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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 17, 1957

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M.I  N  U  T  E  S
September 17, 1957. No. 159
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, EBM, MA, EF, AR (for Fir. Lanning), EF.
Minutes No. 158: Erratum
P. 1, Bio-Medical Library. The list referred to is a
typed subject guide to the stack area on levels 6 and 7, not a list
of journals as stated.
Gift from Dr. H. R. MacMillan
The new gift from Dr. MacMillan has just been received.
It includes the "Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's
ships Adventure and Beagle" (2 vols, and supplement) and Darwin's
"Journal of Researches" (4 vols, altogether); and five volumes of
newspaper cuttings from English and United States newspapers of
the 18th Century relating to the American War of Independence.
Vancouver Institute
A pre-season meeting of the Vancouver Institute will be
held on Saturday, September 21, at 8 p.m. in Physics 200, when
Mr. Oliver Field will speak on "Quacks and Quackery". Mr. Field
is an investigator for the American Medical Association and has
had a long experience in examining claims and complaints for that
New Westminster Public Library
On September 10, Miss Mercer and Mr. Harlow attended the
ceremony of turning the sod for the new public library building in
New Westminster. There were a few short talks by officials of
the city and library board, and TV coverage by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The building is scheduled for completion
next July. Miss Amy Hutcheson, the Librarian, is to be congratulated on the prospect of having new and ample facilities in a very
satisfactory location.
New Vancouver Public Library Building
Mr. E. S. Robinson, Head of the Vancouver Public Library,
has asked whether the University Library staff would like to have
a private showing, before opening day, of the new public library
building. The date has been set for'Saturday, October 12, at
1  p.m., and staff are asked to indicate whether they will attend* Briefcases in the Bookstack
There is for the first time accommodation at the new stack
entrance for briefcases, and the question of enforcing the
regulation against taking them into the stack was discussed. The
Library Committee asked that this be done several years go. The
alternative, to examine cases entering and leaving, has proved to be
very difficult. A new factor this year is the location of the
Bio-medical Reading Room inside the stack entrance, and medical
students have raised some objection to leaving briefcases outside.
Unbound periodicals are also on "open" shelves in the bookstack
area for the first time. After prolonged discussion concerning
which would be the most effective manner of controlling materials,
and consultation with Miss Fraser and Mr. Bell, it was decided to
ask all students to park briefcases in the space provided. Faculty
will be allowed to take cases into the stack but are subject to
having them examined.
Smoking and Eating in the Library
This is a serious problem. Mr. Hughes, the Supreintendent
of Buildings and Grounds, has agreed to provide a patrolman for part-
time duty in the Library corridors during part of the lunch hour if
he can be given authority by the University Administration to enforce
the no-eating, no-smoking regulation. In regard to smoking and eating in the bookstack area, Fir. Harlow asked that every staff member
assist in enforcing this rule. Infractions must not be allowed.
Annual Report
Not all Divisions have sent in their annual reports yet,
and they should be in without fail by the end of this week.
Acquisitions and Serials Divisions were reminded that lists of new
titles are required for the report, and all Division Heads were asked
to secure information from all professional staff regarding
professional activities.
Handling Newspapers
Notice was given that the matter of handling and providing
service in regard to newspapers would be discussed at the next
meeting. Mr. Harlow asked whether any agreement had been made by
the Library to keep the file of the Sun and Province up to date when
the microfilm copy of the Sun and the original file of the Province
were presented to the Library.
"UBC Library Facts"
Some time ago a committee of Library staff worked out a
summary of information which would be useful to new staff members.
The edition is exhausted and some of the information out of date,
and Dr. Rothstein has been asked to take in hand the revision or
re-writing of the material. JO
"Publisher's Weekly"
i —i—   — ■- **—
There has been some difficulty during the summer in
keeping issues of the Publisher's Weekly moving rapidly enough among
those who check the list of new publications. If the person next on
the list is not available, the copy should go on immediately to the
following name on the list. No one should keep an issue longer than
a day or overnight. Dr. Rothstein said he might have been responsible for some delay during an extremely busy summer period.
Plans for Library Addition
Mr. Harlow asked the professional staff to begin giving
thought to the planning of the next addition to the Library building,
and to be ready to begin discussions at a meeting next week. At the
meeting, Miss Dwyer will tell briefly of her book buying in Britain
and Dr. Rothstein of the PNLA conference in Bozeman, Montana.
University Publications
Mr. Harlow drew attention to the distribution by the
Library of eleven University of British Columbia publications to an
exchange list during the past academic year:
SIRI Report: "Post-War Okinawa"  (Pitts, F. R. et al).
The Raven. V. 2:5
Menzie, E. L. The Flarketing of Beef in British Columbia.
Education Bulletin. No. 1
Read, Sir Herbert. Two lectures on art.
Sedgewick Memorial Lecture, No. 2: Davis, Herbert J.
The Augustan art of conversation.
French Canadian Literature. A preliminary list of the
holdings of the University of British Columbia Library.
Publications of the Faculty and Staff. 1957.
Lecture Series:
No. 26. Chant, Woodcock, Corbett. Shaw Festival
No. 27.  Ladner, L. J. et al. International Law—rivers
and marginal seas.
No. 28. Lamb, W. Kaye.., A plea for quality and
"The Ubvssey"
Printers of the student paper should be reminded by
Serials now that they are to deliver the allotted number of copies of
each issue to the Library.
Visitors re Ford Foundation Library Survey Project
Mr. A. Roecker, Physical Science librarian from the University of Oregon, visited the campus last week and talked with
several members of faculty in his fields of interest, and to
Miss Smith and other members of the Library staff. On the same day,
Dr. e. C. Moore, Chairman of the Department of Philosophy of the
university of Idaho, also came on a similar mission in connection
Wl5"the humanities and social sciences. He met members of faculty
and. Library staff. //
American Library Association
Mr. Harlow has agreed to act as Chairman of a special
Committee of the American Library Association to make recommendations
to Council regarding the naming of alternates for council members who
are unable to attend conference meetings.  Such alternates are not
allowed under the new ALA constitution.
Members of ALA are being asked to vote on the proposal to
move headquarters from Chicago to Washington, D.C. A ballot is
included in the September ALA Bulletin—and there are strongly held
views on both sides of the question.
Biomedical Library Committee
The Library Committee of the Faculty of Medicine has met
several times recently to discuss, among other things, the current
subscription list of medical publications.  It is being reviewed with
a critical eye, and Mr. Harlow commented that this kind of faculty
interest is welcome, but he has reminded the Committee that the
Library must make the final decision when conflicting interests and
opinions are involved.
Action Manual for Library Recruiters
Dr. Rothstein distributed copies of a manual prepared by
Mr. John Harvey, Librarian of Kansas State Teachers College, on
library work as a career.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.
Mrs. Pamela Fiddes has been appointed Library Assistant in the
Reference Division.
Firs. Margaret Barnes will leave her Library Assistant position
in the Biomedical Division at the end of September, Me  are very glad
to have had Mrs. Barnes with-us again to help fill a gap in the
Biomedical staff.
New Subscriptions:
Anatomical Society of India.  Journa1
English and Germanic studies.  (University of Birmingham)
Idaho yesterdays


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