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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Sep 13, 1960

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September 13,   196C     No.  221
Reporting Division Heads Meeting, and  other Flatters of Interest
"to University of British Columbia  Library Staff
Present:NH,   SR,   JS,   JO'R,  AB,   IB,   DF,  F1L,   ES,   MD,   EBM,   RL,
BSS,  and HM.
"Know Your Library"
Copies of the 1960/61 edition of "Know Your Library"
will be distributed at all the entrances and throughout the
Telephone instruments for the new intercommunication
system will be installed shortly, operating on the dial principle. All of the extension phones may not be available at
once, but lines will go to every Division.
The chairs for the new reading rooms have not yet
arrived, but the Department of Buildings and Grounds will distribute "stacking" chairs throughout the building as a temporary
measure if the permanent ones do not arrive for use by September
The "dinosaur", an historical piece of equipment to house
encyclopedias, now lecated in the Ridington Room, will be dismantled and removed, its place to be taken by reading room
Examination Papers
Bound copies of examination papers have previously been
made available to students (under supervision) in the old
Reserve Book Room.  Since this space is no longer available,
it was decided to put those for 1st and 2nd year courses in
the College Library. Opinion was expressed that persons in
their 3rd and 4th years were already familiar with the type of
questions likely to be asked in University courses and that this
service for them could be discontinued. Mr. Harlow will consult
the Registrar before a final decision about the upper year
papers is made.
Early Entrance
Beginning on September 19, (with the Fall term) all doors
will remain locked until 8:00 a.m. except the Delivery Door at
the back of the North wing, and staff on early duty may enter by
this way. Keys
Division heads were asked to ascertain what keys were
necessary for their divisions and to advise the  Librarian's
Office about them.
Public Catalog
Two new units (120 trays) for extending the public
catalog were obtained with furniture for the new building,
but since it is not economic to shift the cards to occupy
so little space, these units will be held in reserve until
more equipment can be secured, perhaps in the coming fiscal
year. Signs will meanwhile be put on the ends of each unit
indicating its alphabetical contents.
Current Journals
The current journals have now been divided according
to their classification numbers and placed in the appropriate
subject divisions.  New titles will hereafter be sent to the
Cataloging Division for cataloging and classification and then
The visible file for serial publications, at present
located in two sections on level 2 and 5, will be shifted for
more ready reference to appropriate locations near the subject
divisions.  The humanities and social secience section will be
moved to level 4, and the science section to the new stacks
behind the Science Division.
Circulation of Journals
Exisiting policy allows faculty to borrow unbound
journals (a month after receipt or until they are superceded
by new issues) for a one month period, bound journals also being
loaned for a month. Students registered in Graduate Studies
may have them for one week.  Undergraduate students in 3rd and
4th years may take journals out overnight but 1st and 2nd year
students may use them in the Library only.
It is proposed, on a trial basis, to introduce a 2-week
loan period for faculty for both current and bound journals.
The loan period for students in Graduate Studies will remain
at one week.
which is at present put in bound journals, will be replaced
by "RESTRICTED USE ONLY" and a date due slip will be inserted
at the time the volume is taken out.  The stamp is not to be
used in any material going to Special Collections; the J^ and
H/R symbols already imply such restrictions. Extra-Flural Readers
Qualified borrowers from areas -outside Vancouver who are
able to pick up books at the Library may become extra-mural
readers by registering in the usual way, and the books can then
be returned by mail. They may not at the same time use the
Extension Library.  If they are unable to return the books
within the one month period, this loan privilege may be cancelled.
Fine Bills
An outline of the procedure to be followed by the
divisions in sending out notices of fines has been distributed
by the Loan Desk, to become effective on Monday, September 19. LIBRARY FINES
Commencing September 19, I960 the fine bills will be sent out from the
Loan Division.
1. Loan Desk, Reserve Desk, College Library and Curriculum Laboratory.
Obtain from Miss Rolfe, in the Loan Division Office, the
exact block of identifying numbers for the quantiigr of
fines you intend to send in any single batch. When you
type the bills type on each fine notice the name of the
book collection, (Loan Desk, College Library, Curriculum
Laboratory or Reserve Desk) and the number assigned to
that fine. Mail the first copy of the fine form to the
student and deposit the remaining three copies in the
"Fines" tray in the Loan Division Office. Miss Rolfe
will mail these copies, together with a 'Batch Apron',to
the Accounting Office. Miss Rolfe must have the three
copies the same day that the fine notice is sent to the
student so she can send them to the Accounting Department
before the student comes in to pay his fine.
2. Other Divisions.
When the fine notice is typed the name of the division
should be typed on the notice and on the call slip. The
notices and the corresponding call slips are deposited
in the "Fines" tray in the Loan Division Office. Miss
Rolfe will assign a number to each fine and mark this on
the fine notices and on the call slip. She will- then
mail the top copy of the fine form to the student, send
the remaining three copies together with a "Batch Apron'
to the Accounting Department and file the call slip behind
the student's name in the Registration File#


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