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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 26, 1954

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No. 81
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1954, at 11:15 a.m.
Present: Fir. Harlow, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Lanning, Fliss Fiercer,
Fliss Alldritt, Fliss O'Rourke, Mr. Lanning, Fliss Fugler.
An effort will be made to have an actual count of the
book stack made on Sunday, November 7 (which is not a symphony day)
Mr. Harlow needs the results of the count for use in preparing a
report on probable building needs for the Library during the next
ten years. Until the size of the collections is known with
reasonable accuracy he cannot make a useful estimate of future
needs and ask for funds over a ten year period to satisfy them.
A notice will be posted in each Division, calling attention to the
project and asking for volunteers.  The work would begin at 10 a.m.
.and if all goes as planned should end by about 4 p.m. Heat will
be left on all day.  Transportation from the bus loop at Blanca
Street will be arranged for those without cars, coffee and dessert
will be supplied and workers should bring their lunch.  The stack divided into sections by classification and each section
will be marked. Every item that is catalogued and standing on the
shelves as a separate unit will be counted. Flaterial in pamphlet
boxes will not be included.  The Circulation file will be counted
separately, and the departmental collections will be entered later
as time permits.  Forms upon which to record the figures will be
supplied.  Division Heads will count and will also act as consultants when questions arise.  The Heads will meet at 5 p.m. on
Saturday, November 6, to put up signs marking off the stack into
sections.  At next week's meeting Fir, Rothstein will have a draft
form for consideration.
Fir, Rothstein and Mr, Lanning will examine catalogued
but unbound material on the shelves and decide what is to be done
with it. Fliss Alldritt, Fir. Lanning and Mr, Rothstein will go
through the stack and turn down material which should not be
counted.  All of this will be added to the count eventually when
it is put through the bindery and catalogued. The project will be
discussed week and final decisions made.
The Librarian asks for Sunday volunteers because the
count must be made of the whole collection at one time
before loans and returns upset the figures.  About twenty
staff will be required to carry out the project and he very
much hopes that enough people will be able to participate
in order that an authoritative figure may be secured once
and for all upon which all future records of library
holdings can be based. /(e
Mr. Harlow attended a meeting of University officials
this morning to consider the situation resulting from the fire
which destroyed a large part of Brock Hall. The north end, which
is undamaged, will be cleaned up and made available for student
groups immediately and the south end will be roofed as quickly as
possible; the central portion will be restored, it is hoped, by
Christmas.  The Alumni office will be re-located elsewhere, and
the Congregation tea on Friday, 29th October, will be held in the
Law Building. The Librae may accommodate student groups from time
to time who have been dispossessed and require meeting places.
The lights went off at about 7:30 p.m. and staff proceeded
to get students out of the building.  There was the usual clamor
of students who had gone out and wanted to get back in to pick up
books, etc.  The doors can not be locked in an emergency of this
kind-until the majority of students have left, and staff members
have to be stationed at entrances to prevent people coming in.
There is always the danger of fire if spills are lighted, and this
should not be permitted.  It turned out that not all staff members
knew where to find flashlights and also that, again, some flashlights were missing. Fir, Harlow requested that Division Heads
please check once a month to be sure the flashlight is in its place
and is working. Fresh batteries should be requested as soon as the
light shows any signs of dimness. By the time students were got out
on Flonday night, the lights went on, but the Library remained
closed.' Mr. Harlow agreed that this was the proper course to follow,
since, under the circumstances, it was not certain how long lights
would remain on.
Quantities of literature are being left in the library
building. Mr. Harlow objects to having the Library made a distribution medium for any non-library material and he requested that
whenever it appears it be gathered up and sent to his office, where
it will be returned to the owner if possible.
Three Divisions and the Librarian's office are involved in
exchanges.  The office sends out University of British Columbia
publications and the material received in return may go to
Acquisitions, Serials, or Reference.  Since most of it is serial
in nature, the majority goes to Serials, but government publications
go to Reference.  Acquisitions handles duplicate book exchange
material and Serials handles duplicate periodical exchanges.  There
are also medical material exchanges which Fliss Fraser deals with.
The Librarian's office needs to know what publications are received
in exchange for UBC series and what is the last issue we have
received. Mr. Lanning and Fliss O'Rourke stated that this information is available in Serials and in Reference. When the
Librarian's office makes an exchange arrangement it will supply
information to whichever Division is concerned. !7
Material received, from this Foundation comprises books, .
pamphlets, reprints, etc.  It was agreed that every item should go
to Acquisitions for recording; the pamphlet material will be
forwarded from Acquisitions to Reference, the books will be
processed in the usual way.  Book-plates supplied by the Foundation
should be used in plating.
A rubber stamp has been ordered and it should be.
possible, from November 1, to begin this service.
The new cataloguer is to spend half-time cataloguing the
collections in departmental reading rooms, and it is proposed to
begin with Mining & Metallurgy some time this autumn. As soon as
this is done, everything that is received in the Library and sent
to the reading room will be fully processed and catalogued' before
it goes to the Department.
Fir. Harlow asked if 100 volumes of rebinds a month are
going through the Bindery. Fir. Lanning said that this number
either of rebinds or of prebinds, but not both, is being handled.
The Librarian pointed out that the Bindery may be reaching its
maximum capacity and the work must be so apportioned that all needs
will be provided for on a regular basis.
The two new exit locks, to the fire stair from the main
reading room and to the roof of the wing, are more exposed than
those in the stacks and may possibly be subject to tampering.
A bell will ring if the glass is broken and' the doors are opened,
and Fir. Harlow asked that if a bell rings anywhere in the building
(at other than closing time) the staff should investigate immediately and try to find the person responsible. Fir. Harlow has'been
asked by the President to report such cases to him.
Mr, Harlow wishes to hear from any Division Head who is
in dire need of additional typewriters to carry on the work of the
The first of the series will be given in the Library on
Monday, November 1, at 3:30 a.m.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.


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