued by the UC Press, will be circulated to Division
Heads as a matter of interest and information.
Mr, Harlow has been discussing with Dr, Hawthorn the matter of. anthropological publications for exchange by the Library and there is a possibility that a
joint publishing program may be undertaken by the University and the Provincial
Dr. Hawthorn is to visit New Zealand this winter and it is hoped that he
may be able to secure a good many publications for us there. As a preliminary,
Mr. Harlow asked Mr. Lanning for a report on what we now get from New Zeland.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Mr. Spratt left the Library on July 24th. He will take up his duties
as Librarian of Victoria College in August,


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