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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 27, 1958

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M  I  N  U
May 27, 1958     No. 176
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Minutes No. 175:
On p. 2, section (d): "notice" should read "nature"
On p. 3, section (3): "scientific liaison offices"
should read "scientific liaison officers".
Medical Journals
Some members of the Faculty of Medicine have suggested
that a number of medical journals be limited to one week loan
(instead of one month), and Miss Fraser was asked to draw up a
list of those which warrant such treatment■for discussion at a
later meeting.  If this plan is instituted, some method of
identifying the restricted journals must be decided upon, A line
on the spine or the insertion of book cards and pockets in such
volumes was suggested. The possibility of securing photographic
copies in lieu of loans for short articles should not be forgotten.
The Librarian called attention to the necessity to follow
up the annual request for the return of books by faculty, The
matter was discussed by the Senate Library Committee - and the
Chairman (Dr, Cowan) will write letters if necessary, to tardy
faculty members.
Meeting of the Senate Library Committee
Mr. Harlow reported upon action taken by the Senate
Library Committee at its meeting of Flay 16, 1958. The Committee
approved the allocation of book funds to teaching departments as
proposed by the Librarian and authorized the expenditure of $1355
worth of periodical files from the Committee fund.- In the absence
of the representative from the Faculty of Medicine, the question
of whether the Library should adopt an alphabetical arrangement for
its bound files in the Medical and Biological sciences was postponed.
The Senate Library Committee gave approval to a proposed
arrangement whereby members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association
would receive library service at the Biomedical Branch Library in
return for annual grants for the purchase of books on physiotherapy.
This arrangement parallels those already approved on behalf of other
professional groups such as the architects and accountants. -2-
The Senate Library Committee also passed the following
motion made by Dr. Watters:
"That this Committee express its appreciation to the officers and
directors of the University Development Fund for their including
the purchase of special library collections among the needs or
projects for which donors might specifically designate their
contributions. Every supporter of the Library must regard with
pleasure the official assurance thus given that a contribution
earmarked for the purchase of books will benefit the Library doubly
because of the matching principle established by the Provincial
Mr, Harlow distributed to the members of the Committee
copies of the draft program for the building addition.  The building
program.will be discussed at a special meeting, of the Library
Committee, A tentative draft of a Faculty Guide and Library Service
was also given to members for inspection.
Duplicate Sets of Government Publications of British Columbia and
Miss Smith made recommendations for the cataloguing and
binding of duplicate sets of government publications.
A, British Columbia Government Publications
To catalogue as additional copies about 25 titles. These
would comprise about five bound volumes annually, and there is at
present a backlog of 96 volumes of binding for these titles,  (There
are also eight volumes of B, C, Documents awaiting binding as Set 1.)
B, Canadian Government Publications
We should catalogue 53 titles as Set 2's. These would
comprise about 11 volumes of binding annually, and there is at
present a backlog of 87 volumes of binding for these titles.
C» Publications of the Dominion Bureau of Statistics
We should catalogue 28 titles-as Set 2's# These would
comprise 10 volumes of binding annually, and there is at present
a backlog of 130 volumes of binding for these titles.
Grand Totals:  Titles to be catalogued as Set 2's
Volumes to be bound annually
Backlog of volumes to be bound
Fliss Smith pointed out that the Library now receives only
one copy of Canadian government publications from the Queen's Printer
She will renew her request for an additional copy to be received
free, but Fir, Harlow added that the purchase of a second set, or
essential parts of it, should be considered if warranted. 2
National Science Library
Following the discussion of the previous meeting,
Mr. Harlow summarized some of the functions that the proposed
National Science-Library might fulfill.  Its collections:  should
be comprehensive, not limited to its own specialized interests,
and concentrating on those fields not now adequately represented
by existing libraries.  Its service should be expert (providing
reference assistance for inquiries involving specialized knowledge),
extensive (providing such help as translations, abstracts and
bibliographies) and aggressive (not merely waiting for inquiries
but seeking to promote among business, industry and government a
greater awareness of the usefulness of scientific information),
A further report will be made after the meetings in Ottawa.
Building Program
In referring to discussions to take place at the next
Heads meeting, Mr. Harlow noted that the building program raised
three main issues: the usefulness of divisional arrangement, the'
feasibility of "documentation centres" (including bibliographies,
indexes,•current journals, and professional staff) in each subject
division, and the question of what kind of access third and fourth
year students are to have to materials. These will be discussed in
detail next week.
Fliss Doreen Fraser leaves on Thursday, May 29j to attend
the Medical Library Association Conference in Rochester, Minnesota,
Miss Melva Dwyer is attending a conference of Planning librarians
Washington, D, C,
Japanese and Chinese Government Publications
-Mr, Harlow reported that Dr. W. Kaye Lamb, the National
Librarian, will probably be able to make arrangements for the
receipt of government publications from China and Japan, Negotiations
are not yet complete, but a solution seems to have been reached.
Grant from the Japanese Government
Professor R. P. Dore has reported that the Japanese
Government is giving the University $3,000 for the purchase of
Japanese books.  Professor Dore hopes to acquire some of the books
while he is in Japan this summer.
A Telescopic Viewpoint
Mr. Lanning reports from his Burrard Inlet lookout:
"The-Saarland came in yesterday afternoon.  She was riding pretty
high, considering she had all those Latin Fathers aboard," The
"Latin Fathers" are our newest purchase of Migne's Patrologiae Cursus
Completus, Series Latina, -4-
Notable Acquisitions
Heriot, George, Travels through the Canadas, containing a
description of the picturesque scenery on some of the rivers
and lakes; ... London, R. Phillips, 1807. (The Walter C. Koerner
Grant for the Humanities and Social Sciences.)
Pinkerton, John, ed. A general collection of the best and most
interesting voyages and travels in all parts of the world,
London, 1808-1814.  (The Walter C. Koerner Grant for the
Humanities and Social Sciences.)
Staehlin von Storcksburg, Jacob, An account of the new northern
archipelago, lately discovered by the Russians in the seas of
Kamtschatka and Anadir, (ed. and- tr. by C, Heydinger) London,
New Subscriptions
Acta virologica,
Akademiia nauk SSSR, Institute slavianovedeniia,
Kratkie soobshcheniia.
Arthritis and rheumatism.
Engineering geology case histories.
English studies in Africa, (on exchange).
Geological Association of Canada. Proceedings.
Journal of the experimental analysis of behaviour.
Library review.
Monatshefte ftlr mathematik.
Muscular dystrophy abstracts.
Nebraska bird review.
Pacific sociological review.
Radiotekhnika i elektronika.
Vita humana,
Chetham Society.  Remains historical and literary connected with
the palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester, V, 1-75. (1843/44-
Archiv fur Litteraturgeschichte.  V. 1-15.  (1870-87)


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