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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 14, 1956

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February 14,   1956.    No.  119
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:     NH,   SR,   AMS,  MML,   RJL,  E3M,  F1AA,  EF.
1956/1957 BUDGET
The budget estimates for next year were submitted by
Mr. Harlow to the Administration a number of weeks ago. He has
now received them back, revised and somewhat reduced. He will
report more fully at a later meeting.
A number of people (mostly teachers working for a
degree) who are registered as extra-sessional students have applie
for stack access, and the Librarian asked the Division Heads how
they should be treated. Miss Lanning would prefer to grant them
access upon request rather than by issuing a general permit.
It was also suggested that the students' standing be ascertained
from the Registrar and access then be granted on the same basis
as for regular students, and Miss Fugler was asked to investigate
whether this information would be readily available. Miss Lanning
will ask that information about the standing of extra-sessional
students be given on the printed card in the future, as for other
The Library has a small collection of records, chiefly
French-Canadian folk tunes, which have never been catalogued and
are therefore not easily located. The Librarian asked Fliss Alldritt to examine the method used by the Extension Record Loan
service and to consider adapting it for our purposes. He expects
to add to the collection.
Continuing last week's discussion of this matter,
Fir. Harlow proposed retaining the covers of journals which provide
information not supplied elsewhere in the number, even if this
were only the month of issue. Fir. Lanning will provide samples
of journals to ascertain how often covers would need to be bound
if such a plan were adopted.
During their visit to Flontreal Fir. Harlow and
Dr. Rothstein arranged for a shipment of material from Librairie
Ducharme to the UBC Library, ife have had some difficulty securing desired material from this source, but already the invoices have
been received, and the books should be arriving shortly. This wil
be an important acquisition.
Mr. F. A. Sandall, Librarian of Auckland University
College, visited the University on Monday. He is on a tour
sponsored by the Carnegie Corporation to examine buildings and
other aspects of library economy in the United States, returning
by way of Montreal, Britain, and Australia. He was much
interested in the Library here, including our bindery operation.
Dr. Rothstein was pleased to note that in his travels
to a number of libraries he found that our organization and
service compared very favorably with any he observed. He found
almost nothing that we have not either already adopted or rejected
because not suitable here.  Several/libraries are considering
establishing a central serials,^a^or/they were much interested in
UBC's plan. A new development, which he viewed with great approval
was the establishment of bibliographers in big libraries to assist
with book selection, a practice which tends to pull together the
now scattered business of book selection.
He visited the University of Toronto, McGill University,
Michigan, Michigan State Normal College, the University of Illinois
at Urbana, and the University of Flinnesota. UBC has close
connections with Flinnesota in that our first President, Dr, F. F.
Wesbrook, and Dean Flyron Weaver, who established the School of
Medicine here, came from there. Mr. J. T, Gerould, who made the
initial purchases for the University Library in Europe before the
first World War, was also from the University of Minnesota.
Dr. Rothstein saw the James Ford Bell collection there, a very fine
accumulation of material on discovery, exploration and commerce,
chiefly from 1400 to 1800; it is rich in North American material,
including Canadiana, and contains original sets of the Jesuit
Relations and a number of portolan charts. The University
Archives at Flinnesota are particularly well organized, and
Dr. Rothstein took special notice of them because of his responsibility for the Archives here.
The personnel situation was discouraging: most of the
library school students in Toronto and Flontreal were not interested
in coming to British Columbia even though salaries here are somewhat higher than in the east.. As already announced, however, two
very good UBC people,, .Fliss Geraldine Dobbin and Fir. Stuart-Stubbs,
both of whom have worked in the Library, will join the staff in
the next few months.
The question of library education was discussed exten- «   j„, .
sively at the library schools, with Firs. Chapman of the CLA, and ^^^^
in Chicago with Fliss Morton and members of the Board of Library
Education of the American Library Association. This was an important aspect of Dr. Rothstein's trip, both because of his chairmanship of the CLA Education Committee and of our concern with
establishing a school here. 3
Mr^. Harlow added that Dr. Rothstein's thesis, recently
published as an ACRL Flonograph, received many favorable comments.
The Librarian noted that UBC's Reference staff is compara
tively large, and he wondered what kind of reference service even
larger libraries with smaller Reference staffs offer.  It appears
that in some cases expert reference help is not given to students
to the extent that it is here, and that many libraries do not
attempt to instruct students in library use as we do at UBC.
Some reference desks are manned in part by student assistants.
Flost important, however, is the fact that special libraries in many
institutions divide the work which is done in the central library
here.  Likewise, the extensive use of Canadian and British government
documents at UBC is time-consuming since they are not well indexed
as are U. S. government publications. These differences make it
difficult to compare the work done by our Reference staff with that
done in other libraries.
Fliss Fiercer reported that her division is experimenting
with delivery slips, having them signed by the person receiving
material when possible.  Often, however, there is no one in an
office where the material is sent, and occasionally a parcel is
taken to the wrong place. Fliss Fiercer and Miss Scott will continue
to experiment.
Mr. Lanning brought samples of journals to which the
Library has recently subscribed; they are listed under Acquisitions,
The meeting adjourned at 11:40 a.m.
Firs. Janet Fabian is resigning from her position in the
Catalogue Division at the end of February,
Bach, Johann Sebastian.  Neue Ausgabe Saratlicher Werke.
Herausgegeben vom Johann-Sebastian-Bachrlnstitut
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Gluck, Christoph Willibald.  Samtliche Werke.  Herausgep-eben
im Auftrag des Instituts fur Musikforschung, Berlin mit
Unterstutzung der Stadt Hannover von Rudolf Gerber.
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Handel, Georg Friedrich.  Hallische Handel-Ausgabe.  Im
Auftrag der Georg-Friedrich-HSndel-Gesellschaft
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Jacquemin, Raphael.  Iconographie generale et methodique de
costume du IVe au XIXs siecle (315-1815). collection
gravee a l'eau forte d'apres des documents authentiques
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der Musik.  Unter Mitarbeit zahlreicher Fiusikforscher des
In- und Auslandes, hrsg, von Friedrich Blume.  Kassel,
Barenreiter-Verlag, 1949- 4 v, received,
SERIALS:  New Subscriptions:
Sight-saving Review
Nuclear Physics
Scottish Medical Journal
Acta philologica Scandinavica
New Sets:
Classical Weekly. V 10-43, 1916/17-1 lay 1955.


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