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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 11, 1956

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 M      I       F       U      T      E       S
S"elpTeWerTTrT9T6T"TioTT3 6
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH,   SR,   AF1S,  RJL,  EBM,   IB,  BS-S,  EF.
Minutes No.  134  .
The Binding Schedule should indicate that approximately
I5OO flush binding are to be processed during 1956/57 in three lots
(November I956, Flarch and August 1957).
Russian Fisheries Delegation
The visit of the Russian Minister of Fisheries and his
party to the University took place on Friday. In the Library they
saw a very fine display of Russian material arranged by Fliss Smith
and the staff with the assistance of Miss Mercer and Mr. Lanning,
and were agreeably impressed by quantity and variety. They and we
are interested in an exchange of material, and Dr. Floiseev will
return to the Library tomorrow to discuss arrangements.  Although
Dr. Floiseev speaks English fairly well, Professor Biely has been
very useful in communicating with him in his own language. The visit
has shown that there are a surprising number of faculty members on
the campus who have facility in this important modern language.
Japanese Visitors
The Speaker of the Japanese House of Representatives, with
his wife, the Secretary of the House, and other members, and the
Japanese Ambassador visited the University and spent a short time in
the Library on Thursday last. An exhibit of Japanese material was
arranged and the visitors inspected it with much interest.
Friends of the Library
About 100 persons attended the inaugural meeting of the
Friends of the Library on the evening of September 7. Dr. Cowan
gave a very able introduction to the evening and presented the
speaker, Dr. J. N. L. Myres of the Bodleian Library, who made a
pleasant, informal talk very much to the point. Fir, Harlow
concluded with comments about the library needs of a young, rapidly
growing university.  Comments indicate that the affair was a'very
real success. A tape recording of most of the proceedings was made.
The Librarian asked staff to submit names of additional
persons who might be invited to participate in the Friends group. Dr. Flyres' Talk to Staff
On Flonday afternoon Dr. Myres spoke to the Library staff
about the Bodleian Library, illustrating his talk with slides, and
giving a delightful account of the development of the Bodleian from
its earliest days.  Staff members had an opportunity to meet this
distinguished English librarian and his wife.
Annual Reports
Fir. Harlow reminded the Division Heads that he needs their
annual reports by the end of September at the latest in order to
commence work on his own.
Book Stacks
Bids for the stack installation were opened this morning,
and the English firm of Luxfer Ltd., who supplied the last stacks
here, will probably be awarded the contract. The cost is higher than
expected, and the precise amount of funds available is not yet known.
The matter will be discussed with the President this week, and one
or another of the proposed projects will certainly be carried out.
The relocation of the Bio-FIedical Reading Room and the -Serials
Division is therefore imminent, and Fir. Harlow presented to the
Division Heads tentative drawings of the proposed changes, for their
comment and revision. Fir. Lanning, Fliss Lanning, and Fir. Bell will
consider the proposals and discuss them with the Librarian as soon
as possible.
Stack Control
The stack installation will include a new stack portal,
providing access to the stacks, Serials, and the Bio-FIedical Reading
Room.  There are to be separate entrance and exit routes, controlled
at one point. Fir. Bell stated that one person can not provide full
control during busy periods.  The whole matter of stack control,
of keeping the stack quiet and clean, and of enabling people with
carrel assignments to enjoy the use of their carrels, is a very
real problem, and the expected increase in enrollment will not lessen
Call Slips
The next order for call slips will go to the printer
shortly, and proposed revisions were discussed.
Central Serials Record
The possibility of removing "Library has" information
from the public catalog but continuing it in the shelf list was
discussed. With this compromise the public would use Serials
Division records, and the shelf list in Cataloging would be available
for inventory and other official use.  Further consideration will be
given to this suggestion. 7
Curri culum Laboratory
Dr. Johnson, Miss Flanning, Fliss Flaynard, and Fliss Boyles
of the College of Education, and Dr. Rothstein will comprise a
Committee to deal with Curriculum Laboratory problems. The three
staff members of Education will take turns in giving service in the
room, Fliss Manning being chiefly responsible.
Flethods of dealing with the mass of text books, teaching
aids, and reference material were considered. Part of the material
has been classified by the Dewey system, the remainder is unclassified. Dr. Rothstein will report after the meeting of the new
A tentative plan of charging out the books was outlined:
the student will fill out a call slip giving author, title, his own
name, registration number and address as usual. The attendant will
put on the date due slip the borrower's name, date due, and
registration number.  Call slips will be filed by name of the
borrower, sub-arranged b3/- author and title. When the book is
returned, the name of the student on the date due slip will serve to
discharge the call slip.  Periodical checking of the file will
reveal overdue books not returned.  The College of Education will
provide students to assist with the arrangement and preparation of
the material for the shelves.^
New Extra-Mural Courses for Teachers
Under the new Dean of Education an increased number of
extra-mural courses for credit will be offered to teachers in the
Province. This will involve getting together four or five collections of texts to be shipped to other centers in the Province.
The cost of the books is to be paid from special Education funds.
Reports of Staff Absences
Absence reports recently received have not been accurate
for staff or Division Heads, and Mr. Harlow asked that full reports
be made on the form which is handed in weekly to his office.
Staff are also reminded that one month's notice of
resignation is required if termination pay is to be received in lieu
of holiday. Personnel regulations also specify that an individual
must return to work for at least one month after holidays before a
resignation can become effective.
Photographic Services
All^requests for photographic copies are to be referred
to the Librarian's office if the copies are to be made on the
campus. Normally, copies will be made in the Library, and a
24-hour service will be provided. Flaterial which cannot be
handled here will normally be sent by the Librarian's office to
the Extension Department. PERSONNEL
Miss Dorothy Knowles is resigning from her position in the
Reference Division on October 10.
Miss Parien Timberley is resigning from her position in the
Bio-Medical Library on 30 September, 1956, and Miss Verna Cochrane
will leave the Circulation Division on the same day.
Miss Marguerite Stanlow and Firs. Marian Nagle have decided
not to accept the positions to which they were appointed on
1 September,
Two new Clerks I have been appointed for the Circulation
Division: Fliss Beth Coles and Mrs. Marian Kuipers.
Mr. Adolf Bangert will be appointed as Receiving Clerk in the
Acquisitions Division.
New Subscriptions:
Edinburgh post-graduate lectures in medicine.
Ecrits du Canada francais".
Irchiv der elektrischen €bertragung.
New York Times   (on mi'cl^TFIImn
Hommes et mondes.
Among several items displayed by Fliss Smith the following are of
particular interest:
United States Foreign Operations Administration.  A selected
bibliography on community development, Washington, D.C,
May 1955.
United States Department of 4sr:'-culture. Agricultural Research
Service. A List of published and processed reports;
Research in foods, human nutrition and home economics....
June 1956.


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