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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jun 10, 1955

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 No. 101/l
FRIDAY, June 10, 1955, at 10 a.m.
Present: Mr, Harlow, Mr, Rothstein, Miss Smith, Mr. Lanning,
Fliss Mercer, Fliss Alldritt, Mr. Bell.
Fliss Lanning and Miss Fugler were on holiday.
The minutes of the 100th meeting were approved.
The visits of the Hacker Bookmobile and of Fir, Jollowicz
(of the Walter Johnson Periodicals company), both announced in
correspondence as "impending", did not materialize,
Photographs of the Library's displays for Open House
were shown. The photographs, in black and white, show by
negative implication how much of the displays' attractiveness
was due to the skillful use of colour, "The details are, however,
clearly and sharply shown on the prints, making them useful in
the planning of future such enterprises,
Fir, Robert Rogers left Vancouver'on June 10, ending a
visit of nearly three weeks in the Library,  The consensus
opinion was that the arrangements for his stay were satisfactory,
that he learned a good deal, and the experience was probably
instructive for the Library staff as well. Fir. Harlow expressed
his special appreciation for the Staff Association's kindness in
giving a tea for Fir. Rogers.
The correlated-pin-feed-one-time-snap-out-carbon-order-
forms for use in the Acquisitions Division have been received from
the Crain Company of Ottawa. A first inspection has shown that
the backprinting on parts I and 2 is far too light and, what with
the embossing caused \>y  typing on the face, is almost illegible.
There is also likely to be some difficulty with the registration
of typing from one part to another, Mr. Rothstein and Fliss Mercer
have discussed these difficulties with the Grain Co, representative
(H. Flills); the Library will try the forms as they are but
reserves the possibility of exchange and/or money back. Procedures for the use of the forms are being worked out by Fliss Fiercer
and Fir. Rothstein, and Fir. Rothstein explained some of the
problems and possibilities.
Fir. Harlow inquired about the processing routines for ?r
2 -
Delta books, specifically the location of the call number in the
books.  It now goes on the inside back cover in pencil, while in
H/R books it is written in pencil on the back of the book plate
(which is tipped in).  Since Delta books are of similar high
value, it was decided that they should receive the same treatment.
Fir, Harlow said that paste should be used very sparingly when
tipping in book plates; paste or mucilage (not rubber cement)
should be applied with a brush, not the pasting machine. Henceforth the marker in the Cataloguing Division will tip in the book
plates on Delta books after inscribing the call number (in pencil)
.on the back of the plate.
A new edition of Know Your Library is impending.  Staff
members were asked to read the present copy, make notes? and forward to Fir. Harlow any suggestions for changes or additions.
Copy should be ready for multi-lithing in August,  There are
enough copies on hand for summer school, Mr. Harlow noted that
perhaps our print order can be reduced since there was about a
thousand copies left over last year,
All full-time members of the Library Staff on regular
appointment may buy tickets for the summer at the special reduced
rate of $1.00,  Tickets may be secured at the Physical Education
Office; they are non-transferable. The special rate has been
made possible by a subsidy from the Faculty Association,
After consultations among Miss Smith, Fir. Lanning, Fir.
Fryer, and Fir, Harlow, it has been decided that the Reference
Department will indicate the type of binding wanted only when
full binding is desired.  Otherwise the pre-bindery staff will
decide on the type of binding to be given,
Dr, L. C. Powell, Librarian at U. C. L. A, informs Fir.
Harlow that he has nominated the U. 3. C. Library for membership
in the Association of Research Libraries, As a result we are to
submit supporting documents (in 50  copies) by October 1,  The vote
on membership will take place before January 1 and results should
be known by March.
The first step in the large-scale program of cataloguing
materials in departmental collections has been taken with the
completion of a first installment of 26 books for Flining and
Fietallurgy,  The collection has hitherto been classified by the
Department under .the Dewe3?- Decimal system; and they will now be
catalogued, re-classified, and'marked and returned to the 9f
Department.  The Cataloguing Division will make a full set of
cards for the Library catalogue and provide the Department with
an author card for each title. Books presently in will be done
25 at a time, and new books bought on departmental funds will be
catalogued before being sent over. The latter will be treated
as "rush",
The theatre books bought by Fliss Somerset in England
and the Continent on her grant are to be considered University
property but will be located in her office.  They will be plated
and a list made, but no record will be made for the public catalogue. The books have been delivered to the Library and are
presently in the old binder.
Dr. Kenny of the Department of Psychology has asked for
volunteers for a test in pursuance of a research project sponsored
by the National Research Council, Participants should be nonprofessionals, women, under 50, and residents of Canada for at
least five years. Fir. Harlow has given permission for volunteers
to take the test during working hours (time, about one hour), by
arrangement with the Division Heads.
Mr, Harlow has been told to go ahead with final plans
for installing steel stacks in the "well" though the funds have
not yet actually been'appropriated.  The stacks will probably be
like the present ones, i.e., the floors self-supporting, convertible to use either for book storage or reading rooms,
Fir, Bell reported that only floors 1 and 2 remain to be
inventoried. He was unable as 3^et to give any estimate on book
The question of library facilities in the proposed new
medical building on the campus has been the subject of much recent
discussion.  At a meeting of the Fledical Faculty Council Mr,
Harlow proposed the following plan, which was agreed to by the
1. The building to have a reading-room seating 150-200
people,  2, Librae materials in this room would include: 100
volumes or so of "prescribed reading"; a small collection of reference books, such as medical dictionaries; the current month's
issues of medical journals, the old issue to go back to the Fiain
library when the new issue is received; sometime later, perhaps -4- '"
a duplicate set of the standard bibliographies such as QCIM and
3, The Flain Library to retain back files of periodicals
and the main stock of book materials. Prompt service (probably
several times a day, via motorcycle) will be provided between the
Flain Library and the Fiedical Building,
4, The Medical Librarian, most of the staff, and the
reference service to remain in the Main Librae; the new reading
room to be in charge of a library assistant and a clerk.
Fir. Lanning suggested that the plans probably represented
the best arrangement we could make, and there was general agreement on this point. Flany problems, of course, would remain to be
solved: would biological and zoological journals go over to the
Reading-Room etc.?
Fir. Bell asked whether medical students writing "theses"
were to receive carrels.  It was pointed out that these were really
not theses in the ordinary sense; they were longish research papers,
normally done in the summer. Mr. Harlow proposed that medical
students be considered eligible for carrel assignments in the
summer; it was doubted whether they would want or need them for the
regular term.
Firs Flaureen Hewitt, secretary for the School of Architecture, recently spent two days in the Library, becoming
acquainted with our personnel, procedures, and objectives.  She
considered her visit useful and enjo3rable and it is hoped that
similar tours can be arranged for other department secretaries.
Dean Henry Angus of the Faculty of Graduate Studies has
been named chairman of the B. C. Public Utilities Commission. He
will remain on the University staff as well, for one year.
Fir. Bell leaves for the University of California
(Berkeley) on Wednesday, June 15, to continue work on his research
project: "A Bibliographic Surve3^ of Contemporary Criticism of the
English Novel".  His work is supported in part by a University
research grant.
Mr. Harlow, Miss Mercer and Miss Alldritt will be
attending the C, L. A. Conference in Saskatoon. From there Mr,
Harlow will go on to Flontreal, New York (where he expects to meet_
officials of some of the foundations), Philadelphia (for the A.L.A,
conference) and North Carolina.
Resignations have been received from Pat Liggins (effective July 1), Jackie Bunker (effective July 1), and Firs. Marguerite Price (effective Flay 20). Firs. Price had been ill for some - 5 -
time and felt that she could not return to work.
Miss Evelyn Hearsey is due to retire at the end of
August but will actually cease employment on July 31, since she"is
entitled to a month of holiday on the basis of her long service.
Fir. Reg Hennesse3r, barring unforeseen complications with
immigration regulations, will be leaving to take up a nexv position
in the University of Kansas Librae (Lawrence, Kansas.) about
August 1, Applications for the position of Librarian I in Acquisitions may now be received.
The following appointments have been made since the
last meeting:
Firs. Nancy Howell, as Clerk III in Acq. effective Aug. 1
Miss Ida Graber, as Clerk I in Acq. with effect on June 1
Mr. Herbert Klassen, as Librae Assistant in Ref, with
effect on May 24
Miss Audrey Adams, as Clerk I in Reference, with effect
on June 1
Firs. Martha Veerman, as Clark I in Acquisitions with
effect on Flay 3.
Mr. Gordon Flack ay, as Clerk 1 in Acouisitions, with
effect on Flay 19.
Fliss Kathy Krohn, as Library Assistant in Cataloguing,
with effect on May 1.
Mrs. Janet Fabian, as Clerk I (part time) in Cataloguing,
with effect on June 10.
Mrs. Bess Rosenthal, as Library Assistant in Serials,
with effect on June 7.
Fir. Rothstein told the group that his doctoral dissertation, "The Development of Reference Services in American Research
Libraries," is soon to be published by the Association of College
and Reference Libraries.  It will appear as ACRL MONOGRAPH 14 in
both a paper cover and hard cover edition.
The meeting adjourned at 12 o'clock.


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