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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Aug 11, 1964

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University of British Columbia Library
August 11, 1964
No. 306
Bibliovalour. Mr. Stubbs remarked on the general good nature with which the
staff has faced adverse conditions during the summer, and extended thanks to
the library staff for turning in their usual efficient performance despite
unusual hardship. However, rumours that medals will be awarded in cases of
extreme deration beyond the call of duty are unfounded.
Building. It is hoped that construction will be completed early in October.
In the wake of remodelling a host of new arrangements regarding service and
the location of materials must be made. Unfortunately the present budget was
prepared before the building plans were completed, with the result that the
staffing of certain service points will be achieved by half-measures. This
approach is almost a part of our tradition now, and should not be the cause
of great concern„
Display Cases and Material. For at least the next year the following arrangements will apply;
1. Book jackets will be distributed to subject reference divisions on the
basis of classification.
2. All usable display material will be housed in the new map room, and will
be available to those requiring it upon application to the map room staff.
3. The two wall cases inside the main entrance will be used for library
directory information. The case in the College Library entrance will be
the responsibility of the College Library, the case in the north entrance,
that of the Fine Arts Division, while the large case on floor 5 will be
the joint responsibility of the Social Sciences and Humanities Divisions.
The corridor leading to the new Fine Arts Division will be used as a
gallery for the display of student art, if arrangements can be made with
the Faculty of Education and the Department of Fine Arts.
Signs. Once the building is completed a number of the older and more knowledgeable staff will be able to find their way around. To assist all other
staff members^, and the wandering public, a new system of signs must be devised, A committee has been appointed to survey the situation, and decide
on the location and wording of signs. Staff are urged to make suggestions
to the members of the Committee, who ares Katherine Ward, Circulation Div.j
Joyce Cummings, Social Sciences.| Andre Preibish, Cataloguing; Marilyn Berry,
College Libraryj Jill Buttery, Science Div., Chairman.
Phonograph Record Collection. The Extension Phonograph Record collection may
be taken over by the library in the 1965/66 budget year. There is a growing
demand for a collection of discs and tapes of recorded music, drama and
poetry readings. Group and individual listening facilities should be provided. It has not been decided where the collection will be housed, nor
are the necessary funds presently available. - 2
Microform. Our collection of microfilm, microcard, microprint and microfiche
is growing, and neither storage nor viewing facilities are adequate. Mrs.
Suzanne Dodson is taking a census of all microforms, which are presently
located in several divisions. If it proves feasible, all viewers and microform storage will be brought together on floor 6 of the stacks in the old
biomedical reading room. Additional equipment will be purchased. As the
library's research collections'are developed we will be acquiring more and
more microform. It is possible that in future years a separate division devoted to microform will be founded.
Government Documents. Plans to assemble all government documents on floor 6
of the stacks will go foreward. Initially there will be no public access to
the documents, and service will be given as in the past by the Social Sciences
Maps. Arrangements must be made to keep the new map room open on a regular
basis. In the next budget year it is hoped that adequate staff can be provided, and that equipment can be improved. A closer relationship to the map
collection of the Geography Department should be established. It would be
In the best interests of the, university to merge the two collections in the
future, but at the moment no space or funds exist to permit such a development.
Periodicals. Humanities and Social Sciences periodicals will be interfiled
on stack level 5. Science periodicals will be separately filed, and remain
in their present location on stack level 5, The Serials Division will staff
an information desk in this area; the Serials Division will also take responsibility for filing and binding preparation. Circulation records will be
kept by the Circulation Division. Whether this approach is practical will
be quickly apparent. Administration reserves the right to change policy
hurriedly and without prior notice. General, periodical indexes will be
shelved close to the unbound periodicals.
The "Z" collection. With the exception of books in the quick reference
collections of the subject divisions, books classified in Z, and other ref- n
erence works in other classifications, will be shelved in a single sequence 7
on floor 5 of the stacks. '
Stack access. The question of complete stack access for first and second
year students was raised. The effect of such a policy was the cause of much
speculation. In general, the heads were in favour of trying total access on
an experimental basis. However, no final decision was reached.
Woodward Library. If contractors are faithful to their word, the biomedical
collection will be moved in the first week of September. The exact system
of moving the books'is not yet determined, but divisions are asked to
consider the possibilities that all book trucks will be commandeered for
the move, which might take from three to five days.
Gift for Miss Edith Stewart.  As many of you know, Miss Edith Stewart, after
17 years as librarian in the Extension Library, took twelve months leave of
absence in 1963 and then retired without returning to. the library. We
should like to recognize her long service by sending her a gift, possibly
a selection of new books. Those wishing to subscribe are asked to give their
contributions to their division heads for transmission to Mrs'. Dewar. 3 O
-   3
School of Librarianship.    Dr. Rothstein introduced Mr. William B. Wood,
former director of the Library Association of Portland, Oregon (the public
library of Portland) recently appointed Assistant Professor of the School
of Librarianship, where his principal .responsibilities will be in the area
of Reference and Bibliography.
Mr. Wood is a graduate of Brown University.    He took his first professional
degree in Librarianship at the Columbia School of Library Service and a
(6th year) Master of Arts from the University of Denver School, of Librarian-
ship in 1964.    His professional experience includes terms of service in
public, university and special libraries,  including the New York Public
Library and the St.  Louis Public Library where he was assistant director for
a decade.    Mr. Wood has combined teaching with library service and has
conducted courses at Gordon College, Boston (English), and at Washington
University, St. Louis, the University of Denver,  and the University of
Oregon (Librarianship).
Bill Wood has played a prominent role in library associations.    He was at
various times Chairman,  Insurance for Libraries Committee and Secretary-
Treasurer, Teachers'  Section,  Library Education Division of the American
Library Association, and Chairman,  Personnel Administration Committee of the
Pacific Northwest Library Association.    He is Chairman, Region I, Membership Committee of the American Library Association and President  (since
resigned) of the Oregon Library Association.    He has contributed to various
professional journals.    Mr. Wood is married and has two children.
Miss Elizabeth Bouseholte. Library Assistant in Acquisitions, October'1, I964.
Miss Bernice Ashton, Clerk I in College Library, August 1, 1964.
Mr. Harold Wyne, Library Assistant in Circulation, September 7, 1964•
Mr. Charles Forbes, Library Assistant in Special Collections, September 1, 1964.
Miss Sylvia Fraser. Clerk I in Fine Arts, September 7, 1964.
Miss Cheryl Miller, Clerk I in Woodward Library, August 24, I964.
Mrs. Brenda Premuzlc. Clerk I in Woodward Library, September 8, I964.
Resignations   .
Miss Barbara Lindberg, Library Assistant in Cataloguing, August 28, I964.
Mr. Wjlllam Robb. Library Assistant in Social Sciences, August 28, 19&4. £>r
-   4
Resignations Cont.
Mrs. Gillian Wilder, Library Assistant in Social Sciences, September 4, 1964.
Miss Marcia MacNair, Library Assistant in Acquisitions, August 21, 1964.
Miss Susan Yuill, Library Assistant in Acquisitions, August 14, I964.
Mrs. Barbara Parker, Library Assistant in Serials, August 31, 1964.
Miss Elfrlede Rjchter, Library Assistant in Serials, August 31, 1964.
Miss Joanna Jarmaln. Library Assistant in Acquisitions, September 10, 1964.
Miss Jean Wisdom, Library Assistant in Circulation, August 31, 1964.
Mr. Anthony Townesend, Library Assistant in Special Collections, August 31.
Mr. Robert Jones, Library Assistant in Circulation, July 31, 1964.
Miss Merle Herbert, Secretary II in Extension library, September 4, 19&4.
Miss Judy Baker, Library Assistant in Acquisitions, September 11, I964.
Mjss Suzanne Clarke, Library Assistant in Law Library, September 11, 1964.
Clerk I in the Curriculum Laboratory, open now.
Library Assistant in Cataloguing. 2 positions open.
Clerk I in Acquisitions Division.
Clerk I in Circulation Division;
Library Assistant in Social Sciences Division. 2 positions open.
Library Assistant in Serials Division. 3 positions open.
Library Assistant in Acquisitions Division. 4. positions open.
Library assistant in Circulation Division. 2 positions open.
Clerk I in Cataloguing Division. 3 positions open.
Clerk I in the Woodward Library.
Library Assistant in the Law Library.
Title changes;
At its meeting of July 28, the Board of Governors approved the following
changes in titles Inglis F. Bell from Supervisor of Circulation Services
to Associate Librarians, and Robert Hamilton from Supervisor of Collections


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