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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 20, 1962

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February 20, 1902   No. 263
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, BSS, IB, GGT, AMS, AL, JO'R, MD, EBM, JS, NTK,
EH, DF, and HM.
Coat Racks
Mr. Stuart-Stubbs has arranged to have the
Department of Buildings and Grounds estimate the cost of
installing an adequate number of coat hooks and racks for the
whole building.
Vacation Period for Non-Professional Staff
Under the new University regulation, clerical
staff (including all non-professional staff in the Library)
who have been appointed after July 1, 1961, are entitled to
two weeks vacation after the first year, or 5/6 of a day for
each month of service. Staff members appointed before July 1,
1961, receive the customary three weeks vacation.
New Books
After February 26, new books will no longer be
displayed inside the Loan Desk stack entry. The Loan Division
will now deliver the truck of new books in turn to each subject
division. The subject division will remove books falling within
its field, display them for one week on 'new book' shelves,
then deposit them for return to the stacks on the nearest
sorting shelves. Catalogue cards will not be filed until
after the one-week display period.
New-book truck movements and routines, prior to
the time the truck reaches the Loan Division, will remain the
same except that Biomedical, Fine Arts, Asian Studies and
Special Collections material will remain on the truck and be
delivered at the same time as the rest of the new books.
Delivery Service
Complaints have been received about long delays
in the delivery of books requested by faculty members.  In
order to keep up with the growing number of requests which are
received daily, an additional student assistant will be assigned
to help with this work.
46 47
St. Andrewts Hall
The Library is to receive from St. Andrew's Hall
two main entry cards covering publications in its collection.
These are added to the authority file and main catalogue.
Staff Vacancies
Division heads have completed interviews with
students of the School of Librarianship for present and
possible future professional vacancies on the Library staff.
A meeting of the Personnel Committee and Division Heads concerned will be held shortly, after which definite offers
of employment will be made. Vacancies have also been listed
with other library schools.
Public Telephones
Four new public telephones have been installed
in the College Library entrance and the Humanities entrance.
The telephone which was in the main hallway has been removed;
as a consequence noise and traffic have been reduced.
Division Report - No. 14, Extension Library, Miss E. Stewart
The Extension Library began with a specialized
collection of books on theatre, agriculture, world affairs,
handicrafts and child psychology. These books were sent out
to study groups in country places In cooperation with the
field workers in the Extension Department. Gradually it has
become in the main a readers' advisory service for general
reading and theatre. Also this department handles any book
loans to be mailed, other than inter-library loans.-
For general reading, people in British Columbia,
other than residents of Vancouver, Victoria and New Westminster,
may pay two dollars a year to receive a continuous supply of
reading. Lists by subject are provided and an annotated list
of the new books is sent out every two months. Many borrowers
after stating their special interests depend on the Librarian
to select their books. No extensive reference work is done,
although if the material requested may be found easily In one
or two books, the books are sent.
Plays are sent to groups or individuals to be
read for selection with a view to production and also in sets
for reading for entertainment or study. Plays are seldom
requested by title--it is expected that the Librarian can
immediately find numerous sure-fire plays with six women,
but only two men and one set! 48
A special collection is maintained for the use of
students taking credit courses by correspondence; books are
mailed to them on request. Similarly, anyone taking a Non
Credit Correspondence Course or an Evening Course may borrow
books from the Extension Library.
Any request for a book from someone in the
country is given to the Extension Library to handle. Each
request has to be carefully considered, and where the person
is eligible for service, he ordinarily receives at least one
book as a "sample loan". Often the person requesting becomes
a borrower and is glad to find a whole new field of reading.
Last year 21,228 books were mailed of which about
18,000 were carefully selected for the interest of the reader,
Generally the readers are most appreciative. To people who
have no library or only the limited resources of small community libraries or who are physically unable to go to the
library, the Extension Library service can mean a great deal.
Mr. Ronald Jones, as Library Assistant in the
Science Division on February 12.
Mrs. Anne Hall, as Library Assistant in the Science
Division on February 17.
Miss Gall Howander, as Clerk I in the Social
Sciences Division on February 28.
Mrs. Alexandra Esselmann, as Clerk II In the
Acquisitions Division on March 31.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


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