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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Feb 14, 1961

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February  14,   lyoi.  No.234"
Present:     NH,   SR,   RJL,   AMS,   GGT,   IB,   NTK,   JOR,  MD,   EBM,   AB,
JS,  ML,   BSS,   DP,   EC,   and HM.
Mr. Harlow will be absent from the Library during
the week of February 20, and Dr. Rothstein will be acting
In his stead.
AMS, Library Committee
Miss Fran Charkow, chairman of the Alma Mater
Society Library Committee has made several reports to the
Librarian on the activity of the group.  They receive comments
from students (compliments, complaints, etc.) regarding treatment and service in the Library, and they are holding an open
committee meeting at which they hope more comments will come
in. The chairman recognizes the importance of student self-
discipline as a part of self-government.
Institute of Pacific Relations
The library of the Institute of Pacific Relations
has been donated to the University Library.  Between 4,500
and 5,000 volumes have arrived and are now shelved temporarily
in the Asian Studies division. They are chiefly in English
but pertain to South East Asia, India, Indo-China, China,
Japan, Korea, Russia, etc. Much of the material is new to
the Library and would for the most part be very difficult
to secure otherwise. The material will be cataloged and
classified and eventually put in the general collection.
Cataloging of the Asian Materials
The cataloging of the Chines and Japanese material
in the Asian Studies collection is under way.  Following
Library of Congress and ALA practice, the entries are romanized
and typed on a stencil, with the Chinese or Japanese' characters written on with a stylus. Miss Ng has the new program
well in hand.
Entries will be submitted to the National Library,
the Library of Congress and the Pacific Northwest Bibliographic Center and titles after 1956 will appear in the LC
catalog of printed cards.
Open House
Miss Smith reported that paans for the Library's
part in the University Open House are well under way.  Displays have been organized and are under control. Each
Division will be responsible for their own sections.
47 48
There will be a continuous running of the film about the
Library which was made last fall for the "7 O'Clock Show",
the film being made available by the C.B.C  The large
display case on level 5 has been made ready for the Shakespeare folios which will be on display under the protection
of a commissionaire.
English 200 Lectures
The library lectures, organized by Mr. Bell, for
the students of English 200, were well attended.  The success
was probably due to the fact that they were scheduled for the
lecture times and the whole class attended.  Six members of
the Library staff gave the lectures: Mr. Bell, Mrs. J. Selby,
Mr. G. Turner, Miss Betty Vogel, Miss Eleanor Cock, and
Mr. G. Selth.
Canadian Library Week
Canadian Library Week this year will be held from
April 16 to 22, and Miss Smith will probably arrange a
display centered around this theme.
Information Desk
The question was raised as to whether the librarians
on duty at the Information Desk in the Concourse could issue
temporary stack access forms to students who do not have
stack passes.  It was decided that persons should be referred
to Miss Lanning, Mr. Bell, or the person at the stack entry .
for special access privileges, this being the easiest means.
"Translations Available in the University Library"
Reference Publication #15 has now been issued.
It is a list of translations of scientific material which
is available in the Library and was prepared by Mrs. Anne
Brearley of the Science Division.
Miss Fraser reported that the National Science
Foundation is investigating the whole field of translations
and she has received a questionnaire regarding the needs and
holdings here.  The Division Heads were asked to study this
and give answers and comments to the questions.
School of Librarianship
It has been announced by the University that the
School of Librarianship will open this fall at U.B.C with
Dr. Samuel Rothstein as Director.  The Senate approved the
proposal and the Calendar statement at its last meeting on
February 8.  The Board of Governors has yet to allocate the
funds. 49
Dr. Rothstein recently travelled to Chicago, where
he discussed with the Committee of Accreditation of the American
Library Association the proposals for U.B.C.  Application for
accreditation can be made by a school after one year's
operation.  He also interviewed possible candidates for the
faculty and obtained helpful suggestions and encouragement.
ALA Midwinter Meetings
Mr. Harlow was also in Chicago for the Midwinter
meetings of the American Library Association and in between
the numerous sessions he interviewed prospects for the
position of University Librarian at U.B.C.  An executive
meeting of the Canadian Library Association was also held.
From Chicago Mr. Harlow travelled to Toronto and
Montreal to interview library school students for professional
positions in the University of British Columbia Library.
Several good prospects were found.
Stack Exit Door
A new fire lock has been installed on the door
leading from the bookstacks to the main entry hall on level 3.
Extra precaution must be taken by persons using this door to
make sure it is locked after closing (the key must be used
to open and to lock).
CLA Conference, 1961
The Canadian Library Association annual conference
will be held in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, in June, 1961.
Some financial aid may be obtained to assist official delegates who have considerable responsibility there.
Extra-mural Reader Privileges
A request has been received from a member of the
faculty of the Western College of Education in Bellingham
to borrow books from the U.B.C Library. He visits the Library often, and it was agreed that he should be provided with
an extra-mural reader's card.
Campus Delivery Service
Complaints have been received regarding the campus
book delivery service, both to and from the Library, two or
more days often being required for a shipment. Mr. Harlow
will take the matter up with Mr. Hughes and see what can be
done. 50
Mr. A. B. Rogers, librarian from the University
of New England, New South" Wales, Australia, visited the
campus on February 2, en route to England aboard the Oriana.
A luncheon was held at the Faculty Club to which Heads of
the Divisions were invited.
Mrs. Maria Gyongyttssy, as Clerk II in the Fine
Arts Division, on February 20".
Mrs. Esther Vitalis, as Clerk II in the Science
Division, on February 20.
Mrs. Norma Magnuson, as Library Assistant in the
Fine Arts Division on February 28.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.


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