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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 2, 1956

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October 2,  1956.    No.  139
Reporting Division Heads Fleetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:     NH,   SR,   AF1S,  MML,  RJL,  EBM,  FLU,   EF.
New automatic campus telephone equipment has been on
order for many months, but Fir. Harlow said that he did not know
when the installation would be made.
Annual Reports
The Division Heads have all submitted their annual
reports to the Librarian- -and he is now working on his.
Registration and Stack Access
As of September 27, 1956, the registration was 7,393,
almost 200 above the estimated figure.  Over a thousand stack
passes (1115 at 9 a.m. today) have been issued.
Library Lectures
Lectures on library use have been given by Reference
staff to upper classes in Chemical Engineering and Electrical
Engineering, to students in Home Economics, Fledicine, and in several
years of Architecture. The freshman instruction will commence
immediately after the Thanksgiving holiday. The number of students
and the demands made upon the staff in preparing the instruction
are becoming very great, and Fliss Smith is wondering whether the
project can be continued in its present form. Both Reference and
Circulation are heavily committed at this time of year. Mr. Harlow
said that a number of faculty have commented upon the usefulness
of the instruction.
Status and Remuneration of Professional Librarians
Last Friday the Librarian had a visit from Dr. W. C.
Gibson, President of the Faculty Association, suggesting that a
request regarding the status and remuneration of professional
library personnel be presented to the Executive of the Association.
The Association has been quite successful in its approach to the
University Administration and to the Government in*regard to the
salaries of teaching facult3^ and is currently investigating the
needs and position of other Association groups.  A brief was
presented by Dr. Rothstein and the Librarian emphasizing the II
academic nature of the professional librarian's work, and pointing
out that their academic qualifications compare favorably with those
of the majority of teaching faculty in the University's professional
schools.  The publications and professional activities of librarians
were cited as an evidence of genuine professionalism, and this led
to the request that each librarian submit a curriculum vitae
annually to the Librarian's office so that such information will be
readily available. Mr. Harlow pointed out that we must be extremely
careful about the accuracy of any statements made in respect to this
discussion, and that if "faculty status" should be granted, the
appointments of professional librarians would be scrutinized by the
Faculty Appointments Committee.
Acquisitions Statistics
Some question has arisen concerning the present method of
keeping statistics relating to new acquisitions (since the abolition
of accessioning).  The Librarian asked Dr. Rothstein, Fliss Alldritt,
Fliss Mercer and Mr. Lanning to talk over the problem this week and
present proposals at the next meeting.
Fir. Colmer Returns
Mr. Colmer is back at work in the Bindery after his summer
in Britain and the Bindery is up to strength again. His absence,
and the temporary illness of Firs. Lynch, might have put the binding
schedule seriously in arrears, but by extraordinary effort and
overtime the quota was more than filled. Fir. Harlow expressed his
thanks to the Bindery, staff for the record they had made.
Orders for the Purchase of Flaterial
Mr. Harlow wishes to remind staff that all orders for
materials for the Library must go through regular purchasing
channels.  If this is not done, difficulties arise for the Purchasing
Agent and the Library which result in a considerable waste of time.
Gift of Cartoon
Last week the Fien's Canadian Club of Vancouver celebrated
its fiftieth anniversary, and Chancellor Lett addressed the meeting.
At its first meeting in 1906, the speaker was Rudyard Kipling, and
a cartoon of him drawn by Fergus Kyle on that occasion has been
presented to the Library by President FlacKenzie, who obtained it
from Fir. Edward A. Lucas.
"Indians of British Columbia"
The three-volume study of "The Indians of British
Columbia," made by a University group of social scientists for the
Dominion Government under the direction of Dr. Harry Hawthorn, has
just been released, and copies are available in the Library.  It
will be published in book form in the near future. J, t> ■
Publicity--UBC and British Columbia
A recent issue of the Illustrated London News has a long
article/on UBC, with several pictures.
Also, the New York Herald-Tribune recently published a
special article relating to the development of British Columbia.
UBC Radio Society
During the winter session the University Radio Society
produces a weekly 15-minute University program which is distributed
to 30 or 40 private radio stations in the Province.  Throughout the
summer the Extension Department has recorded a weekly 30-minute
program for the same stations and the last one in the series related
to the services of the University Library.  On this occasion
Mr. Norman Barton interviewed the Librarian.
The new Italian Consul, Sr. Vittorio Bifulco, visited
the Library last week.  He came to Canada on  the "Andrea -Doria," and
lost all his personal belongings in the sinking of that vessel.
With his arrival the Vancouver office has been made a full Consulate
by the Italian government.  Sr. Bifulco has sent to the Library a
shipment of books (which fortunately came on another ship), a very
handsome and useful gift from the Italian government.
Fir. David Flunford, a member of the International Training
and Research division of the Ford Foundation, visited the Library
with Dr. Ping-ti Ho on Saturday.  He was shown the Oriental collection and learned about the work being done in Oriental Studies
and, later, (from Dr. Sobell) in Slavonic Studies. This division
of the Foundation is chiefly interested in Japan, China, Africa, and
the Slavic areas of Europe.
Ford Foundation Project
It has just been announced that the Ford Foundation has
granted 5 million dollars over a period of five years for investigation into problems relating to the growing size and complexity of
■libraries and their relation to scholarship and research.' The new
Council of Library Resources is under the direction of Mr, Verner W.
Clapp, formerly Chief Assistant Librarian of Congress.
UN Speaker on the Campus
Mr. John Humphrey (brother of Fliss Ruth Humphrey of the
English Department), Director of the Human Rights section of the
United Nations, speaks at 12:30 today in the Wesbrook Building,
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon. 4
Firs. Lydia Giuriato is resigning from her position as Library
Assistant in the Catalogue Division at the end of October.  She has
been a long-time and most valuable member of the staff and has our
best wishes for the future.
Mrs, Micheline Papafingos will replace Mrs, Giuriato and is now
working with her in the Catalogue Division,
Miss Pamela Mawhinney- joined the Circulation Division as Library
Assistant on September 24, and Firs. Flarian Kuipers began work as
Clerk 1 in the same Division on October 1.
Firs. Luriann Downing has replaced Mrs. Mabee as Clerk 1 in the
Acquisitions Division.
New subscriptions:
Societe des Chirurgiens de Paris. Bulletins et Flemoires.
Societe international de chirurgie.  Bulletin.
Prairie schooner, v. 1-29 (1927-1955).
Northern review.


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