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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] May 26, 1959

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May~26,   1959. No.  195
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Flatters of Interest
to University of British Columbia  Library Staff
Present:  NH,   SR,  ML,   RJL,   DF,  Fliss O'Rourke for Reference,
Miss Scott for Acquisitions,  Fliss Dobbin for Cataloguing,  EF.
Private Orders
Mr. Harlow asked Miss Mercer and Fliss Scott to exercise
their judgment as to what is "scholarly material" when handling private orders (as outlined in Minutes No, 194, p. 1-2).  Cook books,
under normal circumstances, are probably not scholarly publications.
Return of Books
Miss Lanning reported that although a large number of books
have been brought to the Library for the  annual check,  there are
still many outstanding.    More precise information will be made available   in the  Division's monthly report.
Japanese Government Publications
The first shipment of these documents under the exchange
arrangement is in Vancouver, has been cleared through customs, and
is awaiting delivery to the Library by Johnston Storage Co.  To avoid
a delay which occurred in clearing the material this time, Miss Scott
will send F1A forms to the Japanese shipper or request invoices.
The chief librarian of the National Diet Library of Japan,
Mr. Kanamori, has just announced the appointment of Mr. Shiro
Okabe as assistant chief librarian.
Building Program
Tenders for the new wing to the Library are due on June 11,
to be opened that day. This will disclose how much of the proposed
structure can be built with the funds available. Completing the
necessary contracts will take several days, and it is likely that
<ctual construction may begin around July 1.
Meanwhile, it is planned to start moving the Extension
Library books on June 15, to the area on stack level 2 (and the old
ramp) which is now being prepared as new quarters for the Extension
Library. There will be some construction noise from that area during
the next two weeks, but the Extension Library will soon have far
better quarters than it has had in the past. -2-
Mr. Harlow reviewed very briefly some aspects of the final
plans for the wing and remarked on the magnitude of the change this
large addition will make. In reply to a question Fir. Harlow said he
believed that the new wing will have furnishings and decoration of a
high standard, will be very well lighted and ventilated, with proper
acoustical treatment, and be a pleasant building to inhabit and use.
Books for the College Library
The Librarian is anxious that available funds for the
College Library collection be expended in time for the opening of the
College Library in September, i960. Miss Lanning said that a fair
number of volumes which are to be withdrawn from the general stacks
would be available for the new collection.  Dr. Rothstein is beginning
again to check lists of titles which faculty have submitted, and
since the rejection of titles has to be justified as well as the
selection of those to be purchased, this is adifficult and time-consuming job. As choices are made, orders have to be made out, and
Mr. Harlow asked Dr. Rothstein and Fliss Scott to talk over this
matter with him.
New Union List of Serials
A new, third edition of the Union List of Serials is now
projected, and since this is an enormous and long-term project,
participants are being asked to begin to submit data on files
acquired.  Heretofore we have sent for inclusion in "New Serials
Titles" information about new journals published since 1950, but we
shall now report on earlier ones as well. The National Library of
Canada has asked us to submit our data to them, so that they will
have information about Canadian resources prior to the eventual
publication of the list, and we shall comply.
Vanguard Microfilm Service
The Vanguard Microfilm Service is a new, Vancouver firm
which offers xerographic prints as well as other kinds of photographic reproduction. An estimate of the cost of producing catalogue
cards by xerography has been obtained which amounts to about 5^0 per
Russian Periodicals
The Library is receiving an anonymous gift of back files of
many Russian periodicals with an understanding that additions will
continue from year to year.  Some of the files are not complete,
though most of the recent ones are. Mr. Lanning mentioned the
difficulty of securing replacements for missing issues of Russian
material. -3-
Library School
At the last meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science-the
proposal to establish a Library School was approved in principle, with
the understanding that the curriculum in the first instance is to be
presented to-the" Faculty and that thereafter the school will operate
like others in the Faculty, i.e., through a Council. The proposal
was presented to Senate the next night and again approved in principle.
The curriculum for the B.L.S. will therefore be submitted to the
Faculty of Arts and Science and that for the M.L.S. to the Faculty
of Graduate Studies.  Thus far the Board of Governors has not stated
when funds to establish the school would be available.
BCLA Annual Conference
The annual meeting of the British Columbia Library Association was held in Manning Park on May 9 and 10.  It was agreed that
it had been a good conference and that the Pinewoods had been a good
meeting place (snow storm included).  There was a large contingent
from the University (at least 15) and several of the executive offices
are now filled by UBC librarians. The location of next year's conference is to be considered very soon, since, if it is to be held
at UBC (perhaps in the new Faculty Club), reservations must be made
promptly.  Dr. Rothstein is President of the Association,
Miss Dobbin is Secretary, and Fir. Turner is Editor of the Quarterly.
Grocery Carts
The Cataloguing Division has been using two handsome,
metal, rubber-tired grocery carts for the last couple of weeks, and
Miss Dobbin said they were a great convenience: light, easily handled,
easy to get into and out of the elevator, just right for loads of
books that are too heavy to be carried in the arms but not big enough
to justify using a book truck. The Librarian wondered whether the
shape of the basket (smaller at the front than at the back) is likely
to cause damage to books if they are piled in carelessly, and he
asked staff to guard against this when using the carts.
Delivery Door
The Receiving Room door is repeatedly found unlocked after
hours by the University patrol, and Mr. Harlow asked everyone with a
key to lock the door immediately upon leaving the building, even if it
is only to make a quick trip to a car in the parking lot.
Fir. Reg Hennessey, a former member of the Acquisitions
Division, visited the Library on Monday, May 25, during a short stay
in Vancouver. He is en route from the University of Michigan, where
he has been head of the Checking Section of the Acquisitions Division,
to the University of Southern California (Los Angeles) to become
head of its Order Department. -4-
Festival Programs
An effort will be made to get a complete set of programs of
events in the coming Vancouver International Festival through official
channels, but Mr. Lanning also asked that members of the staff who
attend festival events please turn in their programs to the Serials
Division. There were difficulties in getting programs last year, and
a complete set was never assembled.
Flaps from Theses
Flailing tubes have been ordered in which the maps from
theses can be stored; when the tubes are received the maps will be
University of Washington Library School
Last Tuesday Dr. Rothstein visited the University of
Washington Library School and talked with the students there.  He
found, them a lively, interested, and sociable group, ready to talk
and ask questions. Miss Anna Leith has already agreed to join the
UBC staff in September, and Dr. Rothstein interviewed three other
members of the class who might possibly be interested in coming to
UBC. On the whole the students have little knowledge of prospects in
British Columbia and would probably not be easily attracted, although
UBC salaries begin to compare favorably with those in the United
States.  Probably about 40 students will take degrees this year,
but many more part-time students are in the class. Most of them are
in their late 20's, many of them having turned to librarianship from
other fields.
Congregation Visitors
During Congregation week Mr. Harlow met and talked with
Dr. C. E. Odegaard, President of the University of Washington, and
with Dr. A. Davidson Dunton, President of Carleton University, in
Ottawa. Both are much interested in the place of the library in the
university and have strong ideas about library facilities and
Miss Fraser
Fliss Doreen Fraser visited Vancouver Island over the last
week-end. She called on a .doctor's widow and brought back a small
selection of books for the Biomedical Library.  In Nanaimo she visited
the General Hospital to talk with the medical records librarian and
to meet the medical director of the hospital, who is interested in
the proposed provincial medical library service which is to be submitted to a vote of members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons
in June.
In Victoria she visited the Public Health Library, and she
discussed the provincial medical library service with the librarian
of the Victoria Medical Society.  She will go to Victoria again, as a
representative of the B. C. College of Physicians and Surgeons, to
meet with members of the Victoria Fledical Society for a further discussion of the proposed service. 72
Circulation Division
Fliss Lanning will be absent from the Library for several
weeks, beginning Flay 29. Mr. Bell will also be away, attending the
conference of the American Library Association, part of this time,
and Fir. Harlow asked that they discuss with him the program of the
Division during that period.
British Columbia Library Quarterly
The following notice has appeared in Publishers Circular
and Booksellers Record ,* v. 173, May 2, 1959, p. 330:
We have just received a copy of the latest issue of the
British Columbia Library Quarterly—the issue, in fact, dated
October, 1958.  Despite its slightly forbidding title the
Quarterly is a delight to any bookman and certainly a credit
to its editor, Inglis F. Bell, and its printer, Robert R.
Reid. The grey card cover is embellished with a most effective three-colour lino-cut design by Geoffrey Ross of the
Vancouver School of Art and a most interesting innovation is
the inclusion of a book review section within the Quarterly
as a separate and easily detachable item. A second colour
is effectively used throughout. We look forward to receiving
further copies of this lively journal.
The meeting adjourned at 12 noon.
Shakespeare, William.  King Lear. With six illus. by Mary Grabhorn.
San Francisco, Grabhorn, 1959.
Tudor church music.  London, 1922-29.  10 v.
Fliss Annette Hansford from her position of Stenographer II in the
Biomedical Library,' on June 24, 1959.


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