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[UBC Library Staff Meeting Minutes] Jul 3, 1958

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JuTTX  1958. HoTTW
Reporting Division Heads Meetings and Other Matters of Interest
to University of British Columbia Library Staff
Present: NH, SR, AMS, MML, RJL, EBM, DF, MD, GD, EF.
Mr. Harlow welcomed Fliss Dobbin, representing the
Catalogue Division in the absence of both Mr, and. Mrs. Turner on
holiday, and Miss Dwyer, who recently attended a couple of conferences on matters of interest to the Library.
The Librarian also welcomed Fliss Fugler back from her
holiday and leave of absence in England and on the Continent and
expressed his thanks to Dr. Rothstein for having taken the
minutes during her absence not only of Division Heads meetings,
but also for the Library Committee.
Stack Directories
The Loan Division staff is to be commended upon the new
and more complete directories now posted in the stack. There are
now four floor plans on each level, showing the location of
material, plus the guides to subject and classification numbers.
The book collection appears to be in the best condition in the
Librarian's memory.
Stack Doors
Some laxness in keeping stack exit doors closed and
locked has developed since the end of the spring term, and renewed
attention must be paid to stack control with the opening of Summer
Session. The door in the delivery area on floor 2 and those
leading from the Curriculum Laboratory into stack level 3 and
into the stair well were mentioned in particular.
American Library Association Conference
Fir. Harlow plans to attend the ALA Conference in
San Francisco; he will leave Vancouver about the middle of next
week and return, after a week's holiday, about July 28.
Fir. and Mrs. Sol Flalkin are expected to visit the
campus. Mr. Malkin is the publisher and editor of "The Antiquarian Bookman," "the specialist book trade weekly", and an
excellent source of general information about books and the book
trade. -2-
Canadian Library Association Conference - Dr. Rothstein
Library Education Workshop
Dr. Rothstein was asked to give an account of the CLA
Conference in Quebec last month.  He was the chief organizer of
the Library Education Workshop and chairman of its final general
meeting at which Dr. Harold Lancour spoke on current trends in
librarianship and what is required of librarians to meet them.
Fliss Vernon Ross discussed the pattern of Canadian training and
its problems, and Mr. Jim Pilton spoke on the type of professional
training librarians coming from abroad have received and how it
fits into requirements here.
The delegates, about 100, then dispersed into discussion
groups to consider: the education of school librarians (chaired
by Miss Catherine Fraser), based on-a report prepared by Lyle
Evans; the case for the 4th year degree, the old undergraduate
degree, which it was agreed is now inadequate (chaired by Sister
Francis Dolores); the case for new Canadian library schools
(chaired by Dr. Rothstein), when there was general approval for
the establishment of such schools as long as they maintain high
standards, it being obvious that British Columbia was considered
a logical place for a new school.
Father Edmond Desrochers, who will be the new chairman
of the Library Education Committee, chaired the group meeting
which brought a recommendation that CLA continue with its present
scheme of "having library schools in Canada accredited by the
American Library Association.  It also recommended that the CLA,
with the assistance of Library School directors, prepare a statement on the meaning of accreditation and send it to schools not
now accredited as a step towards helping them raise their standards to accreditation level.  Dr. Rothstein felt that this was
one of the most forward-looking suggestions made during the
conference and was particularly pleased that it should originate
from a French-speaking group.
Another section (chaired by Jim Pilton with Bernard
Ower as consultant) discussed the British pattern of library
education, comparing it with the Canadian and American schemes.
It was agreed that further information about British training is
needed, and while it was recognized that a university degree is
a necessary prerequisite, the decision regarding professional
status after the receipt of the A.L.A. and F.L.A. certificates
was postponed.
Another group meeting (chaired by Miss Bertha Bassam)
discussed the 5-year M.L.S. degree, agreeing that the present
course in Canada should lead to the B.L.S. degree, but that an
M.L.S. might be offered for a more extended one-year course.
Fir. Harlow had been asked to defend the latter program. J 03
Dr. Rothstein felt that the meetings went well and that
the hotel arrangements promoted easy discussion. There seemed to
be real harmony between the two language groups, with plenty of
differences of opinion and lively discussion, but no acrimony in
the exchanges.  In the evening, Dr. Lancour summarized the findings
of the various groups and did a masterful job of gathering
together the recommendations, conclusions and supporting arguments.
The critical problem is how to supply the need for librarians
without lowering the standard of training.  The resolutions of the
Workshop were passed on to the Canadian Library Association.
Canadian Library Association Conference
Dr. Rothstein, as a new member of the CLA Council,
attended six Council meetings and found them very interesting.
The Conference proceedings are to be published.  It is obvious
that UBC's influence in the matter of salary improvements is an
important one and is generally welcomed.
At a meeting of the Bibliographical Society of Canada
a bibliography relating to the history of the French regime in
Canada was read. Dr. Rothstein also visited the CLA office in
Ottawa, the Public Archives, and the Parliamentary Library, and
spent a day in Montreal visiting book dealers and libraries, of
which the highlight was the Osier Library at McGill,
Miss Dwyer's Report
Miss Dwyer was also at the Quebec meeting of CLA for a
few days and reported that Father Florisset (University of Ottawa)
was charmed by Dr. Rothstein's ideas and his command of French
and had said so most enthusiastically.
She also attended the Canadian Music Library Association
meeting, at which Dr. Lamb and Mr. Tangue were also present.  It
was a small group, whose chief objective was to establish standards
of music material for medium-sized public libraries. Fifteen
lists were submitted from librarians all across Canada, and these
were to be criticized and evaluated. However, most of those in
attendance at the meeting were not music librarians and the work
could not be completed. Revisions of the lists, with recommendations, will be sent to the Committee in Toronto during the next
three months.
Dr. Lamb described the discovery, after the fire in the
Library of Parliament, of boxes of music which had been stored in
the basement, being the copyright copies of Canadian music from
I878 to 1890.  He also mentioned the purchase recently of the
Percy Scholes collection of music. The National Librarian is
interested to know what use music librarians may want to make of
the National Library, and he said he is prepared to give inter-
library loan and photocopy service, and if there is a sufficient
demand he may consider filling gaps (by  photoduplication) in
existing library files of music journals. -4- /DCd
The new chairman of the Music Library Association is
Mrs. Helen Sinclair, formerly of the UBC Library staff. Her home
is in Edmonton, where the conference will be held next year.
Committee of Planning Librarians
Miss Dwyer went to Washington, D.C, to attend the
meeting of the new Committee of Planning Librarians. This group is
not now affiliated with any other organization, but met with the
American Society of Planning Organizations.  There is a difference
of opinion whether affiliation should be with a planning organization or the Special Libraries Association, and no decision was
reached. Another meeting will be held in New York in October with
the American Institute of Planners and a third one next spring with
the Special Libraries Association, Most of the university
librarians seemed to feel that support is more likely to come
through affiliation with a planning organization. Almost all of
the key people in this field attended the meeting. Miss Dwyer and
a representative from the Central Flortgage & Housing Administration
being the only Canadians.
A committee on abstracting and indexing discussed problems
relating to planning literature.  Planning material is difficult
to get at, and a request made to the Public Affairs Information
Service for additions (chiefly of new journals and subject headings)
to the present service relating to planning has been acceded to .
ASPO will publish a manual to assist libraries in
building up collections of material on planning.  The possibility
of duplicating Harvard's very comprehensive catalogue of planning
material was discussed and a Foundation may be asked for assistance in such a project. Bibliographies in planning which are
accepted by the Bibliography Committee are being reproduced for
the membership by the University of California Department of
Planning, the expense thus far having been carried by that University,
Miss Dwyer also travelled to Philadelphia where she
joined the Philadelphia Planning Commission's walking tour to see
the areas in Philadelphia where extensive re-planning is being
carried out. Fliss Dwyer was impressed by the kind of service
given in some of the better developed planning libraries and feels
that we give a very inadequate service by comparison.  She is
preparing a written report upon her observations, to include
recommendations for improving the service here.
Medical Library Association - Miss Fraser
Miss Doreen Fraser attended the conference of the
Medical Library Association at Rochester, and will report upon it
at the next meeting.
National Research Council - Mr. Harlow
The Librarian will comment upon his attendance at the
meeting of the National Research Council's new Committee on Scientific Information at the next meeting. _5- l°*
Plans for Library Addition
The University architects on July 3 began actual work on
plans and specifications for the library addition with instructions
to have the job completed and bids received so that construction
may be started by April 1, 1959.
Dr. Marquis
Dr. G. Welton Marquis, new Head of the Music Department
in the University, has now arrived on the campus.
Salary Increases
Requests for salary increases are now being completed.
The Personnel Office has provided the Librarian with a-list of the
non-professional Library staff, their present salaries, and the
increases to which they will be entitled upon recommendation of
the Librarian. Fir. Harlow asked Dr. Rothstein to meet the
Division Heads today to assess the performance of the individual
Dr. Dunlap to New Position
Dr. Leslie W. Dunlap, Librarian of UBC in 1949-1951,
has been appointed Librarian of the State University of Iowa.
Demands upon Reference for Tours
Miss Smith reported that the Information Office sends
large groups of people, sometimes 50 or 60, to the Library,
expecting the Reference staff to tour them through the building.
This is making too great a demand on staff time, and the public
relations staff will be asked to make other arrangements, particularly during University sessions.
Coffee Party
Mr. Harlow expressed to Miss Lanning his appreciation
for the coffee party she arranged for Mrs, Roberta Brigden before
her departure.
The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.
Salary Scale  -  Professional Librarians,   1958/59
Librarian I $333.33       $350.00 $366.66
Librarian II 366.66        383.33 400.00      $416.66      $433.33
Librarian III 433.33        450.00 466.66        483-33         500.00
Librarian IV No scale /o d
Miss Flarianne Forsyth as Librarian I in the Catalogue Division
on July 2.
Mr. Salem Katz as Librarian I in the Reference Division, on
July 2.
Miss Mora McLean as Librarian I in the Reference Division, on
July 2.
Miss Marion Searle as Librarian I in the Reference Division,
on July 2.
Fliss Helen Kearns as Clerk I in Acquisitions, on July 2.
Miss Yvette Shawn as Clerk I in the Circulation Division, on
July 2.
Appointments for Summer Session only:
Firs. Gwenda Louie as Library Assistant in the Reference
Mr. Andrew Chu as Clerk I in the Circulation Division,
Mr. Johan De Jong as Clerk I in the Circulation Division.
Miss Jennifer Little as Clerk I in the Acquisitions Division.
Mr. Moses Pau as Clerk I in the Circulation Division.
Miss Janet Mackenzie, Librarian I in the Reference Division,
on June 30.
Mrs. Roberta Brigden, Clerk II in the Librarian's Office, on
June 27.
Mrs. Sheila Hoen, Library Assistant in the Biomedical
Library, on August 8.
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Commission on Correctional Facilities and Services. Administration of Criminal Justice, 1949-1956. Berkeley, 1956.
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CARLETON UNIVERSITY LIBRARY.  Selected List of Current Materials on
Canadian Public Administration.  Ottawa, 1958.
Sources of Information for Research in Canadian Public Administration. Ottawa, 1953.
UNITED KINGDOM.  Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London. Minutes
of Evidence taken before the Select Committee on The Obscene
Publications Bill and Appendices in Session 1956-57. 1958. •/£>
UNITED NATIONS.  Secretariat.  Industrialization and Productivity.
New York, 1953.
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UNITED STATES.  Office of Education.  Bulletin #10, 1958.  State
Plans under the Library Services Act. Washington, 1958.


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