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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Oct 28, 1958

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OcTober~28,  195^T      No.  183
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  NH,   SR,   AMS,   MML,   RJL,   EBM,  MAT,  DF,   EF.
Koerner Foundation Grant
The Librarian announced that a grant of $2,000 has been
made by the Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation for the purchase of
Australian books. Dr. R. E. Watters (Professor of English at UBC,
editor of the Centennial Anthology, etc.) who is spending a year in
Australia, will buy material there in the broad field of Australian
literature. Suggestions from staff relating to acquisitions in
this field will be welcome.
Statistics (from the Librarian's Annual Report, in preparation)
Last year's total expenditure for books, periodicals and
binding was about $190,000, compared with $146,000 in the preceding
year, an increase of 23$. The total number of volumes added was
30,258, about 2,000 fewer than in the preceding year when a special
drive was made to take in material for the newly established
College of Education, but about 10,000 more than in 1955-56.
Of these, 11,710 were serials. The University Library has doubled
in size every ten years since it began.
Friends of the Library
About 75 persons attended the general meeting of the
Friends of the Library on October 21. Dr. Rothstein, asked to
comment, said that the meeting was successful, a pleasant spirit
and genuine interest being much in evidence, along with a feeling
that it was a happy occasion. The well arranged display of gifts
attracted much attention, and information about the proposed
addition to the building (supplemented by water color sketches)
was received with real interest. It was suggested that the excellent display of gifts be re-shown, perhaps for a longer time in
the Library, so that students could see it. Meetings such as this
do make friends for the Library and Dr. Rothstein expressed a wish
that they might be held more frequently. Mr. Harlow said that at
least one annual meeting is planned, preferably earlier in the
autumn just before classes begin.
The fact that the meeting was open to the public was not
sufficiently advertised; in future notice might be sent to the
Vancouver and other public libraries in this general area, to the
Ubyssey for the information of students, and to the Community Arts
Council for inclusion in their Calendar. It was suggested that
many people may feel that unless they can make considerable contributions to the funds their membership is not particularly desired. n
Pacific Northwest Bibliographic Center
Recommendations made by Dr. R. Swank in his recent survey
of the Pacific Northwest Bibliographic Center (sponsored by the
Ford-financed PNLA Development Project) are being put into effect.
Some of them affect our relationship to the Center.  In handling
interlibrary loans, the Center will henceforth locate the item in
the Union catalog and forward the borrower's request to the first
library on the list; but if the book cannot be borrowed there,
further negotiations will be made by us from other possible sources
located by the Center. This will relieve the Center of a great
volume of correspondence, and while it will add to our work, it
will probably speed up the borrowing routine. At the close of the
loan transaction one of the forms will be returned to the Center
so that its knowledge of library participation will not become out
of date. It has also been agreed that reports of added holdings
for participating libraries will not be sent in for certain categories: phonograph records, government publications, books in
juvenile collections, etc.
Publisher Supplying Entry
As a result of activity of the American Library Association and the Library of Congress, U. S. publishers are now
beginning to provide, on the back of the title page of new books
not only, an L.C card number, as heretofore, but a reproduction of
an L. C. catalog card. This will not only aid libraries to speed
up cataloging and classification but will provide a standard form
of entry for use by book buyers, dealers, and others in ordering
books. An investigation is under way to develop photographic
equipment which will reproduce these cards directly for use in
library catalogs, complete with subject headings and other added
B.C.L.A. Fleeting
A meeting of the British Columbia Library Association
will be held on Sunday, November 23, 1958, in the (yet to be opened)
new building of the New Westminster Public Library.  Professor Dore
will speak on Libraries and Learning in the Orient. >
New Westminster and North Vancouver Public Libraries
The Library building at New Westminster will be officially
opened at a simple ceremony on November 19, when the public will
be able to inspect it; service will be begun the following day.
North Vancouver also has a new library building, which is
to be opened officially on Saturday, November 1.
Off-campus Credit Courses in Education
The College of Education now offers in-service training
courses to over twenty groups throughout the province.  The Acquisitions Division, which has the task of ordering the books for
these, keeps them as a separate collection with lists of titles for
each course, ready to be shipped out as needed. Although it is expected that these courses will gradually become less numerous
in the future, for the next few years it appears that they may be
given in increasing numbers. There are about 1100 volumes in the
present collection.
Credit courses are also being offered on the campus in
the evenings, and there is the problem, noticed at the Loan Desk,
of having books on hand for people taking these courses. Since
these often call for the same books as are used in regular daytime
courses, a new category of loans will be set up: certain books,
identified by a rubber stamp, will be due back at 5 p.m. on the
day they are borrowed in order to be available for night borrowers.
The Acquisitions and Loan Divisions will work out routines for
identifying these volumes at time of purchase.
College of Education Building
Plans for the new building for Education are now under
way. The Curriculum Laboratory will be centrally located, and an
area of 12,000 sq. ft. of laboratory, reading room, office and
stack space has been requested. Tentative plans include stack
space for up to 16,000 volumes, a quiet reading room seating about
100, and two laboratory-type rooms each accommodating about 100.
Material for the Proposed College Library
Letters were sent to department heads on the campus last
week, informing them of the proposed College Library and asking for
suggested lists of material to be included in it. A number of
replies have been received, most of them expressing warm approval
of the plan. A copy of the Librarian's letter is appended.
Library Addition
Preliminary plans for the addition to the Library building
will be submitted to two University committees this week; if they
gain approval there, the architects can begin formal plans immediately. This means that a number of pending decisions have to be
made now; one of them is the method of handling reserve books for
persons in the two upper years. At present an attempt is being made
to reduce the size of the Reserve book collection by returning
little used material to the stacks and by purchasing second copies
of a selected group of books and putting both in the book stack.
Upper year reserves can be handled either in the proposed
divisional reading rooms or in a single closed area at the Loan
Desk. Fir. Harlow said he is reluctant to turn the proposed
divisional reading room desks into general circulation desks by
placing reserve books there. Also, if reserves were parceled out
among the divisional reading rooms, an overlapping of fields
would result, particularly between the Humanities and Social
Sciences.  However, segregated collections would draw upper year
students to their proper divisional areas and give staff a closer
relationship with faculty and students.  It was suggested that
Reserve lists go to divisional librarians as they now go to the
Loan Desk, rather than to the Reserve Book Room. After discussing
the advantages of both proposals, it was agreed that a central
reserve book section at the Loan Desk be adopted. Ik
Cautionary Tale
A recent form letter from Serials to a journal publisher
asking to replace a missing copy produced the desired result but
also a red-underlined remonstrance: "You should be more careful."
The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.
Mrs. Hazel Harrod to the Library Assistant position in-the
Serials Division from which Mrs. Sheila Nathan is resigning,
on October 27, 1958.
Herzog, Johann Jakob.  RealencyklopSdie fur protestantische
theologie und kirche ... 3d ed. Leipzig, 1896-1913. 24 v.
Levy, Emil". Provenzalisches supplement-wSrterbuch. Berich-
tigungen und ergazungen zu Raynouards Lexique roman. Leipzig,
1894-1924. 8 v."
Prague. Statni ustav hlstorick^r. Listar a listinar Oldricha
z Rozmberka, 1418-1462. V Praze, Nakl. Ministerstva skolstvi a
Narodni osvlty, 1929-54. 4 v.
New Subscriptions:
American business.
American Medical Association.  AMA news.
American Musicological Society.  Journal.
Bulletin of southeast Asian history.
Diseases of the colon and rectum.
Entwicklungsstatte ftlr den Leichtbau. Mitteilung.
(Institute for the development of lightweight construction.
Federation Internationale d'Education Physique. Bulletin.
Federation Internationale d'Education Physique.  Communique.
Geological Society of London. Memoirs.
Greek and Byzantine studies.
Haematologica latina.
Harvard University. Museum of comparative zoology. Department of mollusks. Occasional papers.
Indian Council of Medical Research. Technical report of the
scientific advisory board.
Indian journal of adult education.
Journal of applied mechanics.
Flalacological Society of London. Proceedings.
Nukleonik. 17
New Subscriptions (Cont.):
Progress in medical virology.
Referativyni zhurnal. Seriia matematika.
Sociological review. Monograph supplement.
Soviet science and technology (Consultants Bureau).
New Sets:
Five years' work in librarianship.  1951-1955.
Malacological Society of London. Proceedings, v. 1-32
Monumenta Germaniae historica. Scriptores. v, 1-30 (1826-
Verein fur Geschichte der Deutschne in den Sudetenlandern.
Mitteilungen. v. 4-64 (1866-1926).
Editors of lib pubns who have not yet subscribed to the
British Columbia Library Quarterly, mentioned in this col a few
months ago, are missing an awfully good bet. This is a model
publication. Contents, style, illus, and design of format, all
make it a grand magazine which we look forward to with every
issue. Take our word for it J  It's included with BC Lib Assocn
dues, or for-only $5 a year. Write the Business Mgr M. P. Jordan,
Vancouver PL, Vancouver, BC, Canada ...
Library Journal, Oct. 15, 1958,
v. 83, no. 18; p. 2822.
CALIFORNIA, University of. Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley. Behman,
Gerald A. Particle accelerators: I. Bibliography; II. List
of accelerator installations. Printed for U.S. AEC, Jan, 1,
CANADA. Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, Geographical
Branch. Cook, Frank A. Selected bibliography on Canadian
permafrost. Bibliographical Series No. 20. Ottawa, 1953.
MANITOBA, University of. University Extension Library. Catalogue
of books. No. 2, 1957-1958. Winnipeg.
QUEBEC.  Service des Mines.  La geologie de Quebec, v. 1, 1941 and
supplement A, 1937-49, 1951. Queen's Printer, Quebec.
UNITED NATIONS.  Statistics 1957. Yearbook of national accounts
statistics. New York, 1958. 6
Vancouver 8, Canada
The Library October 14, 1958
(Letter sent to Heads of Departments)
You probably already know something of our plans to
establish a "college library" in the proposed south wing of the
Library building which is to begin construction.early in 1959.
It is intended that the college library will serve first and
second year students, providing them with an open-shelf
collection of up to forty thousand volumes which will be best
suited to their particular needs. We hope that in most cases
titles will be available in enough copies to make it unnecessary
to resort to "two hour" use.
As one of the first steps in the selection of these
volumes, we should like to have here the reading lists prepared
for all first and second year courses offered in your department.
We presumably already have in the Loan Division the current
Reserved Book lists, but we should like to have in addition
those given to students for supplementary reading for 100 and
200 courses and any which are prepared in connection with first
and second year essays. For each volume we should have author,
title, place of publication, publisher, date, and editor or
compiler if these exist.
After preliminary checking is done here, we shall also
want to discuss proposed purchases with a member of the Department, Because there is some urgency in placing orders early
enough to make receipt and processing possible, I should
appreciate it if the lists could be sent to me not later than
October 30. 1958.  Please call me or Dr. Rothstein for other
information which may be required.
Yours sincerely,
"Neal Harlow"
Neal Harlow,
NH:ef University Librarian


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