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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Apr 18, 1949

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April 18,   1949,  at 2 p.m.
Present: Miss Smith, Miss Jefferd, Miss Lanning,
Mr. Rothstein, Miss Fugler (as Secretary).
Mr» Lanning is still absent through illness.
The meeting was devoted chiefly to consideration of arrangements for inventory.  Two members of the Acquisitions Department
will take off an hour or so each day to attend to urgent mail,
and both Miss Smith and Miss Fugler may have to give some time to
office matters, but otherwise, all members of the library staff will
be engaged in the job of taking inventory.
It was pointed out that there are twice as many persons who
have no experience of inventory as there are of those who have been
through the mill, and it will therefore be impossible to team each
novice with an experienced partner.  The greatest care will have to
be exercised, and everyone will be asked to query anything that
seems at all doubtful.
The five-day week will be continued during inventory.  It is
hoped that the job can be completed within the period May 2 to 6,
but if necessary, enough staff will be asked to come in on Saturday,
May 7, to complete the work.  Further detailed instructions regarding procedure will be given to staff before the work actually
The Extension Library will not take part in inventory, but will
carry on its usual work.
The Library Directory has been posted on the notice board in
the main hall and should be an adequate guide to the building.
Miss Smith pointed out that the plan should not have disclosed the
location of the elevators and fire doors, because we have trouble
keeping the students away from these places as it is; however, it-
was decided that this was not a sufficiently serious matter to
justify having the plans done over.
Miss Smith reminded the meeting that the reports of the
several sub-committees on the Fourth Activities Committee Report of
ALA should be ready shortly.  One sub-committee had already
handed in its report, and'the others should be available next
Miss Jefferd will make a brief trip to Seattle and Portland
at the end of this week to inspect the libraries of the medical
schools there, anticipating the establishment of a medical school
at the University of British Columbia.
Miss Smith reported that she had been asked to serve on a
committee to consider changes in the present University Book Store
with the idea of widening its scope and making it more of a general
book centre.  She felt that a bibliography might be prepared on
university book stores, and she also stated that she would welcome suggestions from the staff on this subject.  It was pointed
out that the visiting delegates to ALA might have useful ideas
to offer and experience of similar undertakings that would be
valuable to us.
Miss Smith also reported that she had been asked to serve
on a Committee to consider a change in policy regarding the
administration of Directed Reading Courses, evening classes for
credit, and other extra-mural courses.  Suggestions from the
staff on these points will also be welcomed.
The Faculty Club will be closed throughout the summer, and
this presents a new problem in arranging for luncheon meetings
of ALA delegates. Mr. Bagshaw would like to know as soon as
possible what plans are in the making for special luncheons, etc.
The meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.


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