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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 9, 1959

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 ? 2
/      J
June 9,   1959-    :      No.   196
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH,   SR,  RJL,  DF,  Fir.  Stuart-Stubbs for Circulation,
Miss Dobbin for Cataloguing,  Fliss Scott for Acquisitions,
Mrs.  Brearley for Reference,  EF.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Osborne will visit the Library this
afternoon and Fir. Harlow would like to get the staff together to
meet them. Fir. Osborne and the first Mrs. Osborne, who died in 1946,
presented the Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books (3,000
volumes, 1566-1910) to the Toronto Public Library. Mr. Osborne
was formerly librarian of the county library of Derbyshire, England,
and the present Mrs. Osborne is Director of the State School of
Librarianship in Stockholm.
Exhaust Vents in Bookstack - PLEASE NOTE
The Buildings and Grounds Department reminds us not to
place books against the exhaust grills in the Ridington Room, book-
stacks, or elsewhere because they interfere with ventilation and
heating.  Some of the grills were installed behind shelves, and care
should be taken to keep these places open.
In Lieu of
Acting Librarian - From June 15 to 19,   Dr.  Rothstein,   and
from June 22 to 26,  Mr.  Lanning.
Acting Biomedical Librarian,   during Fliss Fraser's absence,
Fliss Laddy.
Acting Head,   Cataloguing,   during Mrs.  Turner's absence,
Fliss Dobbin.
Acting Head,  Reference,  until Miss O'Rourke's or
Fliss Smith's return,  Firs.   Brearley.
Acting Head,   Loan Division,   during Fliss Lanning's and
Fir.  Bell's absence,  Mr.  Stuart-Stubbs.
Acting  Head,   Acquisitions,   during Fliss Flercer's absence,
Fliss  Scott. 22.
/ /
On Thursday^ June 11, tenders for the construction of the
Library addition will be opened, and it will be decided then whether
all or only major portions of the proposed work can be completed.
The total cost will include the general contractor's bid, the cost
of the bookstacks, of the remodeling of the existing building, and
of furnishings, for which a maximum of a million and a half dollars
is available.
Extension Library
The Extension Library's new quarters are supposed to be
ready for occupation on June 15, probably not including alteration
in the west wall of the building for the new entrance, to be
completed later. The shift of books to the new  area will take place
next week under the supervision of Fir. Stuart-Stubbs.  Miss Stewart
(who was absent for part of last week on  sick leave) prepared during
the weekend some 200 book parcels for mailing, and hereafter for a
brief period notices will be sent to borrowers advising them of a
temporary delay in service.
"Know Your Library"
Reprinting of this leaflet has to be done during the
summer and Fir. Harlow asked the Division Heads and staff to read the
current edition and make suggestions for changes promptly, keeping in
mind that the same size will be retained.
Japanese Publications
The first shipment of publications from the Japanese Diet
Library have now been checked in, necessitating, for the first time,
serials card entries entirely in Japanese. Two student assistants,
working under the supervision of Prof. Dore, have been doing the work,
and during the winter session one student (probably working 10 hours
a week) will continue the work.
Dr. Rothstein and Miss Dwyer to the CLA Conference
The Canadian Library Association will hold its annual
meeting in Edmonton, June 21 to 27.  Council meetings will be held
on Sunday and Flonday, the 21st and 22nd, the Conference proper on
Tuesday through Thursday, and a special workshop for school
librarians on Friday and Saturday. Dr. Rothstein will attend for
the whole week, and Fliss Dwyer for the period of the Conference.
There will be a 1| hour session devoted to college and
university library problems, of which Dr. Rothstein is chairman, and
he asked for suggested topics for discussion. A report on the
collection and publication of university library statistics, prepared
by Mr. Stuart-Stubbs, and recommendations covering salary standards
for 1959/60, by Mr. Harlow, will probably come up.
Dr. Rothstein is also to chair one of the sections during
the post-conference institute. "7<
Medical Library Association
The Fledical Library Association (United States and Canada)
will meet in Toronto on June 19, and Canadian medical libraries will
have a prominent place on the program. Miss Fraser will present a
paper on Canadian medical-dental library facilities, and comparisons
with Great Britain, the United States, Scandinavia, and Holland will
show that most libraries in Canada are inadequate. Fir. Harlow said
this is a useful introduction, in a particular field, to a critical
study of our library resourcesj and, it is hoped, a stimulus to their
improvement. FtLss Fraser leaves Vancouver on June 11.
Mr. Bell to Eastern Canada and the ALA Meetings
Mr. Bell has left to attend meetings of the learned
societies in Saskatoon and to go on to Toronto, where he will promote
the new University journal, "Canadian Literature," of which he is
business manager.  He will solicit advertising, particularly from the
Toronto publishers (showing issues of the BCLA Quarterly as examples
of the style of the proposed publication) and make arrangements with
other scholarly publications in Canada to insert the notices about
the new journal in their publications. He will also go to Washington,
D.C, to the ALA conference, to participate in a discussion of library-
publications, talking on editing and format.
Fliss Morton to Visit British Columbia
Before the CLA conference, Fliss Elizabeth Morton, Executive
Secretary of the CLA, will spend a few days in British Columbia.
She is expected in Vancouver on Sunday, June 14.
Fir. Harlow to NRC and ALA
Fir. Harlow will leave on June 14 for Ottawa to attend a
meeting of the National Research Council Committee on Scientific
Information and to visit Carleton University. He will then go to the
conference of the American Library Association in Washington, D.C,
as a member of its Council (representing both BCLA and the CLA),
the Executive Board, and the Committee on Accreditation.
The NRC Committee will discuss a proposed basic list of
scientific journals which should be available in the several regions
of Canada. Mr. Lanning has made a major contribution in preparing
a tentative list, with the assistance of UBC faculty and Miss Fraser.
A list of Russian material is also in preparation.
Mrs. Brearley reported that the Reference Division now has
available a substantial file of technical translations, and is also
getting material relating to developments in atomic energy from the
United"States, Great Britain, and Ottawa. / K
Other Travellers
Fliss Fiercer has visited Oxford and been regally entertained
by the Blackwells, including an invitation to Sir Basil's 70th
birthday party.
Miss Smith is believed to be somewhere in the New England
Serials has received a post-card from Mrs. Lerch, holidaying in Southern California, and has heard from Mrs. Kay Brooks, in
Quebec City, where she finds the libraries very difficult to use.
From Toronto Miss Fraser will go on holiday to Spain,Italy,
and Scotland.
Fliss Lanning
Fliss Lanning returned home from hospital on Sunday, June 7,
and is making a very good recovery from her recent operation.
Chinese Collection
Dr. Wang has now completed checking the 112 cases comprising
the Yao Chinese collection and has listed a number of missing items.
The matter will be taken up with the original owner.
Fliss Fugler to Leave the Library
Mr. Harlow reported that Miss Fugler will leave the Library
at the end of June to become secretary (in the President's Office) to
the Board of Governors.  This advance for Miss Fugler will be a great
loss to the Library, and he expressed his great appreciation for her
twelve years of able and loyal service.
The meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.


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