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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 15, 1960

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March 15,  I960.      No.  212
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library staff
Present: NH, SR, RJL, AMS, EBM, ML, MAT, DF, and HM.
Emergency Numbers
A further emergency telephone number is to be added to
the cards which have been distributed to the divisions:
Power House  -  CAstle 4-1124
As April 13 is the last day of lectures for this term
the Library will remain open until 11:00 p.m.
commencing Monday, March 28
This involves only the main reading room,
Reserve Book Room, and stacks, the other
areas closing at 10:00 p.m.
Extensive remodelling of the present building will
commence at the beginning of May, as soon as the session is
over, and taking into account the Summer Session schedule,
June 27 to August 12, Mr. Harlow has worked out the following
schedule with Buildings and Grounds:
Eighth Floor
The 8th floor will be closed from May 2 through the
summer (including the staff room for part of the period).
Processing Divisions
The Cataloging and Acquisitions Divisions will move
directly into their new area (the east four-fifths of the
present Reserve Book Room). On May 2 the furniture and
equipment will be moved. Before this time, workmen on a midnight shift are expected to
remove the present stairway between level 1 and the Acquisitions
Division and install it at the north-west corner of the present
RBR, together with a new doorway into the present RBR bookstacks
at the south-east end of the Reserve Book Room. Auxiliary
lighting will also be installed here before May 2.
After the Processing Divisions Thave been transferred to
their new location, the new permanent partition at the west
end of their new quarters will be erected, following which the
old walls of the existing Cataloging-Acquisitions area and
adjacent corridors will be taken down. The new Humanities
Reading Room will not be opened until the fall term, and the
corridor leading from the first floor stair landing to the
present RBR entrance will be closed off (at the north end of
the large exhibit case).
Reserve Book Room
-bout Flay 2 the Reserve bookstacks and books will be
moved to their new location in the Concourse (at about the
present Serials division desk). The section of the public
catalog in the Concourse will be moved a few feet westward to
a new temporary location and then, before September, to the
centre of the Concourse, where the whole catalog wiil be
situated at the opening of the fall term. The tables will
be moved from the Reserve Book Room to the present Acquisitions
area, to be stored for use in the new Humanities, Reading Room.
The large exhibit case (outside the Curriculum Laboratory)
will also be moved to a similar space a floor above, where a
portion of the public catalog now stands (probably between
Flay 2 and June 18).
The Ridington Room
Between May 30 and June 18 the remodelling of the
Ridington Room will take place, transforming it into the new
Social Sciences Division. The present counter will be moved
into the centre of the room and other counters and cabinets
installed. It is intended to do most of this work before
Summer Session; whatever remains will be finished between
August 15 and September 6.  (Work in this room also takes into
account the Public Administration course taking place in May).
Fine Arts Library
Remodelling in the Fine Arts room will probably be done
after Summer Session. Work cannot begin there until books are
shifted from stack level 3 to accommodate the Fine Arts material, Loan Desk
Between May 2 and June 18 the remodelling of the Desk will
take place and the installation of shelving, wall, and reserve
books (for Summer Session) at the north end. The pneumatic tube
station is also scheduled for installation at this time. The
public catalog will be moved into the Concourse between August
15 and September 6.
Room,. 55,2 will be remodelled (into a toilet area to match the
new one in the south wing) between Flay 2 and June 18.
During the Summer Session the only general reading space
will be in the Concourse and its two adjacent reading rooms and
in che Ridington Room.
Archive of Radio Broadcasting in Canada
Mr. Alan Thomas of the Department of University Extension
is inaugurating an Archive of Radio Broadcasting in Canada, to
be held in the University Library.  He has acquired a tape
recording of interviews relating to the Aird Commission enquiry
and some recorded statements of Dr. Stewart, Chairman of the
Board of Broadcast Governors. The original recordings will
not themselves be used but copies will be reproduced by
Extension for loan purposes. -,
Replacement of Lost Books
Lists are to be prepared in June and December each year
of books reported missing during the previous six-month periods.
Replacement will then either be ordered at once or the cards
will be removed from the catalog.  Miss Lanning will continue
to replace at once any volumes which are in steady or likely
Student Field Work in Librarianship
Miss Margaret Sawatsky, a student in the School of
Librarianship at the University of Washington, will be coming
to U.B.C. Library for her four weeks of field work.  She will
arrive on March 28 and be here until April 22. Miss Smith
will arrange a schedule whereby she will'spend some time in
all the divisions.
UNESCO Regional Conference
The conference in conjunction with the Canadian National
Commission for UNESCO to be sponsored by the B.C.L.A. will be
held at the University on Saturday morning, April 2 (9?30 to
12:30). This conference will discuss ways and means of expanding
holdings of material on Asia in Canadian libraries, of arranging
for the preparation and distribution of lists of basic books
relating to Canada and Asia, and of disseminating information
and display material useful to libraries which UNESCO has
prepared for its East-West project. All librarians in Western
Canada are invited to attend.
Mr. August Fruge"'. Director of the University of
California Press, has been on campus to interview faculty
members regarding publication of their books.
'Mr. Douglas Lochhead, Librarian of Dalhousie University,
has been appointed Librarian of the new York University at the
University of Toronto, beginning July 1.
Mr. Marion A. Milczewski is the new Librarian at the
University of Washington, beginning July 1.
Mrs. Lily Hearn (ne'e Kristianson), formerly on the staff
of the U.B.C. Library, has been appointed Assistant Librarian
of the University of Southern California (in charge of public
services) and has been made a member of the Senate.
Fliss Ethel Fugler is recovering in hospital after an
operation. She is reported to be progressing yery well.
Firs. Ingrid Epp as Library Assistant in the Circulation
Division on March 8.
Miss Barbara Edmonds as Library Assistant in the. Serials
Division on March 8.
Fliss Lesly Ford as Library Assistant in the Curriculum
BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Department of Industrial Development, Trade
and Commerce.  Director of handicraft products and
producers in British Columbia.  1959.
U.S. Department of Agriculture. Agricultural Research Service.
Titles of completed theses in Home Economics and related
fields in colleges and universities of the United States,
1958-1959. Washington. Compiled November, 1959.
.... Forest Service. Tree physiology bibliography.
Compiled by Theodore T. Kozlowski. November, 1958.
Department of State.  Bureau of Intelligence and Research.
U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe, er list no, 1,13. October,
..,. British Commonwealth, er list no. 9.13. October,
Small Business Administration. Small Business Bulletin
No. 9. Marketing research procedures. Revised June,
.... Bulletin No. 10. Retailing.  June, 1959.


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