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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 10, 1956

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April 10, 1956   No. 126
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: . NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, MAA, EF.
Minutes No. 125
P. 1, last par. The speaker at the Vancouver Institute
on April 14 will be Mr, Fliko Tinbergen,
"People of the Potlatch"
Several members of the staff attended the opening of
this exhibition of Northwest Coast Indian art at the Vancouver
Art Gallery on Flonday night. It is a magnificent and unique
exhibition of the work of the native peoples of the Northwest
Pacific area, from prehistoric to recent times, and Fir, Harlow
urges everyone to visit it before the closing date, Flay 6. It is
sponsored jointly by the University and the Vancouver Art Gallery,
and it is extraordinary in every way.
Report on Recruiting Program
Dr. Rothstein reported that between 30 and 40 persons
attended the High School Counsellors meeting and that it seemed to
go well. The tours were particularly appreciated, and several
persons commented upon Fir. Owens' excellence as a guide. The
displays also created interest. Dr, Rothstein would like to have
comments and criticisms from staff members for use in preparing
his report to the B.C.L.A. Miss Mercer particularly liked the
suggestions that persons of widely varying experience could be
fitted into appropriate library jobs, indicating that many kinds of
people can find satisfaction in library work. The panel discussion
method was approved, and it was suggested that if a film were to
be offered at another time, it should take second place to such a
discussion. For programs aimed at students it was suggested that
the talks might describe actual day-to-day experiences in the
library worker's life, rather than be too general in nature, since
young people's interests and enthusiasm are more likely to respond
to specific illustrations than to general statements, Fliss Smith
pointed out that speakers should be specialists, With intimate
knowledge and enthusiasm,who can communicate their personal
Dr, Rothstein said that the teas were handled oy  the
Library staff with grace and a pleasant, easy informality,
Mr, Harlow thanked him and the staff for their cooperation with the
British Columbia Library Association in a very successful recruiting effort. Cf£jl.::
Library Instruction
Miss Smith reported that the instruction this year in
bibliography and library use (given to all first year English
classes) had proceeded more satisfactorily than heretofore. All
lectures were given by the Library staff instead of by faculty,
and no complaints or objections were heard from faculty or students
(this is itself a record); faculty appeared quite willing to yield
their class lecture hours for library instruction. In the fall
term the instruction comprised one lecture on the use of the catalogue and periodical indexes, and an exercise in the use of bound
and unbound journals.  Each class was required to complete the whole
lesson in one day, thus avoiding congestion. Bound periodicals
to be used were kept for the period at the Loan Desk"and unbound
ones in the same way at Serials. An immense amount of preparation
was involved for the Reference staff in order to avoid conflicts in
assignments, but by meticulous planning and cooperation among the
Divisions involved the project went very well and the students did
not this year suffer from frustration as had occurred at other times*
The undertaking did not interfere extensively with normal operations
at the service desks.  In the spring term a second lecture was
given, with an exercise on the use of reference tools, encyclopedias, indexes, etc.  Some 2000 students were involved.
Miss Smith said that she would like to experiment with a
prepared test of knowledge of library use for new students, and
suggested that it might be part of the orientation program.
Dr. Rothstein will discuss with Col. McLean the possibility of
including it in the regular registration and student counselling
"Know Your Library"
The pamphlet giving basic information about the Library
will  be reprinted during the summer, and in order to assure having
it in good time the revision will be attended to now. Fir. Harlow
asked the Division Heads to go over the pamphlet and suggest
changes by the end of April.
'"Copy 1" for Reserve Book Room
"Copy 1" information (when multiple copies of books are
available) is required for rapid handling of material at the
Reserve Desk, and since it was decided (see Flinutes No, 123.
p. 2) that "copy 1" would henceforth not be placed on the spine,
it has been suggested that salmon reserve cards be put into first
copies in the Reserve Book Room, When a second copy of ,a book"
comes into the Library, the Catalogue Division will have someone
go to the stack and mark "copy 1" in pencil after the call number
on the inside back cover of the first copy, or (if the book is
out) go to the Loan Desk to add the information to the book card
there. Summer Reading
Students who wish to have books sent to them during the
summer may pay $1,00 at the Loan Desk (to be used for postage).
This is a service charge, not refundable.
Flierocard Duplicates
Journal issues on microcard usually must be bought in
lots, and sometimes part of a lot duplicates the original printed
file already in the Library.  After some discussion it was agreed
to keep the microcard duplicates in such instances and indicate
their availability on the catalogue card.
Staff Meeting
It was reported that the general feeling at the staff
meeting last week was that the administration should be responsible
for the. operation of the staff rooms out of a fund to which all
staff will contribute a small payment,  A Committee had been
appointed to make recommendations, and the Librarian will await its
Delivery Service
The Acquisitions Division is working out with departmental offices official stations for Library delivery and pickup
where departmental staff will be on duty throughout the day.
It is hoped next year to get from the Registrar a full list'of
faculty offices for reference; for Summer Session a list is
normally provided by the Education Office.  The delivery service
will be continued during'the summer but will not be publicized
again until the fall term.
Review of Work of Divisions
Fir. Harlow wishes each Division Head to review with him
during the summer the work of the Division during the past year
and to make recommendations for the coming year. Work during the
session just ending has been very heavy, and there is a good deal
to think about.
BCLA Annual Conference
The annual meeting of the British Columbia Library
Association will be held on Sunday and Flonday, Flay 6 and 7, at
Qualicum Beach.  Those planning to attend should notify their
Division Heads.
Russian Course Completed
The fifteenth and last lecture in the special course in
the Russian language given for Library staff was held last Wednesday.  Dr. Rothstein reported that the class have at least learned
to use a dictionary in this difficult language and to decipher a
title page; with continued practice it should be possible to 01
/ *>
sight-read most title pages. On the whole the class enjoyed the
itfork, and Professor Isaak found it an interested and above average
group.  The experimental course will prove to have been a worthwhile investment for the University and the staff if the latter
continue to work on their own. Of about 20 who began the course,
15 carried on to the end, a few resignations from the staff
accounting for most of the loss.
Suggestions from staff for other, courses, perhaps in other
languages, will be in order.
Routing Slips
Samples of routing slips for periodicals will be brought
to next week's meeting in an attempt to simplify the more extensive
Library of Congress Author Catalog
Dr. Rothstein pointed out that the printed Catalog has
been enlarged to include cards from other libraries as reported to
the National Union Catalog. This will provide something approaching a current universal bibliography and should be of much
increased assistance in bibliographic searching.
Visitors from Switzerland
Mr. Herbert Lang, with whose firm in Berne the Library
does a fair amount of business, visited the University with his
daughter last week. He reported that in Berne, which has a population of 160,000, there are 18 book stores with an average of 20
employees each.  The amount of business may be partly explained by
the very limited amount of public library service given, but it is
more likely caused by the reading habits of the population.  A co--
operative book centre there is operated by the dealers, not by the
publishers as in Canada, and-provides an extremely quick and
efficient service.
Library School under Consideration
The B. C. Public Library Commission has suggested (in
making a report to the Government on library needs in the Province
for the next ten years) that a joint committee on education be
formed to consider the establishment of a Library School.  The committee would include representatives from the Public Library
Commission, the British'Columbia Library Association, and the
University.  The proposal has the backing of President MacKenzie.
Miss Lanning supplied a preliminary outline of procedure
for the annual inventory of the collection. Fliss Alldritt said
that because of a shortage of staff in her division she cannot
provide a typist for the project this year, and Fliss Lanning agreed
to provide a typist but asked that she work in the Catalogue
Division. Many slips are eliminated on the first examination by cf 7
1 f
the cataloguers and unnecessary typing is thereby saved.
Miss Lanning will provide a schedule of "short shelf lists" and
checkers before the end of April.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.
Mrs. Joan Regan is resigning from her position in the Acquisitions Division to take a position as a journalist, which is her
own particular field.
Staff Vacancies are as follows: two Clerk I positions in
Acquisitions, two similar positions in Cataloguing, a new Clerk I
position for Circulation and a new Stenographer I for the
Bio-Medical Library (the last not to be appointed until Fliss Fraser
returns from leave).
Fliss Doreen Fraser will be, absent on sick leave from mid-April
to the end of Flay.  During her absence, beginning April 14,
Firs. Marguerite Ford will be Acting Bio-Fledical Librarian.
Canada Book Week Publicity
Next week will be Canada Book Week, and Fliss Priscilla Scott
has supplied the following information regarding publicity.
Wednesday, April 18.  C3UT, 7:00-7:30 P.m. "Almanac"
Vancouver Public Library's new Bookmobile will be on TV with
Colin Robertson and Firs. Flargaret Brunette showing it off.  They
will be discussing "Book week" and library service.
On CKLG, 8:05-9:00 "Please Explain"
Dr. Watters, Dr. Tougas and Bill Bell will be on this program
which relies on audience participation. The "experts" are asked to
answer questions telephoned in to the station while the program is
in progress.  They will be discussing "Book Week" and Canadian
Literature, so please telephone in some questions. Miss Scott will
be Chairman.
Saturday, April 14. Teen Age Programs.
Taped minute "spot announcement" book reviews will be played on
the teen age Saturday afternoon programs and evening disc jockey
shows on CFUN, CKWX and CKNW. We expect to have these on the
Jack Cullen, Jack Kyle and Bob McGavin shows which evidently reach
the majority of the teenagers. NEW ACQUISITIONS
Comenius, Johann Amos. Kurz-gefasste Kirchen-Historie der
Boehmischen-Bruder, wie solche J. A. Comenius.... Schwabach,
J. J. Enders [173$
Goldast, Melchior. Melchioris Goldasti Heiminsfeldii De
Bohemiae regni, incorporatarvmqve provinciarvm, ivribvs ac
priuilegiis ... Francofordiae, apud Ioannem Iacobum Porsium,
Tristram, Ernest William. English Fledieval wall painting:
the thirteenth century; with a catalogue by W. E. Tristram compiled
in collaboration with Flonica Bard swell.  Published on behalf of
Pilgrim Trust by Oxford Universit3?- Press, 1950.  2 vols.
United States.  Congress.  Serial set. Readex microprint,
1955- v. 1-  Dec. 1, 1817-
New subscriptions:
Acta biotheoretica.
Fianchester Statistical Society.  Transactions.
Acta biotheoretica, v. 1, 1935 to date.
Acta musicologica, v. 2(1930), v. 4-25(1932-53).
Entomological Societ3>- of Washington. Proceedings, v. 33-52
Calcutta Mathematical Society. Bulletin, v. 29-39 (1937-47).
Erythea, v. 3-3 (1395-1938).
English Place Name Society.  Survey of English Place Names,
v. 1-24 (1924-52).
Institute of Actuaries.  Journal, v. 35-77 (1387-1951).
Literaturblatt ftlr germanische und romanische Philologie,
v. 1-66 (1880-1944H
WHO. Milk Pasteurization. FAO Agricultural Studies No. 23,
Geneva, 1953.
Influenza. A review of current research.  Geneva, 1954.
The rural hospital, by R. F. Bridgman.  Geneva, 1955- ff
UNESCO. Report on a programme of library education in Israel, by
Leon Carnovsky.  Technical assistance special report No. 1,
Paris, n.d.
Convention on the political rights of women, history and
commentary. New York, 1955-
United Nations. Economic bulletin for Latin America, v. 1, no. 1,
Santiago, Chile, January 1956.
International social service review, no. 1, New York,
January 1956.
Economic survey of Europe in 1955-  Geneva, 1956.
Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities.  Forecast of
urban-growth problems and requirements 1956-1980.  Brief
submitted to the Royal Commission on Canada's Economic
Prospects, February 1956.
WILSON, Louis Round.  "The challenge of library literature to
education for librarianship" in Challenges to Librarianship,
edited b3>- Louis Shores, pp. 125-140"!! A review of the growth
of library literature.  Problem: can you identify all the
"important titles" cited?
BROWN, Charles Harvey.  "Librarianship and the Sciences," in
Challenges to Librarianship, edited by Louis Shores, pp. 69-92,
The outstanding weakness of research library service is its
failure to meet the needs of university scientists, sa3?-s
Brown. Why this is so and what we should be doing are
additional themes of this important.article.
"Library Service to Undergraduate College Students—a Symposium."
College and Research Libraries, 17 (Flarch 1956) 143-155.
Should university libraries maintain separate facilities for
undergraduates? Here are three different answers to the


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