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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Mar 13, 1962

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 M       I
Reporting Division Heads Meeting and other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present:  SR, RJL, GGT, AMS, NTK, JO'R, EBM, MD, DF, EH, JS,
IB, and HM.
Mrs. E. A, Woodward was present to report on the
Curriculum Laboratory.
Campus Delivery Service
Mr. Bell reported that the main reasons for the delay
In delivery of books requested by faculty members are the increase
in the number of requests and the insufficient information provided by the divisions which take the calls. Changes in the
locations of delivery stations within the teaching departments
also produce some difficulties.
It was suggested that a new form for entering requests
might be useful.  Such a form would call for the recording of
all the information necessary to enable the Loan Desk staff to
find the books easily. Dr. Rothstein emphasized the Importance
of the delivery service and asked that all division heads concerned arrange to give it high priority.
N.C.C.U.C. Survey of Canadian University Library Resources
■'"  ■"""'  " ■■iiiiii    ■idling !■■ ■iii.iii imimnMi ■■ Mian ■■.—i—n un.....,,—I mi — ■    mi i—       w——nm» M ■ "    '   ■    ■**—^»—*"'"'   ■  """
The National Conference of Canadian Universities and
Colleges is sponsoring a survey of Canadian university library
resources. Mr. Edwin Williams, Counselor to the Director on
the Collections of Harvard University Library will conduct the
survey. He will make a study of holdings in the fields of
humanities and social sciences, to assess their adequacy for
the support of research and to devise a plan for cooperation in
collecting by Canadian university libraries. A questionnaire
prepared by Mr. Williams is being distributed to selected members of the faculty in these departments asking for their
assessment of the U.B.C. Library's holdings in their fields of
study. An investigation of serials holdings is also being conducted.
Mr. Williams will be visiting the University Library
from April 26 to April 30, to examine the collections and to
interview faculty members and librarians. As Dr. Rothstein will
be attending a special conference on library education in
Cleveland at that time, Miss Smith and Mr. Stuart-Stubbs have
been asked to make arrangements for his stay.
49 50
Institute of Professional Librarians of Ontario
Dr. Rothstein will be In Toronto to chair the Workshop
on Personnel, held by the Institute of Professional Librarians
on March 24.
School of Librarianship
The last monthly tea of the term will be held on Friday,
March 30, in the School of Librarianship. Invitations will be
sent to prospective students, including library assistants in
the University Library and in other libraries in the area.
'A report has been submitted regarding the tour of duty
by the students of the School at the Information Desk. It was
felt that this assignment was useful to the students and caused
no undue difficulty for the Library. Professor Hamilton has
recommended a somewhat different plan for next term. He proposed
that the students spend a period in the fall observing the service
given at the Information Desk; then in the spring, under the
supervision of staff members, they themselves would assist
A successful field trip was made last week by the students of the School to the Burnaby Public Library, the New
Westminster Public Library and the Fraser Valley Regional
Library headquarters at Abbotsford. On Friday, March 16, a
trip will be made to Victoria where the students will visit the
Provincial Library and Archives, Public Library Commission,
Victoria Public Library and the Victoria College Library.
Canadian Literature
Three members of the Library staff have contributed
articles of note to the latest Issue of Canadian Literature.
Mrs. J. Selby reviewed the work of Catherine Clark under the
title of "The Creation of Fantasy", Mr. I. F. Bell compiled
the annual checklist of English-Canadian Literature, and Mr.
G. Selth the similar bibliography of French-Canadian Literature.
Dr. R. B. Screenivasan, Vice-chancellor of the University
of Singapore will be visiting the University on March 13. He
will be coming to the Library to discuss points of library
administration with Dr. Rothstein. -
Examination Papers
Mrs. Hoeg has tried to keep three years of examination
papers for the use of students in the College Library. The files
have become badly mutilated, as papers are torn out of the bound
copies. The volumes for 1959 and i960 are no longer worth retaining and will be discarded. 51
Division Report - No. 15, Curriculum Laboratory, Mrs. E. A. Woodward
The Curriculum Laboratory now faces its long-anticipated
move into permanent quarters. Is the third time charm?
When the Provincial Normal School of Vancouver moved
in 1956 to the University of British Columbia and became part of
the Faculty of Education, a part of its library became the Curriculum Laboratory. The Laboratory collections comprises textbooks prescribed by the Department of Education for use in
British Columbia schools, other textbooks supplementing those
prescribed, plus suitable reference books, and B. C. Courses of
Study. It is used primarily by students in the Faculty of
Education, for the preparation of lesson plans.
The Laboratory was housed until May i960 In a stack
area on Floor 3 of the University Library. Seating space and
shelving were limited and the congestion was a by-word. During
those four years the student enrollment grew from 940 to 2200,
bookstook from about 6,000 to 10,000, and circulation from
16,000 to 42,000. The record is more significant when weighed
against space and staff shortages.
An increasingly important part of the Curriculum
Laboratory is its picture collection. There was originally a
working collection of 1500 pictures which came from the Normal
School. By May i960 nine large wooden files had been added,
containing-14,000 mounted pictures in sets, ready to use, and
2000 miscellaneous mounted pictures not yet ready to circulate.
The growth of the collection and its excellent condition are
chiefly due to Mr. Walter Lanning and Mrs. Anneke Bertsch.
In May i960, after a year of hectic staff changes, the
Laboratory moved to its present home in the Old Faculty Club
building. Student seating was Increased to about 100 and
tremendously Improved, meeting reading room standard's and fire
regulations. The Laboratory is now organized into reference and
service areas, reading room, stacks, and the picture department.
Accomplishments since i960 include: the re-classification
of Supplementary Textbooks according to the Library of Congress
classification; the assignment of subject headings and the
processing of 3000 miscellaneous pictures; the steady growth
in service, collections and facilities. Statistics show that
enrollment climbed to 2440 for 1961/62; volumes to 15,000;
picture files to 12 containing 18,000 circulating pictures
and carrying cases to 650. Circulation of all materials for 1960/
6l totalled 60,337. Since September i960 the staff has comprised
three: a librarian and tWo assistants. 52
Problems are equally numerous. Among the chief requirements and difficulties to be noted are the following:
1. An author card file is insufficient for 8000 Supplementary books. A full catalog is essential.
2. A full-time staff member is needed for the mounting,
repairing and indexing of the pictures.
3. The pamphlet file has languished for two years, and
needs additional staff time for the work of typing,
processing, etc.
4. Losses are still shockingly high. A make-shift
"scrutiny center" this year has tied one person to
the checking of all books carried by out-going
students. The same round-the-hour attention will
be required at the turnstile in the new building.
5. Additional hours of service will call for additional
permanent staff and student assistants.
Mr. Walter Lanning chiefly deserves credit for the
smoothness with which each year's increasing load has been met,
with a changing staff in new surroundings, and with inadequate
facilities. Grateful acknowledgement is due him for his inspired
services as Director since 1957.
Miss Diane P. Deeming, as Clerk I in Social Sciences
Division on March 7.
Mr. Howard Gerwing, as Library Assistant in the Serials
Division on April 19.
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 Noon


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