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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Nov 6, 1962

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November 6, 1962. No. 280
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and Other Matters of Interest to the
University of British Columbia Library Staff.
Present? AMS, GGT, JO'R, AL, EBM, JS, TKN, BSS, SR, EH, IB, MD, EW,
and JR.
Effective December 1, 1962, four members of the library
staff will have new titles and broadened responsibilities. Mr. Bell,
in addition to his duties in the Circulation Division, will assist
the University Librarian with general administrative tasks, particularly in the areas of personnel, care of the building, supplies,
equipment, and departmental reading rooms. His new title will be
Supervisor of Circulation Services. Miss Dobbin will become Head of
the Catalogue Department, and Mr. Turner will assume responsibility
for all of the Library's technical operations and will carry the
title of Supervisor of Technical Processes. Mr. Stuart-Stubbs,
whose title will be Supervisor of Collections, will work with members
of the Library staff and faculty in the development of our holdings.
Location File
Members of the professional staffs in the Cataloguing and
Circulation Divisions met with Mr. Ranz on October 30 to discuss the
problem of showing location of materials not shelved in the main
stacks. The various arrangements that have been employed by other
libraries were discussed, and Mr. Turner was asked to seek further
information from several libraries that have recently investigated
this problem. It was recognized that the choice of a location scheme
is of direct concern to all Divisions within the Library and cannot
be delayed much longer.
Williams Report
Earlier this year, the National Conference of Canadian
Universities and Colleges received a grant from the Council on
Library Resources for a survey of library collections in the
humanities and social sciences in Canadian Universities. Mr. Edwin
E. Williams of Harvard University was asked to conduct the inquiry
and his findings and recommendations have now been published (Resources
of Canadian Libraries for Research in the Humanities and Social
Sciences, Ottawa, 1962). The University of British Columbia Library
was complimented by Mr. Williams for the excellence of its collection
of serials. Attempts are being made to secure multiple copies of
this report for the information of faculty, staff, and friends of the
Juvenile Supplementary Material in Curriculum Laboratory
Mr. Turner reported that he, Mrs. Woodward, Miss Egoff, Mr.
Walter lanning,, Dr .Rothstein and Dr. Ranz had met to discuss the
cataloguing and classification of supplementary reading materials in
the Curriculum Laboratory. A copy of the recommendations which were
U approved is attached.
Committee on the Agenda
The proposals of the Committee on the Agenda (Miss Mercer,
Mr. Bell, and Miss Smith) were again discussed. Their report
concerning the agenda, organization, and conduct of the weekly
Division Heads meetings, which was approved, is attached.
Staff Room
While we are short-handed in the staff room, each person
must wash his own cup and spoon. It is unfair to expect someone
"else to clean up after you. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Mrs. Lillian Nivichanov, as Library Assistant in the
Science Division, as of November 9. 13
Recommendation for the Classification
and Cataloguing of Supplementary Reading Material
in the Curriculum Laboratory
1. That the juvenile supplementary reading material in the Curriculum
Laboratory continue to be classified according to the Library of
Congress scheme.
2, That the Catalogue Division undertake the cataloguing of this
material, commencing with current acquisitions (and the small
current backlog in the Curriculum Laboratory) and cataloguing
the already classified material as time permits, and providing
the Curriculum Laboratory with a shelf list and full catalogue.
3* That a full set of cards for each title catalogued for the Curriculum Laboratory be filed into the main library catalogue, thus
providing a complete record of juvenile holdings on the campus
in that catalogue.
4. That the shelf list for the Curriculum laboratory be interfiled
with the shelf list for the juvenile collection in the main
Library, thus providing a unified classified record of juvenile
holdings on the campus.
5. That the Curriculum Laboratory be provided with a full set of
cards for each non-fiction juvenile title catalogued for the
main Library, thus providing them with a complete record of
juvenile supplementary reading material on the campus.
6. That students in the School of Librarianship have full borrowing
privileges in the Curriculum Laboratory.
7. That the necessary procedures to implement these recommendations
be worked out between the Curriculum Laboratory and the Catalogue
Division. November 8, 1962.
I. Ground Rules
The effectiveness of the Division Heads Meeting is
dependent in Large part upon the cooperation and consideration
we extend to each other. Although these qualities can hardly
be legislated, they can be furthered, it is believed, by an
observance of the following ground rules:
1. Circulation of an agenda prior to meetings should enable
us to prepare for the topics to be discussed before discussing
2. Matters involving only two Divisions should ordinarily
be discussed outside the meeting with, perhaps, only an announcement of the decisions reached being made at a meeting.
3. Matters which appear to be controversial should be
discussed by those immediately concerned prior to their being
brought to the attention of the entire group.
4. Decisions of substance regarding the organization and
operation of the Library, even though they may appear to concern only a single Division, should be announced at a meeting.
II. Procedures
1. Notice of material to go on the agenda for the Tuesday
meeting should be given in writing to Mrs. Dewar by noon of the
preceding Friday. The information should be complete enough
to indicate the problems and the Divisions it would affect.
Mr. Ranz will screen all requests*
2. Under New business, matters of urgency of any kind, but
usually relating to information (either requested or to be
disseminated) may be introduced.
3. Order of business at meetings:
a. Minutes
b. Announcements (Changes and decisions affecting one
or two Divisions, or similar cross campus changes,
should always be reported.)
c. Unfinished business
d. Reports
e. Program
f. New business (from 11:140 to 12 noon)


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