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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 21, 1949

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MONDAY, February 21, 1949, at
10:45 a.m.
Present: Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning, Mr. Lanning,
Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler (as Secretary).
Miss Smith reported to the meeting the result of her latest
conference with Mr. Bagshaw regarding the Estimates, which was that
the Library must reduce the Estimates by $20,000.  She outlined
the measures she proposed to take, including the elimination of the
Extension Library and the gramophone record loan service.  She had
directed her efforts chiefly to saving staff because she knew it
would be impossible for the Library to function properly without
its present quota of workers.  If the load, became too heavy the
solution would be to have the Library open fewer hours per week, and
perhaps not at all in the evening during Summer Session.  In discussing the possibility of a shorter working week during Summer
Session the question arose as to whether it would be possible to
have all the staff take their holidays during the same period.  The
comparatively few persons who planned to attend the CLA conference
in Winnipeg would be the only ones needing special consideration
if this were done.
Miss Smith also reported that she understood the revision of
salaries for the Library Assistants, which she had requested, would
be accepted.  She also stated that she had asked for special
remuneration for Mary Rendell as some compensation for the load she
was now carrying.
When Miss Smith informed Mr. Bagshaw of Miss Jefferd's offer
to make pliofilm curtains for the Catalogue Department to save the
expense of Venetian blinds, he objected to this, and advised getting
an estimate on Venetian blinds.
The problem of maintaining discipline in the Library was
once more considered. Miss Smith suggested adding a $3.00  library
fee to student fees, this money to be used to provide six persons
who would be stationed at three strategic points in the building to
enforce regulations.  Mr. Rothstein felt that One person of the
right kind should be enough.
It was reported that students were making use of the fire-door
passage way from Floor 2 through the lean-to entrance.  This
difficulty could be met by providing an outside fire-escape stairway
which would permit the locking of the fire-door. Miss Lanning suggested
that removing the pay telephone from the main hallway would do away
with much of the smoking there, and it was agreed that this
suggestion would be worth consideration also.  The whole question of
discipline and what measures can be taken to cope with the present
difficulties will be taken up at the next meeting of the Library
Miss Smith read to the meeting a letter received from Mr. Lee's
office which stated that the watchman had found the basement door
open at 1:35 a.m. recently.  It was made clear in discussion that
the responsibility for locking this door at 10 p.m. is that of the
watchman, and that the staff have nothing to do with it. Miss Lanning asked about further arrangements for Open House.
She expressed the opinion that if the Library is to close at 10:30
or 11 o'clock on Saturday morning it had better not be open for
students at all, as it will be exceedingly difficult to cope with
students when exhibits are being set up.  It was pointed out that
the Library is not responsible for the care of exhibits, and that
their arrangement and safeguarding are in the hands of the Open House
Committee.  It was agreed, therefore, that the Library should close
at whatever hour the President announced.
Miss Smith read a letter from Bob Currie of the Open House
Committee in which he stated that the stacks would not be open for
inspection.  Miss Jefferd and Miss Lanning were both convinced that
notwithstanding this intention there would be visitors in the stacks.
Miss Lanning asked about the policy regarding requests for
bound volumes of periodicals to be used for display, and Miss Smith
replied that such requests are to be granted.  She stated that the
Departments of Psychology and of Home Economics had already sent in
lists of periodicals which they wanted available for this purpose.
Mr. Rothstein reported that the March of Books would continue
for several months longer.  He had received an acknowledgment of
the first shipment he sent some time ago, with the assurance that
more of the same nature would be very welcome.
Miss Smith informed Mr. Rothstein that she had discussed the
orders for Clinical Psychology with the Bursar, and that if the
Library would send all invoices for books ordered on this account to
the Bursar the extra copies would be typed there, and the Acquisitions
Department would be spared the task of making five copies of all
invoices on this account.  She also informed Mr. Lanning that all
invoices for Dr. Dolman's special order must be in the Bursar's
hands by March 15.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 noon.


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