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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 6, 1949

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September 6, 1949, at 10:30 a.m.
Present: Dr. Dunlap, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Miss Rendell
(representing the Reference Department in Miss Smith's
absence), Mr. Lanning, Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler (as
Dr. Dunlap reported that his chief activity during the
past week had been interviewing applicants for positions in the
Library and considering changes in the present staff. Mr. and
Mrs. McCloy will be leaving in a short time for Ottawa, where
Mr. McCloy has accepted a position in the Dominion Archives.
Miss Howieson will transfer from her present position in the
Circulation Department to the Catalogue Department as soon as
registration is over.
Attention was given to the accessions sheets of the
British Museum catalogue of printed books, which the Library has
been receiving for some time.  No use has been made of this
material and it has been piling up. To deal with it would involve
a considerable expenditure of time to clip, paste, and file the
sheets, and the general opinion was that such an expenditure would
not be justified by the use made of the sheets. Mr. Rothstein will
eancel the order for this material.
Dr. Dunlap asked if the Library had ever used Library of
Congress proof cards for revision or as a selection tool.
Miss Jefferd said she would use them for revision and find them
valuable for this purpose. Mr. Rothstein thought there were
easier ways of selecting new books than going through such a file
of cards.  It was pointed out that the Vancouver Public Library
gets L.C. proof cards, and Dr. Dunlap proposed to have one lot
sent here so that the staff might consider whether it would be worth
while to use them regularly. The cost of the cards would be
about $50 a year.
Miss Rendell reported an inquiry about the list of
registrations for A.L.A. and stated that she had given the information requested to Mr. Spencer of the Canadian Reprint Society.
Mr. Spencer, in return, had sent the Library two volumes of reprints,
Mr. Rothstein explained that the Library has a membership in the
Canadian Reprint Society, which operates in the manner of the
Book-of-the-Month Club. The Society reprints books which might
otherwise be difficult to get, but apart from that it does not,
in Mr. Rothstein's opinion, do anything outstanding. Dr. Dunlap
believes the A.L.A. registration list ought to be sent to
Mr. Robinson and put safely away for a year or two. He did not
think it should be used indiscriminately to supply mailing list
information. Mr. Rothstein pointed out that in past years the
registration list of A.L.A. had been mimeographed and sold for
such purposes. Dr. Dunlap preferred to have it put in a safe
place and kept for a couple of years. Dr. Dunlap reported receiving a most cordial note from
Dr. Powell (U.C.L.A.) about the recent conference in which Dr. Powell
stated that he intended to send the Library copies of his books
which it now lacks.
Mr. Rothstein asked if he could have details of the
Rockefeller grant which had been received by the Department of
Slavonic Studies. He would like to know which departments may use
it and how orders are to be charged to it.  He also requested a
copy of the Library appropriations to the various teaching departments for the use of his department.  He asked, further, if a
statement could be obtained from the Bursar regarding the accounts
for outstanding orders at the end of the fiscal year. Present
information is that a new accounting procedure is to be established
in the Bursar's office, and that until this has been done some of
bur accounting problems will not be settled. Mr. Rothstein
mentioned that he would also like to have some definite information
about the Dominion Government grant to provide material in the
field of clinical psychology.
Miss Lanning described the plan to increase carrel accommodation,
A faculty member had suggested putting tables and chairs in the
unused area on stack level 3> and assigning them as carrels.
Dr. Dunlap had discussed the plan with Mr. McGlashan, who had agreed
to provide the necessary furniture.
Miss Lanning also reported that Mrs. Hunter has not
recovered completely from her recent operation and that, while
Mrs. Hunter is anxious to return to the Library, she will not be
able to do the same kind of work she did before. Miss Lanning
would like to have her back, to supervise the new members of staff
who will be working at the Reserve desk, and to do the checking.
Another problem which confronts the Circulation Department
is that of deciding how much material a faculty member may take out.
One professor recently took out 120 books at one time, and it is
difficult, to decide what ought to be done when such demands are
Miss Lanning will supply Dr. Dunlap with a list of names
of persons who have not returned books after several notices have
been sent to them. The Library will write once more to each
delinquent, and if this does not have the desired effect the
Registrar will be asked to withhold registration of such students.
Miss Jefferd asked if a decision had been reached
regarding inventory. The whole problem of inventory was discussed,
and the advantages of doing it in one week while the Library is
closed were weighed against the advantages of doing it over a
period of two or three months by teams who would become expert in
the work. The final decision was that we should try having five
teams work at the task over a period of two months or so, and
avoid closing the Library.
Miss Lanning said that Miss Howieson would assist her
during registration of students, at least for the first few days,
before going to the Catalogue Department.  She has engaged
Mr. Alan Fraser as Library Assistant, to commence work on September 12, and Miss Helen Farmer joined the Circulation Staff
this morning.  It is Miss Lanning's hope that one of her new
clerical staff may eventually fill the position formerly held
by Mrs. Arnott.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon. £*
To the M©fiib#Fs of the Staffs
'the staff of this Library did a remarkable
job tn mntrllmti&g,. to the suceass of the reetnt
American Library Associatioa ce»fer*ii©§» and I want to
#Kpr#ss »y thanks to «&ch of you for yotir efforts and
for the many courtesies ©xteodtd to the visitors on.
our campus.
.Leslie M. Dualap
September 7, 1949*


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